Wednesday Vibes – Episode #006 -Black The Sky ( RIP Chapecoense players & staff)

Words fail me as I right this piece tonight. It’s half an hour past midnight and I did go about my day’s work as usual, especially the new assignment that I’m undertaking, consulting for my friend’s new upcoming venture. But this morning, something absolutely tragic happened. A plane carrying 81 people, the most of whom were football players, managers, coaches and staff from a little known Brazilian football club called Chapecoense FC crashed near Medellin in Columbia killing 75 of them.

There were only 6 surviours – Three players, two crew members and a journalist. The news came in this morning and shocked the entire football world. They had just qualified for the Copa Sudamericana final and many were dubbing them the Leicester City of South American football. Videos and photographs emerged of them celebrating just the day before and taking selfies on the flight itself. It’s just tragic what happened. May their souls R.I.P 😥

R.I.P Dear brothers

For some reason I was thinking about it all day, I don’t know why. It was this feeling of a supermassive, constant lull the whole day for me, I really don’t know why. It just hit me hard, surprisingly it didn’t happen when my aunt passed away a couple of years ago, neither did it happen when my uncle passed away last year, but today I felt it, I thought about them. I thought about how I called up my aunt to go meet her but she told me she was sick and the next month she passed away, I thought about when I messaged my uncle’s American wife telling her not to worry and that he would recover, but he passed away soon after as well.

I was just thinking and deeply thinking at that, about how honestly, you just never know when your life will end. I think if we all realise how truly close we are to death, we would surely live our lives better. It’s a heartbeat away, it can come suddenly, unplanned for, on your next walk, taxi ride, flight whatever. Of course the chances are slim but you just never know right? It’s just something we don’t think about too often.

The thoughts just all came one after another –  First it was, what if I never get to see the girl I love the most again and tell her everything I always wanted to tell her? Or take her where I want to take her and do everything that I’ve always wanted to do with her? Of how much I’ve thought about her all these years and how stupid I feel for not making up despite everything. Or telling her that she meant the most to me on this planet – and that is the truth. Of all the bullshit I’ve gone through without her and how much I’ve needed her to just be there for me and guide me, like she used to. I don’t know, she was just the first person I thought about and I felt something for her today for a change. Lately, for the past 3 months or so I was just feeling everything for her dying slowly as time passed.

But you know people don’t fucking think about all that. They’re stupid. They take everything for fucking granted and hold on to petty things and stupid fucking incidents, mistakes, fights, words said and what other people tell them to do and all that bullshit. They put all that shit above what’s really important – being true to themselves –  and come up with reasons to justify things. It’s such bullshit man – Low intelligence, low empathetic thinking.

You know would she ever think – ‘Fuck, he needs me now.. I should just put everything aside and forgive him and be with him because I loved him and he needs me. I want to do this for him and not for me. I don’t care what people say about him. I don’t care what people think about him. I just want to be with him.. despite everything’ But no! Why would she do that? I doubt whether such a thought process has even come to her. It’s just sad.

Then one day they’re old and they’re going to die and they’re looking back at their life and their youth and it just hits them like a wrecking ball – that fuck, I should have just made peace and done what my heart told me to.

Then I just brushed it aside with my usual shit like – ‘Theres no use thinking about all this’ ‘Just thoughts, let them flow’ and all that. But sometimes you know, my thoughts make a lot of sense.
What if I never get to do all the things I want to do before I die?

People are so afraid to do what they really want to do and say what they really want to say. That’s just how humans are. They’re fucking afraid. You know just speak your fucking mind and be true to yourself. Of course not if it’s going to hurt another person – be empathetic.

And there are so many fucking mind games when it comes to speaking to the opposite sex that it’s not even funny. And you can’t blame people – you know, ask a girl out too soon and she’ll block you or friend zone you or whatever. All that retarded behaviour. It’s happened to me as well man and it’s just fucking stupid. Fuck, honestly, just speak your mind. Just for all that is true and real in the world – speak your fucking mind and do what you truly feel.

That way I’m much better off than most people. I don’t think too much about all that shit. I just speak my mind and do what I want when I feel something. The last girl I liked, I asked her out because I felt like it and she blocked me. Fuck it. What a small mind. I’m fucking glad she did.

Honestly and this is the truth –  I have only encountered such small minds when it comes women in my life. It’s just a fact. You know I hope I actually get to meet somebody with an open mind for a change. That would be nice. At this moment, I’m stuck between thinking the girl I loved the most(the past) and something new(the future). But I just don’t want to want to get dragged into all that, you know fuck it. So I’ll just focus on the moment. One hour at a time, one day at a time.

So yeah – You know, do what you truly want to do(forget everyone and everything said, done, all the advice, all the shit) speak your mind and of course make peace. Don’t hold on to grudges and stuff – you’ll just regret it when you’re older, trust me, maybe not now but surely later. Make peace and forgive. I did that and it’s liberating. That’s the best advice I can give you.

And it’s not just me who is saying this after today. This is what this blessed soul said eons ago!

Golden statue of seated Buddha in lotus position

And this is what one of my favourite movies ever said – Fight Club. Here is Tyler Durden laying the truth down.


You just have to truly realise it. Death is coming one day, all of a sudden. Your life is ticking away every second. You know so what are you gonna do about it?

