See the upside in the downside – Poetry and Quotes + Sets For Sundays – Episode #024

Life is a funny proposition, it throws you down suddenly every time you’re up and feeling great. Everyone must, in this life, experience downs but it’s what you make out of it and what you learn out of it that counts.

Be smart and see the good side of it. At least you’re not broke and needing to feed a family of children. Be grateful of your beginnings and family protecting and caring for you. Make peace with them if there are misunderstandings. It’s hard, believe me, I know but thank them everyday and live your life.

See the good side of everything, it’s a lessson and a path to something more, something better. Life is funny, it makes you strong and prepared for the future by making you go through struggles.

Parents, don’t raise your kids by spoiling them with whatever they want, it only makes them dependent on you. Chances are if they’re raised rich they will end up being horrible human beings. They’ll feel entitled and have egos and not think about the people who struggle. I’ve met a lot of such people but I don’t associate with them too much.

People who get drunk and abuse or fight with waiters and the little guys threatening them saying their dads will do harm to them and stuff if they don’t get their way. They’re just doing their jobs trying to feed their family.  So stop being entitled pricks. Nobody is entitled to anything. We just play with the hands that are dealt when we’re born. It could’ve been you in their position, so put yourself in people’s shoes. They are people too, who are doing their jobs and trying to make ends meat. Treat people equally and well.

Keep your kids broke and make them work hard to earn money and make a living for themselves. They’ll understand life better that way.

See the up in the downs. If you’re going through something talk to people about it. You’ll find a way out. Help people and don’t expect anything in return. The ones who will help you out when you need it might be the most unlikely ones. But yes – help people, as much as you can. Live a life of meaning.

I wrote this quote last week and I thought I’ll share it with you. Here are some quotes and poems for you to read.

And music has some great lyrics at times

Here are some poems I wrote last week. They just pop up in my head(I don’t know why) so I put them together and write them down.

Homecoming's Planet. A bit more classical. Meaning – the first line signifies in two words what Aldous Huxley wrote about the eliminative nature of our brain and nervous system giving us just a trickle of consciousness to perceive necessary for our survival as mammals on this planet. The next lines refer to the countless lives our soul has lived in the analogy 'games we have played' and dreams we have dreamt all leading to our battle with life and its good and bad moments and the elements of life itself. Theres is time for everything ups and downs. Using the analogy soldiers of/with mettle it must surely lead to finding ourselves and a home and love on this planet. Yet how insignificant are we in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It ends hinting at my firm belief that we are not alone in the universe. We don't even know if the universe is finite or infinite so surely there is life somewhere we just don't know. There's a meaning for each poem. Just thought ill share this with its meaning. Cheers! Gn #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetsofinsta #poet #poets #poemsoflife

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Requiem for the nightmare . . . Slightly dark but honestly sometimes I look at the world around me and think.. "Is this it? Is this all we're here for? Make money and die? Why? Its a fucking nightmare. " People kill. People change. People do things all for money. don't be like them. Be simple. You don't need 90% of the shit ads tell you. Do more. Find your soul. Grow spiritually. Spirituality is not god its connecting with your soul. Help people. Touch their lives. Do more than address selfish desires. Do more meaningful things. Peace #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poet #poets #poemsoflife #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #words #dailywords #wordporn #wordsofinstagram #writer #writersofig #writersofinstagram #spiritualwritings #spiritialpoem #requiem #requiemforthenightmare

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In metanoia Metanoia – *noun* A change in ones way of life resulting from repentance or spiritual conversion . . . . Also a #porcupinetree album name. This is about a monologue in the head of the struggle between letting go of past experiences and mistakes and working towards a changed present and brand new life. Something I think, a lot of people can relate to. #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poem #poesy #poet #poets #poemsoflife #poetsofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poemstagram #poemsofinsta #poemsofinstagram #words #dailywords #wordporn #life #lifepoetry #poetryisnotdead #indianpoet #wordsforthemoments

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I hope you like them.

And onto the music for this weekend. Here is what music means to me in this little picture.

Here is a playlist I made on Thursday that’s super calm and a bit melancholic but it’s soothing nonetheless.

And here are a couple of the latest beat-tapes on #BOMBEATS

And Here is the morning playlist

Enjoy the music! Feel it ! 🙂

And enjoy the moments life! ups or downs.

