Hey people!

So my buddy Tej (who was in college with me for the first year, before he left to pursue another degree other than engineering) messaged me on facebook asking me to make a playlist/mix for his startup Faraway Places and promote each other on the various platforms.

I was more than glad to make one. Me and Tej go way back to our college times in 2008-09 playing DOTA(A computer strategy game) all day and night in our hostel rooms with the other peeps on LAN. Those were some awesome times, looking back now. That game was so addictive at that point of our lives.

Anyway faraway places are a travel company with dirt cheap tours. So for all you travel buffs out there you can check their website out here –

Book a tour if you like one, they’re handpicked by Tej who is quite the traveler and they’re quite cheap.

So yeah we made a mix to help smooth the process and to also give you something to play when you do get to Bali or wherever. It’s got all the essential Chillout/Downtempo/Electronica that you need, which goes perfectly with a great view!

Hit play and don’t forget to check them out and like them on facebook. And ofcourse like us at BOMBEATS as well. All the links are below

Like them on facebook

And like us on facebook

Here is the mix ->

Sundown Sessions x BOMBEATS x

Cheers all!

Have a good week 😀


Sets For Sundays – Episode #005 – RADIOHEAD

Hello peeps!

So I’ve had a busy week, this past week. I’ve been finishing up my poetry book and launching a crowdfunding campaign for it, which is yet to go live. I will share the link with you guys, once it does so you can get the e-book as a reward. I’m planning on pricing it at about 3$ which is hardly anything so yeah. Apart from that, just the usual from the world of real estate in Mumbai.

Anyway I’m really buzzing right now because Chelsea just beat Burnley 3-0 at Stamford Bridge a few hours ago and they played very impressively. They threw the kitchen sink at Burnley and if it wasn’t for some outstanding goalkeeping from the Burnley number 1 it could have been 6 or 7. Most importantly though all our best players are in form and playing well especially Eden Hazard, who had an abysmal season last time around. Also new recruit N’Golo Kante, from champions Leicester, is really a class act and a great buy for Chelsea. He’s effortlessly filling the boots and playing the role of the ex-Chelsea legend Claude Makelele (We are so set in the ball winning midfield department).

That’s that at Stamford Bridge. So I just want to say that my poetry book “Endless Night” would not have been possible without some inspirational music, especially from Radiohead – My favourite band. I made this mix tonight, it’s called “Hail To Radiohead” it’s a three and a half hour mix of my favourite Radiohead songs. They make such boss music that it was so damn hard to pick a 1 hour or 2 hour set. So I had to make it 3 and half!!

This one is for all of you who haven’t yet discovered the awesomeness of Radiohead. Trust me, they’re a class apart! Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and co are just sheer brilliance. I wish I could make it for their gig in Berlin next month but I really can’t !! I so badly wanted to go.. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next album tour 😦

That’s 3-5 years down the line 😥

People tell me I’m a little obsessed with them but hey this band have literally saved my life and just get me you know, so why not ?

Anyway hit play on this and drift off into hyper space !!

Drumroll please…. presenting my handpicked mix of – THE BAND OF THE CENTURY – Oxfordshire’s very own


And here is the tracklist

Burn The Witch
Permanent Daylight
The National Anthem
Weird Fishes Arpeggi
Little By Little
Paranoid Android
Where I end & you begin
I might be wrong
Climbing up the walls
Planet Telex
Go To Sleep
Decks Dark
In Limbo
The Numbers
Nice Dream
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
Desert Island Disk
House Of Cards
Pyramid Song
Last Flowers
Go Slowly
All I Need
Lozenge Of Love
Exit Music(For a Film)
How To Disappear Completely
You & Whose Army
Sail To The Moon
Let Down
Gagging Order
A Reminder
Wolf At The Door
No Surprises
Present Tense
Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor
Up On The Ladder
True Love Waits
Give Up The Ghost
Street Spirit

Enjoy your Sunday everybody!!

Peace 😀

Sets For Sundays – Episode #003

Hello all you awesome people,

Sets for Sundays is back. I hope you guys are having a great weekend! I sure am, it’s been an exciting week for me. I’m almost finishing a poetry book I’m writing and I’m planning on self publishing it this year! I will keep you guys updated about that.

It couldn’t have been written without some awesome music to set the mood and make the setting to inspire me.

So for this Sunday, I’m adding a few sets we broadcasted on my Internet Radio station, BOMBEATS RADIO. There are a few glitches in the audio but only for a few seconds, later in the mix, as we experienced some connectivity issues while broadcasting.

These are three of the best sets we’ve broadcasted, put together in one mix.

