Hey people!

So my buddy Tej (who was in college with me for the first year, before he left to pursue another degree other than engineering) messaged me on facebook asking me to make a playlist/mix for his startup Faraway Places and promote each other on the various platforms.

I was more than glad to make one. Me and Tej go way back to our college times in 2008-09 playing DOTA(A computer strategy game) all day and night in our hostel rooms with the other peeps on LAN. Those were some awesome times, looking back now. That game was so addictive at that point of our lives.

Anyway faraway places are a travel company with dirt cheap tours. So for all you travel buffs out there you can check their website out here –

Book a tour if you like one, they’re handpicked by Tej who is quite the traveler and they’re quite cheap.

So yeah we made a mix to help smooth the process and to also give you something to play when you do get to Bali or wherever. It’s got all the essential Chillout/Downtempo/Electronica that you need, which goes perfectly with a great view!

Hit play and don’t forget to check them out and like them on facebook. And ofcourse like us at BOMBEATS as well. All the links are below

Like them on facebook

And like us on facebook

Here is the mix ->

Sundown Sessions x BOMBEATS x

Cheers all!

Have a good week 😀


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