Here are some tweets by the Dalai Lama

Here is how I look just to put a face to things hehe 😛


Take care


Why you should have more than 2 careers – Be Part Of The Journey Not The Destination + Sets for Sundays Episode #023

I recently have decided permanently to pursue a career in music full time. It was between music and journalism for a degree in Europe and after a lot of deliberation I have decided on music. It’s been a part of me since I was 10 and actually since I was old enough to talk and sing. My parents keep recollecting and telling me that I used to sing the songs of a 90’s Bollywood hit movie called “Baazigar” starring Sharukh Khan when I was little. The movie released in 1993, so that was when I was 3. It was mainly because it was all around me then but either way music has been an immense part of my life and integral to my very existence. I love to write as well, don’t get me wrong so the choice was a hard one.


On one hand I have a career in football journalism (I’m working as one with India’s best sports news website and I love football as well, I’ve been playing since I was 8) And got into writing much later in the 8th, 9th and 10th grade in school when I developed good writing skills. But music was there with me even before that. I thought about it and the joy of creating music from scratch thrills me more. It’s an unknown space for sure, but I can naturally see and feel myself thriving in that setting.


Which comes to my point. Am I going to stop writing? Hell no. I’ve got a book of poems ready to publish. I’m keeping writing going as well. And that’s why you should have at least two careers.

I stumbled upon this article in the harvard business review which hit the nail on the head for me. Have a read if you’re interested.

Here is the link

Why should you limit yourself to only your current career ? Why be stuck in a job wanting to do more but not take the leap just because safety is what is essential. It’s mundane. Why not use all the time you have to do both! – duh!

It gives you a chance to fulfil your soul, follow you passions and your dreams and I saw this guy and said “Wow, if he can do it so can I.” It should be the same with you as well!
Take the leap

For me, money isn’t even a goal, it’s a by-product of doing the two things I love the most, making music and writing! And honestly I don’t even care about the money, I’m doing this for the soul of it. So people remember me after I’m dead and gone. Maybe I’ll make it big or I won’t but at least I’ll have given it my best shot! “You can try the best you can, the best you can is good enough” – Radiohead.

Read the Harvard Business Review article for the bonuses of having two careers, he’s successful and I’m not at the moment. But it depends on what your idea of success is anyway, not the nowadays buzzword for money for me at least, as I’ve explained in detail in one of my blog posts earlier, an essay called “What is success?”

So I’m helping people out here in Mumbai and applying to colleges in the UK and Germany at the moment. I even got into a college in Germany but they haven’t worked out student visas for Indian students with the German visa officials as yet so I asked them if they could do so by 2018, so maybe I could re-apply next year. Or the other option is to try to get a job in Germany and do the course part time. Which I’ve yet to speak to my contacts in Germany about.

About the UK, I’ve just started the application process for a course in 2018. However, given the current political climate and scenario, I’m frankly worried about getting a job and a work permit/work visa. I’m keeping a worst case scenario of not getting one which will be a bummer having spent so much money and to spend two or three years living and learning there. But the past has taught me to keep a backup plan so I’m not stuck, confused and downhearted. In my case, I will apply to 100 studios and newspapers/magazines in the UK post my degree and stay at it until I get a job. I’m that fucking determined *cue Mudvayne* Hell I’ll even go to Stamford Bridge in London and beg them to hire me so I can work as anything(literally/ preferably writing though) for the club I love through and through. #Chelseatillidie

Oh yes the back up, so yeah worst case I come back to Mumbai, India and DJ and produce here but send my stuff to labels abroad, like just if they like it and stuff. I can hack it here for sure. It’s just that I don’t like Bollywood music at all and to make money in music in India it has to be Bollywood. And once I’m tired of that and repay my student loan I’ll then do a masters in a niche in the US and take it from there. I’ll do well somewhere. That’s the hope. Damn you visas! #CitizenOfTheWorld

Anyway that’s my plan at the moment. I’m just taking it one application and each class with the piano and guitar while practicing for an hour a day at least – one day at a time basically. I’m also involved with some interesting projects with friends that I’m helping them on.

It’s been unfortunate that I can’t share this journey with the women I love/loved/crossed paths with. They’ve all left me for various reasons, my fault and theirs equally at times. But I still care about all of them. I still think I’ll meet them at some stage of life somewhere down the line. And we’ll sit at a cafe when we’re older with some live music (in Europe), possiby dance and just have a conversation about life and the stuff we’ve missed just as two souls that crossed paths and connected once. But they decided there was no future with me at that time when I was a reckless teenager and because of my destructive bad side and I respect that. Maybe I didn’t have it in me then to convince them to commit to me but I needed to grow and expand and live my way at that point of time. I’ve changed. Life goes on. I’ve bounced back stronger and smarter as a result. I gave them 100% but it was lacking from their end a bit I feel though. Also alcohol, mistakes and drama did not help. Anyway, *cue heartbreak hotel by Elvis*

Hey you beautiful souls, if you’re reading this, be part of the journey not the destination. That’s the fun of it.