Be fucking true to yourself at least.

Don’t fucking sell out for money, power, image, status, comfort, to please others. Don’t be hampered by other’s perceptions and listen to their will. Be true to you. Be you. Do what you want you really want to do.

Anyway, I  got a bit side-tracked, I sincerely hope all those players, staff etc are in a better place. My thoughts go out to all their family and friends 😥

I made this playlist a few hours back and it’s a nice one. So have a listen and enjoy it !

Anyway it’s been a day of reflection for me but this one is for all those lost lives.

That will be all for today.

The sky turned black that morning for those players.





Sets For Sundays – Episode #017 – A Perfect Union Of Events Transpired

Everything in life leads up to where you’re at. There is no point looking back. It’s dead and gone. But we’re human so s**t keeps popping up in our heads about things from the past(good and bad). I hate when that happens and I’m sure you do. The trick is to immediately disassociate. This is easier said than done. If it’s something good, then it’s no problem thinking about it but yeah try to just let go of it or distract yourself by reading or something. With practice, you’ll learn to not get affected by it. It’s best to acknowledge it and just let it go by.

You just have to believe it all happens for a reason, whatever that is, is for you to figure out, not for good or bad or whatever but just so you learn. The past is just a learning experience. Honestly, I’m glad life happened the way it did, except a few parts. But unless those events occurred and those people were removed from my life, I wouldn’t have grown. Honestly, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today and thinking about it now, I’m really happy about my development over these years, especially learning my inner strength through the dark days. Those people showed their true colours when I needed help the most. Anyway, I’ve forgiven and forgotten them. I’ve come full circle from then, I’ve grown, I’ve become smarter, fitter(except for the slight belly), I’ve realised what’s important and who is important and who isn’t. It’s a perfect union of events that transpired. They’re a part of me, but I don’t let them define me.

I have this love/hate relationship with my brain, I love it generally, but I hate when it starts getting into the past, accessing those memories that I don’t want to think about.
Anyway, I got a little pissed off by it today, but I’m sort of above and over it now. I’ve learnt to not get affected by thoughts or moods for the most part, but hey I’m no zen master but I try to keep practicing not holding on to stuff in my head. I just let it flow you know. Let it flow and let it go. I’ve learnt to just let it be and not react to it, at least most of it.

I tweeted this a few days ago..

I hope this helps you 🙂

So I’m just going to head straight into the music for this weekend! Sets For Sundays! 🙂

So to start this week is my all time favourite RHCP album – Stadium Arcadium. I don’t think they’ll ever outdo that album. My favourite track is “Hey” by a mile. Also “Desecration Smile”, the title track “Stadium Arcadium”, “She Looks To Me”, “Wet Sand” and “Strip My Mind” which was in that awesome Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale movie “The Fighter” who’s soundtrack was also awesome. Of course the most publicized songs were “Dani California”, “Tell Me Baby” and “Snow(Hey Oh)”  but I didn’t like them too much. In all this album is a classic. Skip the tracks you don’t like and do check out the ones I mentioned if not the whole album.

And of course I’ve been grooving to this one since it’s release in 2013. I’ve put a lot of their tracks in my mixes and playlists. But this is the album by superband – Atoms For Peace.
Amok – I just love this one. I mean it’s got Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Flea(RHCP), Joey Waronker(REM, Beck) and produced by Nigel Godrich. It’s just class this one, I’m waiting for them to release another album! Please in 2017!

I love A Perfect Circle and anything Maynard James Keenan sings on- All his acts have been class – Tool, APC, Puscifer; they’re all amazing. So today, I was re-vamping my music collection and this was playing a lot. In fact I’ve been listening to this acoustic album a lot this week. So here is the album on YouTube. I like the order this guy gave it, although he skipped some tracks. This one is for the come down. So have a listen!

And I’m waiting to read Maynard’s biography and book “A Perfect Union Of Contrary Things” my title is sort of based on that. But at the moment, I have way too many books on my plate. So it’ll have to wait. He is someone I look upto a lot and respect and I have to read his take on life.

Also I recently read that A Perfect Circle are coming up with a new album maybe next year or the one after. Can’t wait for that one.

Lots of positives this week actually and I’m glad the direction my life is taking. Hopefully it’s a smooth ride from here on.

So have a good Sunday peeps!

Keep it peaced as always! 🙂


Wednesday Vibes – Episode #005 -Merci, Ce n’est pas un rêve à Paris

Ok so I just used Google translate for the title. It translates to “Thanks, It’s Not A Dream In Paris”

SCROLL TO THE END FOR THE MUSIC if you don’t want to read. Yeah I know we all have short attention spans. Haha 😛

So the name is because I stumbled upon some Parisian Jazz mixes that took me back to my time in Europe(about 7 years ago now). Ah, 2009, the favourite year of my life, an endless summer, in Europe and a heavenly time in Paris.

That was perhaps ‘the’ most fond memory I have of life. There was something about that experience that stays with me, hauntingly at that, which I can’t quite put into words. It was perfect. I was 19, I was in love with a beautiful girl who I just got to know and we were in Paris with some money(600 Euros) which we got for free from Air France because they cancelled our flight, 600 Euros at the time was good enough for a day and night in Paris, life couldn’t get better.