Here are the sets, so sit back, hit play and chill out to this blend of awesome music hand-picked and broadcasted by me. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Here is the tracklist

Set #1

  1. Fight Club Soundtrack – This Is Your Life
  2. The Stranglers – Golden Brown
  3. The Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog
  4. The human beinz- Nobody but me
  6.  7Horse- Meth Lab Zoso Sticker
  7.  Howlin’ Wolf Smokestack Lightnin’
  8.  O’ Brother, Where Art Thou I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (Radio Station Version)
  9.  The Kinks – Nothing In This World
  10. Donovan -Jersey Thursday
  11.  Tornadoes-The Bustin’ Surfboards 1962
  12.  Blur-Sing
  13. Dusty Springfield Spooky
  14.  Fight Club Soundtrack The Dust Brothers Jack’s Smirking Revenge
  15.  The Mahones Paint the Town Red
    Set #2
  16. Porcupine tree-the moon touches your shoulder
  17. The Notorious B.I.G. Suicidal Thoughts (Loop Skywalker Remix)
  18.  Lou Reed- This Magic Moment
  19. Beats Antique-You The Starry Eyed (Blockhead Remix)
  20. System of a down – Spiders acoustic
  21. Puscifer-Potions
  22. Mark Knopfler-Redbud Tree
  23. Mark Pritchard -Beautiful People (feat. Thom Yorke)
  24. Younger Brother-Shine

    Set #3

  25. David Bowie – Bring me the Disco King(Lohner Mix) feat Maynard James Keenan and Frusciante
  26. Radiohead-These Are My Twisted Words
  27. Machines of Loving Grace-Golgotha Tenement Blues
  28. RATM – Wake Up (Bass Cover)
  29. Deftones-Change
  30. Thom Yorke-Nose Grows Some
  31. Thom Yorke -Guess Again
  32. Sparklehorse and Radiohead-Wish You Were Here
  33. Thom Yorke-The Clock
  34. Radj-Sky Arch

If you guys want to check out all of our broadcasts, you can visit our Spreaker page here. Click on episodes and you’ll find all of our sets right from the first day we started broadcasting.

Happy Listening!

Enjoy 😀

Artwork From Every Single Radiohead Album

So I got my hands on my favourite band- Radiohead’s full discography in FLAC (Lossless Audio)  and it sounds top notch ! Ah Radiohead man- The quintessential alternative band for the ages. I had their discog before but it was in college and 320 kbps, mp3 format and not lossless audio but anyway, that hard drive is being recovered. I’ve been listening to every single EP and album on repeat this past month. Their music is timeless and different. I just love this band, they have literally saved my life and their music is perfectly crafted for me. I relate to their music a lot and I just sit back in awe of every song they’ve made. They are perhaps one of the greatest bands of all time.

Anyway I also got all their art work made by Stanley Donwood so I decided to upload it all in one place for everybody to check out and save.  I have also decided to do some community service and upload their entire discog to my google drive for people to download and listen to. If you want that then email me on with the subject “Radiohead Discog” and i’ll share the link with you, where you can download every single album.

Here’s the artwork. Keep Scrolling it gets better and better

DRILL EP (1992)



ITCH EP(1994)












KID A (2000)








COM LAG 2+2 =5 EP (2004)













And that’s a wrap.

I hope you guys like the artwork as much as I do.

Do let me know if you want their discog in FLAC. I’ll share the link when you email me. It’s


Happy weekend 😀

A Dream For Today

I had a dream,
They were all there,
The faces among us now,
In the courtyard,
As Kings, Queens,
Ministers and Dancers,
In otherworldly forms,
Gigantic & powerful,
They were celebrating,
Reveling in music & dance,
Not surprisingly,
It was about,
You and me,
You were dressed in gold,
And mezmerised me,
Then the evil ones,
Swooped down,
And took you away,
Much like now,
I fought them,
For you,
In the end,
I rescued you,
And you were back,
In my arms,
What do these dreams mean?
I will never know,
I have a feeling,
We have met before,
That I have loved you,
For centuries,
In lives of past,
Living now,
In the present,
Playing it out again.

– Gaurav Krishnan 19/08/2016

Gramatik Discography Free Download

One of my favourite underground artists, Gramatik has made his full discography free to download!

Gramatik is well known for his low-temp, chill-hop music.With beats that make you feel good and melodies that make you feel relaxed, his work is really a treat. I used to listen to his music a lot in college and I had his entire discography but I lost it, it was on my college laptop all those years ago.

Anyway I’m glad he has made them all free.

His newer albums aren’t that good but the older ones are gems. I would highly recommend downloading all his earlier albums. Scroll to the bottom of the page and start with “Dreams About Her” and then his “Street Bangers” series all the way up to “Water for the Soul” and “Beats and Pieces vol 1”. They are truly brilliant. Once again, his new stuff isn’t that good so just skip them and start at the end.

Here is the link!

Thank me later 😀

Cheers peeps!

Have a good week 🙂