Thats the thing about life isn’t it. It’s funny. It’s never a straight path. It’s a upwards, downwards and sideways curve of a rollercoaster and I’ve learnt to understand that nothing ever will go according to plan but you have to bounce back and react well to it. It’s all in the reaction. You’ve got to pick yourself up and bounce back positively and not give in to downs.

Life throws it’s fast balls, in-swingers and bouncers at you (cricket analogy) but the bounce back and hitting it out of the park soon after taking a body(mind) hit is very important. Bounce back from life’s situations, always stronger and wiser.

On the filpside, imagine if everything went smoothly and well and nothing ever went wrong and you got everything you planned for and wanted. What a bore that would be. Hence, the downs are as important as the ups. Embrace them and #KeepGoing


On that note lets check out the music for the weekend. Sets for Sundays! Boom 🙂

Here is a playlist I made to get you in the mood!

It’s based on a show I ran on twitter called DJ in tweets. Here it is.

And for the come down here is Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground live at the Matrix from 1969

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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Take care and have a great weekend and week ahead.

Peace always.

Hey I might just be the next big producer.

Ah ! Another Weekend – Take your pick for some tunes and rejoice, we have no choice

I’ve been meaning to blog a bit after a while, especially after my talented friend and gem of a person, who is now an unemployed lawyer, started to document his year off travelling.

Here is the honorary mention Mr.Bootwala, follow his blog ->

He’s in Thailand right now upto hopefully good things. Follow his journey.

There are quite a few very un-lawyer like posts. *cue excitement* I’m glad you’re out of the office and on this journey buddy!

Anyway it’s been a while since my last post which was on the 5th of last month. Ah! time, the ever so elusive construct that eludes eternally to bring wisdom in the end, if not the feelings of transient emotions – being soaked entirely present within a single moment. I’ve been known to drift even in moments to landscapes of thought processes and random questions, existence and all. Anyway, that’s all that exists, you, your brain experiencing it – the now. Seriously, time is a little bitch. But for better or worse, it turns out alright in the end or you just have to believe that, I guess. *You are not to blame for… because we separate like ripples on a blank shore.. in rainbows… dedicated to all human beings* – Radiohead  “Reckoner”

First song. Hit play on this one 🙂

If ever there were two entirely optimistic Radiohead songs it would be “Optimistic” and “Reckoner” for the ‘It’s ok pat yourself on the back and go about your day’ feels

It’s been a good month and a half and a even more stellar quarter.Picking up musical instruments was perhaps the single best decision I’ve taken in the past decade. *lots of really disastrous ones*

That, along with getting clean have been transformational/inspirational/life changing although I must admit to a slight binge in late March but I’m back and sober now.

I’ve got loads of plans, but unfortunately business hasn’t been that kind, but hey it’s going on and I’m waiting to set up my home studio to make some beautifully devilish music that resounds with me and travel a bit.

I’m starting to get tunes floating about randomly in my head and I can feel this is just the start. Ableton classes are the next step, all in good time.

There’s plenty of music I’ve uploaded on to #BOMBEATS and you can check it all out here in this post.

That’s the thing you know, life is simple, just enjoy it, every moment – bitter or pleasurable. Just enjoy it. The journey, the destination, the self-discovery, go after what you deem important, there is no starting point, there are no set times to achieve or do this or that, take your time, go on your way, become your true self, devoid of external influences(people, things, success whatever) and stop to dance to the music. Enjoy it. Ah ! another weekend – Rejoice, we have no choice 🙂

Here are the sets!

#1 Here is a gentle reminder by Radiohead

#2 Here is Four Tet a producer I’ve been digging a lot off late

#3 Here is a nice little album by Blockhead that ebbs and flows

#4 Here is an EP i was sent by the artists on facebook, it’s a nice little 20 min chilled out EP

#5 Here is Portishead with an absolutely stunning performance

#6 For some darker soundscapes 

#7 Here is something from my Goa trance roots/youthful days

#8 And this is what I call Float music, for the come down

Take your pick! Or hear them all, either way you lot are set until next time!

Remember to breathe deeper, smile a bit more, worry a bit less and trust the process that is life.

A couple of quotes to end it? Ok here.



And here is a poem I wrote yesterday 😉

Sometimes . . . . Also I need to shutup more. #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen

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Take care you all!

Personally, I’m eagerly waiting for Roger Waters’ album “Is this the life we really want” which is out on 2nd June. So, see you until the next post!

Cheers 🙂

Sets For Sundays – Episode #022 – Two Sets for Two Suns In The Sunset

Hello folks!