We had visited Paris a few days before that was with the rest of the group( we met on an exchange program/holiday) and did all the usual tourist stuff so we couldn’t really explore the charming streets for ourselves. We had to head out back to Champagne because there were certain things to do there and of course that’s where our hosts lived.

We got our chance to do that a few days later, on the day we were supposed to leave for India, after our flight got overbooked. It was us, me and her, in love, a lot of bottles of wine and champagne, soaking in the French summer, resting our tired bones from a month of traveling in Europe on perhaps the most infamous street in the world, Champs-Elysees, just relaxing all day. It was straight out of the movie Casablanca, I f**king swear.

I think I deleted all the videos I had of that day and night because things didn’t work out between the two of us, I was such an idiot. But that day and night and those memories remain perhaps my most fond memories of life.

It was beautiful, as beautiful as life can get. If you’ve got a day and a night to spend somewhere in the world, choose Paris. Hence the title, “Merci, Ce n’est pas un rêve à Paris” because it’s not a dream in Paris, it’s real and there is a certain romanticism that floats in the air there. Whether it’s the muscians on the street corners or the dancers – it’s almost like everything is dancing in Paris, people, architecture, art, life, the works. I fell in love with that city.

There is something about it, it’s just not describable so I’m just going to leave it at- Paris is art come to life.

It’s been almost 7 years now but I can remember Paris like it was yesterday.

Things went on for me, until it took a slight deviation and now I’ve sort of come full circle.

I think this picture describes it best.

Haha there is only so much you can plan.

I told that girl that I want to settle in Paris at some point and take her there, you know like Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson. I told her we’ll live on the outskirts of town, just walk around the city, soaking and absorbing everything in and be inspired by the place and by each other and be together which is the most important thing. I don’t know what she thinks about that now, because I haven’t heard from her.

But yeah that’s what I wanted.

I want to go there though, so badly, to this day. But it looks like I’ll be on my own as I don’t have any woman I love significantly in my life as of now. There are just memories of forgotten loves and times with them gone by, suspended in time.

I’m waiting for the perfect time to go back to Paris actually but the more I think about it, I feel I should just pack my bags and go. So at this point it’s between writing, music and film for me as a career. I’ve got no formal education in any of those fields except what just comes naturally to me. I’m winging it. I’ve been winging whatever I’ve ever done in my life.

Note to my future love – Let’s just wing life, together.

Now if I can just find a woman who has been to Paris, loves it, is willing to ditch everything she’s doing and live there with me and who will inspire me everyday, you know, just by everything she does, says and when I look into her eyes and at her pretty face. All the bulls**t of my past and in my head has to just vanish when I look at her. I’m still looking for someone like that. She’s gotta inspire me in ways I don’t know yet. Creativity needs inspiration.

She’ll be my anchor in life, stabilizing my wayward ship, support me in my endeavors and stuff and hopefully who won’t leave – she’ll be the one. I’ll write about the most. Also it’s gotta be real for a change and we gotta fall in love, you know nothing forced, nothing put on, no mind games, no holding back to anything. And of course who doesn’t judge me based on what I’ve done in the past or what people say about me because I’ll spill out everything and it’s quite dark. Unfortunately, that’s just happened to me a lot from women who I thought loved me. Being judged by the women you thought loved you the most and who you got closest to and then them never leaving you for dead and never speaking to you again is probably as bad as it gets for relationships at least. I’ve been through worse shit than failed realtionships but I just take it in my stride, happened for whatever reason. The point is I’ve come out of it stronger than before.

Just truth and love and a 100% for a change, C’mon life be better. No big deal right, basically, I’m hopeless… hahaha 😛 a hopeless romantic, old school, you could say.

There is so much I want to do in Paris and so much I want to see and I want a right person with me. I hope it happens.

But at the moment, I still have to figure out what I want to do properly. I’ve enrolled for this Masterclass by Oscar Winning film scorer Hans Zimmer to get some idea of film scoring. I’ve also enrolled for an online film making course. Both start in January. I’m also joining a DJing class soon, so yeah I’m buying some DJ equipment instead of a bass guitar because I figured I can do some DJing on my travels, you know I’ve got enough sets.

So I’m trying to get some direction.  I’m figuring it all out but the point is to do something creative, because I’m a creative person. Create and leave something behind, that’s the plan. I wish I had some woman to guide me along the way though. She used to be that for me and I’ve been sort of lost without her but then I guess I have too different a perspective on life and I ended up learning more out of my own experiences.

I want to learn something for ‘me’ you know because everything I ever learned in life until 3 years ago was what my parents wanted, or what I thought I wanted for money, for ambition, but life and contemplation happened and I realised it wasn’t from the heart and soul. But writing, music and film is. I’ve been doing them all my life, I used to watch so many films as a child and a college student , I used to write a lot in school and got back to it after years – it’s resulted in a book and job, and music has been a part of me since I was 9 plus the Djing in my college for 3 years- resulted in a YouTube channel.

I’ve been looking at film and music schools in Paris like La Femis and Conservatoire de Paris for a masters, so I don’t know, they apparently accept very few students, so it might or might not happen(I’ve got like zero experience in any of those fields) but I will do some stuff, once I decide what I want to do that is. I figured if I can get enough writing gigs, ideally 3 at least, then I can just leave and the book income will keep coming for life. I have one and another is at an advanced stage so things are looking up.

