My First Attempt At Photography

Today is 15th August, it’s Independence day in my country so it’s a holiday. I woke up really early because of a pain in my shoulder and I was spraying reli-spray (a pain relief spray) all over it, the pain was quite annoying actually.

Anyway I decided to venture out with my digital camera to click some photographs at about 6.30 in the morning. Do note that I was using a 10 year old 12 mega-pixel digital camera, most cell phones have better resolution.

Anyway I was excited because I had been reading up photography tips on pinterest, so I decided to use those tips and take some shots in and around my house’s area(in a 3 km radius of my home).

Here are the shots I took. Do tell me they aren’t too bad 😛 This is my first attempt at photography. They’re all in Black and White, just the way I like it 🙂


Are they any good? Do let me know.

Happy Independence day to my fellow Indians!

Jai Hind


Cheers! 😀


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