I haven’t blogged in two weeks but I’m a bit free right now after just finishing an article for the sports media company I represent –

I recently crossed a milestone in my career as a football journalist – I have accumulated 1.02 million reads in 5 months.

And a thank you to those of you who have read them…

If you want to check out any of my articles here is the link for that

Get in!

NOTE : If you just want the music scroll down to the middle. If you wanna laugh a bit, read on.

Also note this is not sunset music, I just named it after a Pink Floyd song in my mix.

Its been a good yet strange two weeks and things are looking up as the summer comes along. Its already starting to get a bit hot weather wise outside.. *where are the beers?*

Well, after not drinking a sip of alcohol since a few beers I had with my buddy who came back to Bombay from Canada in December, I drank twice in the last two weeks.

The first night was really strange. My buddy and I were supposed to go eat some sushi because believe it or not I have never eaten sushi in my life. Yes, I don’t know why, I have eaten Es-cargo in Paris and raw fucking fish in Bremen, Germany but for some reason I haven’t ever tried sushi.

We were supposed to meet my buddy’s friend from Belgium and go for a civilized dinner but when we got to the restaurant it was full. The three of us then found out that an acquaintance was playing a DJ set at a bar close to us so we decide to go check it out.

I don’t know why, but I saw the bar and decided, ‘Fuck it I’m drinking’. And when I drink, its safe to say that I don’t know how/when to stop. I slammed like 9 beers at the bar that night, the music was shit, like really piss poor, I had some intense conversations about life with the Belgian guy and I socialized with some random women whose names I just can’t fucking recall at all and I even got a facebook id from one because her phone wasn’t working.

I then picked up another couple of  beers on my way back home, you know just to make sure I was properly drunk, because well… *insert confused gibberish thoughts here*

I was clean for a good part of a year since May 2016 and thought ‘Fuck it, I need this’.

The ‘how/when’ to stop, was replaced by ‘where/who’ and I came back home smelling like a damn brewery, at 3 a.m. and finished those final two pints and passed the fuck out.

I had a hangover from hell the next day or I was still drunk in the morning, one of the two, and I couldn’t write a bloody word the entire day. Thankfully though, I didn’t have to go to an office and feel like shit there. I could feel like shit on my bed, rolling around and stuff.

Parallel from history – I got fired from my second ever job in 2013 a week after I puked my guts out in the office’s toilet after coming to work drunk from the previous night. *That day was bad bro*

Also thankfully, I could then play my instruments as the hangover wore off.

Cannot. Drink. Must. Not. Drink.

Alcohol is the devil man. Alcohol is the fucking devil. That’s all I’m going to say.

But all was not lost that day. I discovered a new pizza place that actually makes pretty decent pizza. *It was badly needed that day*

Heavenly Pizza. Would highly recommend this place #zeespizza #swiggyit #Mumbai

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Anyway post that its been a peaceful fortnight.

I was supposed to meet a Premier League legend named Alan Shearer for an interview yesterday(my first ever interview) after I pestered his PR guy in India for a 2 minute interview. But I got stuck in traffic despite leaving early from home and he had left for some ‘urgent meetings’ by the time I got there. Just in case you want to know Alan Shearer is the Premier League’s all time highest goalscorer, if I’m not mistaken. *Alan fucking Shearer man, it would’ve been epic!*

I was a bit disappointed so I headed to a bar at the St.Regis hotel which is in the same complex and I found some company. I didn’t get the ‘interview’, but I got the ‘view’.

Sun goes down on the Maximum City #Mumbai #photography

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The rest cannot be revealed 😉

So anyway I madeamix and posted a rare concert on the channel #BOMBEATS last week.

Here is the mix. Its called Duality(Find Balance). Have a listen here and find that balance.

And here is Mississippi Fred McDowell – A blues legend – live at the Gaslight in New York in 1971.

Enjoy the tunes this week.

Also here are the best bits of the tunes I learnt in the last 2-3 weeks. Playing the guitar and singing at the same time is really difficult at the moment but these are the best, in descending order.