I think I’m good right now at this stage of my life, I’m doing something on my own time and I enjoy it so it’s good. It’s football and writing and I love the game. I watch as life progresses and I don’t worry much these days, I’m clean, zero intoxication, I don’t do anything stupid anymore, I’m calmer, I think and write more, I’m more collected, thoughtful, healthier and just all round better. I actually grew up a little. Who knew?

I’m not that reckless kid who got into trouble all the time anymore. I’m thankful for that.

It’s a nice little space. I’ve been waiting to get to traveling, because I’ve been stuck in my city for 3 years now as I was running a business before but now I’ve got the freedom of a work from my laptop, as long as there is an internet connection. So I can get out ! Finally. The time has come!

So I’m taking a slight trip to clear my head and figure it all out. I’ll share the place and details once I get there. I can’t wait though!

I’m just waiting for my book to be published. For which I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign, but I’m disappointed with the response. I guess I’m not one of those guys people like enough to part with their money. Haha. It’s alright, the point of life isn’t to be liked/loved by people.

I don’t know if that will work out, so I might just have to pay everything myself so I’m still here for another 2 months as of now. Need to launch this book ! 🙂

So let’s get to the music

Here is the mix. I love the picture as well with the cool cat with a pipe on it !

It’s got some legends on it. Have a listen.

I really wanted to put Beegie Adair on this, that is classic French cafe music although she is American. You can check out the album “Parisian Cafe”. Those tracks are the slow dance with the woman you love kind of music.

I have to put some Theivery Corporation in here, you surely would have heard the track “Decollage” which I put on my playlist “To Buddha Or Not To Buddha…” but this whole album is gorgeous.

And to end it is a hugely massive playlist of ultra chill hop. Skip “Slowmocean” if you’ve already heard it. I’ve posted it here before twice. These albums are peaceful and meditative and should keep you set for a while.

So that’s about it. That’s the vibe this Wednesday. It’s been a good year, though it could’ve been better, heading into the last month.

So Merci Paris for the brief time I spent there. I will see you someday. I will live there someday.

Till then. A minute, an hour a day and night it goes…

Cheers! 🙂

The Crowdfunding Campaign For My Book – Endless Night – Is now LIVE !

Hello good folks and followers!

I’m excited to tell you that…
The Crowdfunding campaign for my book Endless Night is now LIVE. It’s been in the works for about 3 months now and it finally launched in the late hours of yesterday evening.

I’ve never crowdfunded anything before, so this is a first, but the people at Wishberry(The Indian crowdfunding website) were very helpful.

I’m trying to reach out to as many people as possible so that they can help me reach this goal of 1,30,000 Rupees or about 2000$ which I’m trying to raise in 30 days.


So firstly the lowest contribution is 500 Rs or about 8.5$ and you would get the E-Book a week before it launches. If you pledge 1000 Rs or around 16$ you get the Paperback copy of the book a week before it launches. These are the minimum two.  There are other awesome stuff which you’ll get from me for higher amounts.

If I don’t raise the target amount then you will get your money back.

So here is your chance to help me out with this dream of mine.

The video sort of explains it all.



And if you want to check out some of the poems here is the facebook page

I do hope you guys will help me out with this goal and dream and I will be forever grateful to you all.

Thank you for following my blog and stay tuned for more.


Cheers! 🙂

Sets For Sundays – Episode #016 – The Magic Of Perception / Good Juice

Hola folks!

Weekend tunes are back. Episode #016, Boom!

Can you see that Om symbol on the hill? Kinda looks like one ! Haha. It’s all perception.

I’m kinda fried because of my long piece yesterday, on the absolutely fucked dating, club, gig and bar culture in Bombay and India. Honestly, Bombay is better compared to the shit hole Bangalore or the narrow minded Delhi(though I haven’t been to the capital in a very long time). But it’s just absolute shite. That’s why I only do dinners with friends now.

Anyway forget it. Today is a new day. I started my day with some “Good Juice” haha it’s a little phrase me and my buddy came up with in college, basically it means “awesome” but we decided to call it “good juice” because we were always hungover as fuck on Sunday mornings and I mean every Sunday and used to head out in the morning to drink a shit load of Juice and yeah it was pretty awesome. You know after the Wake and Bake session in the morning the mr just to cleanse and re-hydrate after the heavy drinking on Saturday nights. And we used to drink a ton of fucking Juice man, like about 5-6 glasses of various fresh juices each. Watermelon, Sweetlime, Lemon, Orange etc. It was fucking epic because we were like these very stoned and very hungover college dudes going crazy drinking a shitload juice in the mornings at the fresh juice stall in the center of the town. I’m sure the locals were scandalized by us laughing, smoking, cigarettes and discussing the stupid shit done the previous night.

Here is the juice.. Lol 😛

Which basically means Good juice is awesome. Haha 🙂

So this week we take a little trip down memory lane back to one of the most definitive experiences of my life. The weekend we went to Kodaikanal in South India, specifically Tamil Nadu and popped a lot of magic mushrooms. That was one epic experience and a half. I ate way way too many, around 70-80, and was properly tripping hard! Those visuals, shit. I have never in my life seen the world that way.

Anyway if I ever end up finishing my book about my life story all the deets of that experience will be in there. Fuck I have never seen the world in such ultra high definition, basically the heightened perception and awareness. Accessing the antipodes of the mind and the opening the valve that usually filters out our perception from that leve; as Aldous Huxley puts it.

So anyway we played this album to begin the trip because there were 5 girls with us and we didn’t want them to have bad trips with very dark psychedelic(DarkPsy) music but we still needed that bit of a dark edge and psychedelic soundscapes that would enhance the experience and I chose this beautiful album! Of course then we continued to other music like Pink Floyd, Unknown Chill-out ambient psychedelic music and then finished the morning set with Blockhead, which was a custom.

The 12-16 hour trip is really beautiful with great music. It takes you on journey. As always, I was in charge of the music being Mr.DJ. I kinda liked the fact that I was creating the experience in their heads, for my friends, through the music. The biggest thing I miss about psychedelics apart from the HD perception is perhaps the way music is heard and felt on those substances. It’s really another level of an experience.

I will surely delve into psychedelics again at some point in life. Very much like Aldous Huxley,  Albert Hoffmann and other such intellectuals and will use it much more intellectually, you know write about my trips more vividly as they occur, but that is for later. Not at the moment.

Love was real. This was unreal! Haha 🙂

Two days of back to back shroom trips! I barely slept for two days straight. Back in August of 2011.

So anyway this album by Younger Brother called “The Last Days Of Gravity” is a beaut and is taking me back right now as I play it, so just picture a yourself as a early twenty year old in a picturesque hill station in India with amazing cold weather. Here are the pictures I took on that trip to give you an idea. There are 20+ pics so check them out take your time. It was perfect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course here the glorious album! Man, this really takes me back. Enjoy it! 🙂

Enjoy the transitions and the beats, the bass lines, the surreal atmospheric sounds and the vocals that created that intense experience for me and my friends. I loved that weekend.

Have a psychedelic Sunday morning ! 😀

Buy the album if you guys like it! It’s worth having in your collection. I’m waiting for Simon Posford’s next work. He’s a pioneer in this genre of music.

I remember thinking to myself on that trip wishing that the women at the time who I was on and off with, were with me.

I’ve kinda fixed the show for 2 sets an episode only because I don’t know how much music you guys listen to in life and I don’t know if you guys play all of them. So anyway here is the ending set is a little playlist I made of some electronica instrumentals by Odesza.

Ok but I know you guys need a bonus so here you go!

Thievery!!! Sheer thievery!

So yeah good folks! Take care and enjoy Sunday.

Cheers! 🙂


Anyway I’m fucking off somewhere out of the country soon for a considerable amount of time. You’ll know when I get there. You see I can do my work from anywhere, it doesn’t tie me down in one fucking place and that’s why I chose it, I even rejected a job from Morgan Stanley.




Being A Single Indian Guy in his mid 20s- The State Of Indian Bars, Gigs and Dating Culture and the Death of Conversation

Every time I walk into an Indian bar or club, there are like 50 different groups of friends, dancing and waving their hands in the air in little circles. It’s like it’s a fucking formation or something. A fucking circus formation. 50 fucking groups or more. All just dancing or doing whatever and absorbed in their little fucking circles. Is it just me that finds this funny as fuck?

Which is so different in say Europe or the US. Maybe it’s the whole friends vibe. You know “Awww friends. Let’s be friends. Awww friends. I love my friends. Little friendly friends everywhere. Let’s do everything with friends. Let’s stay with our friends all night and only talk to them and take pictures with them. Friends are life. Friends are for life.” And shit like that.

Maybe people here have just never experienced going anywhere alone, say walking into a bar alone and sipping a drink and eating a meal all by themselves and chilling to the music. Maybe you’ve done it in a different country or city but not here. Try it for a change. It’s not being a loner or loser. It’s just about chilling out by yourself, which is pretty enjoyable. It takes more balls to do that than to go in the comfort zone of a group.

Indian Women as well. Have you ever gone anywhere without company? Maybe some of you have, very few though. Ok maybe in some Indian cities in the country it’s dangerous to do that so it’s understandable. But not at all in Bombay, at least from my life here.

So I know company is good and all that but honestly, all the fucking time? The same or slightly different people? Seriously? Also the fact that Indian women are always in such groups and extremely unapproachable makes it even more fucked.

If you’re a single guy in his 20s and find the courage after a few drinks to go talk to that cute girl across bar. Guess what? Shes in a fucking GROUP!

Sorry buddy but unless you know someone in that group or have common friends with that girl you’re basically fucked, with no chance that is.

So it goes like this.. You approach her, mustering all the alcohol induced courage in you and her lady friends laugh at you or are secretly jealous of her because she got approached by you in the first place or whatever the fuck and tell you to fuck off or worse they might even create a scene, if they’re really drunk! It’s that fucking bad.

OR if shes in a group with guy friends, of course the prick dude friend of hers who secretly likes her tells you to get away from her like you’re gonna rape her or something.

The looks and replies you get from people here are just shocking. It’s simply SHOCKING.

What the fuck for? For being a HUMAN being and being slightly attracted to the opposite sex and trying to have a conversation?

Indian women… For the sake of all that is good in the world, If a guy walks up to you at a bar/club and talks to you.. Just politely reply and have a CONVERSATION.

Chances are he was shitting bricks before he approached you. There is no fucking hidden agenda. Every guy that tries to talk to you doesn’t want to sleep with you instantly or is trying to get physical with you or whatever you may think. Maybe he just wants to have a small conversation because he’s bored out of his mind, a little tipsy and thinks you’re kinda cute and wants to see if you have some brains, enough to have a decent enough conversation. Does that happen more or less these days? or does it even happen at all?

Or if it’s a group of single ladies out at a bar… You’ll sit and check out all the guys in the room, and keep checking out the good looking ones, wishing they come talk to you or whatever and then they don’t NOT BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT GOOD LOOKING OR ATTRACTIVE because YOU’RE IN A FUCKING GROUP AND THAT IS INTIMIDATING AS FUCK to most of them at least. Especially if they don’t have a wing-man or some friends with them and are alone.

Then… you don’t do anything and just get smashed as fuck with your lady friends and go home wishing that guy came upto you and spoke to you.

Ok, if you just want to chill with your friends and not care about anything, then that’s also fine. Do what you want basically.

I mean it’s hard enough to have the courage to talk to one pretty girl at a bar and you seriously expect guys to waltz into a group of friends and actually talk to you?

Sorry hun, but that’s just delusional.

But if you think some guy is good looking. Maybe you could go talk to him? But yeah the dude may be in GROUP as well. So it’s canner there. But if he’s alone and you think he’s cute GO FUCKING TALK !

How many of you women have approached a guy and started a conversation? Barely any. I know it’s not conventional but it happens, although very very rarely.

Me and my buddy have been picked up by two women ONCE, just once in 21 years in Bombay! Haha! I was in Manipal(college) for 5 years.

That’s an alarmingly shocking statistic.

Indian women, Fucking chill out. It’s called having a CONVERSATION, nothing more and nothing less. It’s basic human attraction. Who knows? If things lead to other things, like you actually liking the guy(YES THAT CAN HAPPEN) and him taking your number or something more, whatever, then it does.

But if you’re guarded by some fucking Indian guy friends who think they are fucking bodyguards of yours or surrounded by a group of a lot of your female friends how the fuck are you going to know?

Manipal(my college) was different, it was beautiful, there were all like minded people from all over the country just there to have a good time, talking and having conversation, chilling and enjoying the night and of course doing all the alcohol and pot induced stupid shit you can think of that happens in college. There was the stuff that makes a good story now, there were relationships, hook-ups all kinds of shit or just nothing other than a good old fashioned chilled night, getting high with all the awesome people around you.

In Manipal, in college, people were more open minded and open to conversations and new people.

But now we’re all back home and we’re all working, dealing with out own shit and get out maybe once on the weekend and stuff, if possible, and guess what we’re all in fucking GROUPS just getting smashed out of our skulls.

Even if we go alone, we barely try to talk to any women just because of the simple fact that 95% of the time we tried and YOU TOLD US TO FUCK OFF.

Or if its a gig,… There are the “trippers” or whatever flipping in one corner on god knows what substance or sometimes just drunk out of their minds or even sober in some cases and they go pretty crazy, I’m talking about like rows and rows of fucking dudes just doing some shit on their own. If you can call that dancing. It’s more like waving your hands around ferociously. No offense, I’m not judging but just observing.

I have been to proper raves and I get the actual scene. You know back in the day in Goa and stuff at 9 Bar, Curlies, Shiva Valley, Hill Top, Vagator etc. I don’t know who has experienced what. That is understandable though but after a while doesn’t that get fucking boring? Don’t you grow out of that phase of listening to loud as fuck Electronic music beats, especially fucking Psychedelic music and dancing to it? It was a phase. I liked it. It was different to experience. It was more of an eye-opening experience. Not a way of life. Of course some of my psy head buddies will argue otherwise! Haha, but hey to each his own

Personally, I grew out of that phase. I loved it while it lasted but I got fed up of it. I grew older. I didn’t like the music or that shit anymore.

So if the gig is some other kind of music. Techno, House, EDM, DnB or whatever

The so called “hard-trippers” or so they think are doing that shit.
Then there are the pot heads who are too baked to give a shit about anything and want to constantly toke outside, then the couples who need to get a room(they’re holding each other so tightly it’s like they’ll die if they are separated or something),

Then of course the GROUPS.. dancing in little circles waving their hands in the air except this time they’re facing the DJ.

And of course you only go to these things with your GROUP of friends, you know the Random Dude+7 and Random Dude+10 groups… and then you talk only to your friends or common friends, basically known people, because unless a guy asks you for a light outside or is known through a common friend or something he’s a outsider, a stranger, he’s a creep or something.

Indian guys who go walk up to unknown women and talk to them, I salute you. I know what it’s like to be rejected most of the time if not all the time and face all kinds of bullshit. The women that I did end up having a conversation with and things that led to other things, you’ll are the REAL women around here. I respect you’ll. We had some good times and I’m glad I got to know you’ll.

Let’s face it, anywhere in the world looks are everything initially at least, all that bullshit about beauty on the inside is a load of horse-shit. Everybody knows it. So if you’re not genetically blessed with good looks or ripped as fuck, your chances are pretty slim, unless you are on GOD level mode of picking up women or something. In India, they’re even slimmer.

Indian Women, do you know that guys in this country are fucking scared out of their balls to come up to you and talk to you? Most of them at least. They prefer to just not. Many of them never have. You wanna be approached by guys ? GET OUT OF YOUR GROUP AND BE APPROACHABLE.

Indian Women.. If You wanna meet someone chilled? BE APPROACHABLE OR JUST GO UP TO THE GUY AND HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE GUY YOU THINK IS GOOD LOOKING. Chances are you’ll never see him again. Make the move. Go talk. You’re not being desperate you’re being HUMAN. I mean if women responded better it we would do it only. If you’re a good looking woman and you think you’re pretty as hell and a lot of you’ll are, at least TALK to the guy who approached you. Honestly it’s no big deal. Don’t be so stuck up for fucks sake. Or just be POLITE when a guy tries to talk to you. It took him a lot of effort to come over to you and say something in itself, even if he got nervous and said something stupid.

Married couples obviously, it doesn’t apply to you’ll but just food for thought.. How many of you married couples started out as friends in the same group or in a common friend circle? Haha. Yeah so, odds are a lot of you’ll were.

Again of course results vary and it’s subjective and I have nothing against you married folk. I’m simply observing what I have seen around me.

But that’s what fucking happens in this country.

People prefer to be friends. Friends are what is in. Friends are what works. Being friends is the pathway to a relationship, here in India at least. Indian women let these “friends” more into their lives and allow them to get closer to them than anybody else.  It’s the norm here. And it’s fucking retarded! I’m not saying it’s bad or wrong or something. But to me, I find that an absolutely fucking retarded thing. Because who the fuck sleeps with friends man!?? I mean I don’t.  Haha. Because for a proper, old school, solo guy like me, to get out and meet new women is FUCKED. It’s properly FUCKED by all you farcical friendly bastards.

Indian women, If the guy has intentions of eventually sleeping with you or even something nobler like dating you from the beginning and doesn’t tell you the whole time until after he is close enough to you as a “friend” and you keep talking to him. Aren’t you just being played? Isn’t that a proper JOB,  a SCAM and not REAL?

He fucking played you. Think about it.

Because that is what fucking happens! And this has happened to a shitload of people I know.

Of course again results vary and things are different and some people actually fall in love and shit. But hey this is just an observation.

Love should be REAL you know. Like as REAL as shit gets in life. It should happen on it’s own. It should come from both people. It has to be natural.Not some forced shit.

Of course not every friend is that way, some people are just friends like properly just to chill. You know, the way it should be. Props. Stay chilled. S/o to you my friends who are women, cheers!

Anyway so coming back, So Indian women I get that you love you friends and shit everybody does but there is world of possibilities outside that zone of yours. Maybe it’s the comfort zone. Maybe it’s the herd mentality. What’s the deal with Indian women man, honestly? why so many mind games? Like seriously! If a guy talks to you, why can’t you even respond properly? If you don’t like him or don’t want to be bothered then say so NICELY with some respect.

Of course nowadays you prefer if some dick is swiping right for you on Tinder, because how classy is that. Tinder dates are so much more classy man. Lol.

I just don’t get it. Whenever I’ve gone to any part of the world. People come up to me and talk to me or I approach them and we talk and chill, like it’s so natural.

Honestly, Just be chilled. The point of my night is not to get with women every single night it’s to have a good time, feel good and meet new people and just chill you know.

Of course pick ups exist in India and it happens and shit. But the chances of that happening are rare and slim in this day and age and especially in this country.

And what about the guys who don’t want to pick you up? The ones who actually just want to get to know you! And think you’re pretty! But NOOOO you have your fucking “friends”

Just fucking talk to people and chill. Be more open about shit and not so guarded all the time and have a more open mind. Maybe the guy just wants to get to know you or is just bored and wants to have a conversation.

But this culture and psyche in India is quite fucked very honestly. And it’s so fucking shit that I absolutely hate going for any of these scenes or going to bars by myself anymore. But I will in a foreign country. For fucking sure. Obviously the main aim to is to see the country but I will meet and talk to people in the future in all the countries I visit, just to have conversation, get to know the way of life, have a good time.

And all of this happens because they have an open mind and are genuinely interested in talking to new people, unlike this country.

Maybe it’s just my experiences or that of my friends. But honestly I cannot even begin to tell you how shit this country’s dating, bar and gig scene is. Ok, Sometimes you honestly don’t give a fuck about anybody and just wanna sip your drink, eat something and enjoy the music and scene and leave. That’s also understandable, do what you want basically.

Maybe I’m just old school. Maybe I just like to chill at bars, sip my drink, eat some good food, enjoy some music and talk to random people. At least I used to until I gave up drinking.

Honestly, get fucking out of your fucking groups man are you’ll like teenagers or something? Obviously not everybody is like this there are 5% who get this. They are approachable. You can talk to them. They’re chilled. They get it. They understand. They don’t judge or overthink.

The question is when are you gonna get on the same wavelength and break out ? Lol

I mean I want something REAL man. Enough of this chasing after you bullshit. No ego superiority battles. No mind games. No fucking tinder dates. No fucking bullshit. I’m tired of the failed relationships. All the mind-fuck basically. Where is the will to chill? Haha. Just find a girl who actually wants to be with me, in whatever way she enters my life. Naturally. Not forced and fucking as REAL as it can be in life.


I mean it’s no biggie to do that. Seriously.

Also to add, the music is absolute shite at most places here except a few places and scenes, again everybody likes something according to their tastes. For me, music is pretty important and I cannot fucking stand EDM or Hindi music, anything other than that is fine.

Also my friends in bands, DJs and singers etc I don’t mean you’ll.

Just some thoughts, I wish India was as open minded as say Europe or the US or Australia or wherever else people are chilled enough to just fucking have CONVERSATIONS. Honestly I can’t wait to get out of here.

It’s a fucking pain trying to meet new people here, but of course if a foreigner approaches you, then you will talk to him/her! Haha.

It’s fucking sad that is all.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

Wednesday Vibes – Episode #004 -Window Days

Hey folks!

Firstly, Wow who is this girl in this picture? She’s a beaut! Haha 🙂 It’s a nice click, this one.

Midweek tunes are back and here to keep you going. Wednesday vibes is on week #004 and this week is all about those days where you just need to block out all the chatter inside your head and look outside the window.

Windows are the doors to your soul, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s the way I look at things and my love for everything nature that keeps me forever satisfied if I’ve got a window next to me. I literally want a window everywhere I go when I’m travelling – you name the mode of transport and there is me next to the window just looking out and enjoying it.

You know observe and absorb everything around you. Just look out and look up and it’s a nice little peaceful place. People don’t do enough of that I feel.

All I need is some good music, some cigarettes and something to drink (non-alcoholic nowadays, since I gave up drinking) and a good view and I’m good to go, honestly, I don’t need much else.

Life is progressing pretty well, I’ve got some sweet plans for next year which I won’t reveal here just yet, but it’s going to be super awesome.

I hate when people say, “I don’t have time”. F**k that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. You just have time for yourself, say that. You’ll end up doing all the s**t you want to do to satisfy yourself, so f**cking take out time and when someone asks you to and stop being a prick. We all have time for what we think is important.

So yeah anyway, on to the music.

We start off this week with a nice little playlist I made. It’s chilled out and meditative and then takes a little diversion and comes back to the chill plateau 😉

Like I was telling a friend the other day, I’ve sort of reached this plateau of nothingness and try to feel like that constantly. It’s just a sweet spot I’ve found that just keeps me at this constant feeling of blank, nothingness almost like I’m floating in space, it’s just being you know, content and stuff, just at PEACE. It’s pretty sweet actually and very addictive, so you know I don’t want to get out of that state of mind into all this commotion I see around. But yeah, I have to unfortunately 😛

F**cking chaos everywhere.

Also I came across this quote and I was like FINALLY someone  gets it! Coz really this is all people work towards, well the majority at least.

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It really makes sense.

Window Days are meant to contemplate but it’s better if there is no chatter up there, at least I prefer it that way.

Honestly, I would really like a woman in my life now, but honestly, I just want it to be REAL. It was REAL for me once and a little bit another time with some amazing women(hope they’re doing alright) but that’s gone. That’s the paramount thing, I just want it to be as REAL as it gets. It should happen on it’s own you know, like naturally, instead of forcing it and trying to chase women and shit, it’s such a f**king pain. So I’m good by myself and don’t really care who or when or how. It’ll happen as it has to I guess. This was after I spoke to my buddy Sarda and we both kind of agreed on trusting the eventuality of the way the world works instead of chasing girls like a f**king dog you know. In Hindi we say, “Chutiye kutta hai kya?” which means “Are you a f**king dog or something?” Haha, it sort of applies here. So yeah. Just breathe, chill and let it flow as it does. F**k it.

Me and my buddy are both on a similar wavelength about a lot of things and it’s great that he’s in Bombay now. Chill scenes quite often now.

There have been many women who I’ve been with, you know dated and hooked up with in the past and it’s a good and different change to be by myself for quite a while now, thinking clearly, without someone else’s inputs and it’s relaxing you know, in it’s own way, it’s peaceful and I don’t wanna rush into anything and have to compromise on that peace.

But yeah there is this one cute girl who lives on my street, I had never seen her until a couple of times this month, I kinda like her,  I think I’ll go talk to her at some point. Let’s see.

So yeah as for women, solo as always for now 🙂

So it’s scientifically proven that good music makes your week suck 80% less, at least that’s what I like to believe. Haha 😛

Anyway here is the playlist. It’s quite a little journey and is for those Window Days. Also, I was in love with Winona Ryder as a teen, so I’m ending it with a little clip of her, where she looks super cute and finally, a guy who’s talks and speeches I listen to sometimes, Mooji – He’s this spiritual guide and he just makes a lot of sense.

So yeah, Hit play and Enjoy 🙂

And to end things is Auditive Release’s first ever mixtape. This guy makes some decent mixes. So this should carry you all through till Sunday.

I’m waiting patiently for the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for my poetry book, it should go live in a couple of days. Friday is the decided date. So yeah I will share that with you’ll. Do support me! And get a copy of my book and other goodies.

Hope you guys enjoy the music. Look more out of the window, hehe 😛

And yeah, keep it chilled as always.


Peace 🙂