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago. This song is almost a 100 years old. It was originally written by the Blues legend Robert Johnson in the 1920s and later covered by tons of rock bands, but most famously by Eric Clapton. Use headphones/speaks to hear the singing properly coz its a little low. This is a simplified version of the song without the intro and its the first ever blues song I've learnt. It feels great coz I didn't think I'd be able to play the Blues so quickly. I hope to be able to play more complex ones going ahead. Cheers peeps! Enjoy whats left of the weekend. Tc 🙂 #music #blues #robertjohnson #sweethomechicago #guitar #guitarist #beginner #week7 #Ashton #D20BK #strings #stringinstruments #1minsample #cheers #keepgoing #keepimproving

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Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky

The Doors – People Are Strange

Radiohead – True Love Waits

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Tool – Sober

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely. This song man. This song. It was on repeat for centuries before I was born also I think. Haha I heard this a lot in life off one of my all time fav albums Kid A. Listen with headphones or speakers. I hope I didn't murder it too badly. You need a capo for the original chords but I don't have one so I found an alternate way of playing it. Im still getting there and again mistakes as usual, especially the second bit trying to mute the A string and play it but anyway this is it for now. I love this track for life and I hope I can play it properly sometime down the line. "In a little while, I'll be gone. Im not here. Im not here…" #music #guitar #beginner #guitarist #radiohead #howtodisappearcompletely #kida #KIDA #guitarplaying #withvocals #1minsample #instruments #week5 #keepgoing #keepimproving #keepitlightandmoving

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Radiohead – Karma Police (Intro’s Outro) Clip

Staind – Everything Changes

I hope I wasn’t too bad. I’m actually surprised by how much I can do after 7 weeks!

It’s progressing, like any good progressive song 🙂

I reckon it’ll take me a couple of years to get to a decent level at both, so let’s see.

It’s a long term project 😉

Take care.



Sets For Sundays – Episode #21 – Jimi Hendrix Live At Royal Albert Hall 1969

Its been a good and productive week. Its Sunday 10.30 pm and I’m relaxing. Its been a smooth and silent Sunday even though there were some guests over for lunch. My guitar and piano classes have been going on as well and I’m slowly improving, although I do need to put more time into practicing, much more than what I’m doing now, to get to the level I want to be at. Its a long-drawn process I guess, so you can’t really expect results in a short space of time like a month.

Anyway, I dug up this video and posted it today. Its Jimi Hendrix performing live at Royal Albert Hall in 1969 and it has some of my favourite songs of his. Especially since there are so few of Jimi’s live performances(in videos) on the internet that aren’t compilations of various random shots of him playing the guitar. They’re not single videos of an entire concert basically. They’re just random clips.

The record company that owns Jimi’s song and video rights keep taking down the videos of his music that people put up. They themselves are doing quite a shabby job, only posting the audio files of his music and no videos of his concerts, so it’s really a pain.

I tried uploading the song ‘Hey Baby(new rising sun)’, because I couldn’t find a proper HQ audio version of it online, like the one I had, but the label blocked it worldwide. So when I stumbled on this video today, I decided to play it safe and upload it on Facebook instead of YouTube.

I usually make it a habit of saving the best videos, albums and live performances that I find, to add to my personal collection and to pass on in the future to my children and so on you know. To tell them, this is what I listened to in my teens and when I was  20-something-years-old etc. Also you never know when these videos might get deleted or removed from the internet for whatever reason so its better to save them.

So this set is about 40 minutes long and its bloody brilliant. Jimi Hendrix was undoubtedly a genius. The best thing about this one is that apart from a few clips of him travelling and speaking, most of it has him performing live at Royal Albert Hall back in ’69.

Wait till you hear ‘Hear My Train Coming’ – its mind blowing!

Its not the whole thing so I’ve split it up into two parts.

The first part is the first 40 minutes in video and the rest is a playlist of the remaining songs he performed that night in audio format only. That’s all I could find but I hope you like it.

Coincidentally, it happened on 24th February in 1969. So we’re just 4 days short of the same day this took place exactly 48 years ago! How sweet is that!

Here you go – Enjoy 🙂

Part – I

Part – II

Rock out this weekend!

Peace and Life

A Little Progress After 4 Weeks With Instruments

Hello folks,

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been practicing with my guitar and keyboard whenever I feel like it basically. So here are all the small bits and pieces of songs that I’ve learnt all in one place. I really don’t know how good or bad this is, but it’s nothing great.
I’ve got miles to go before I can be serious about this but I guess this is alright for now. NOTE – There are a lot of mistakes in these so please don’t expect something brilliant or anything 😉

It’s been just 4 weeks since I bought the instruments and started classes. Also don’t mind the singing, I’m not really good at it and I don’t have any formal singing training but I’m thinking about classes for it somewhere down the line, once I get a little proficient with the instruments. So anyway here are the results in descending order. Hear these with speakers or headphones preferably.

Alice In Chains – Brother

Alice In Chains – Brother. Play with speakers/headphones for better effect. The singing could get better and the strumming quicker and flawless as well but this is one AIC song I like a lot. I sang some of my favorite lyrics from it. I can play it better now but too lazy to make another vid. It's the first AIC song I've learnt. There's actually a slide from 3 to 5 and back to 2 but I can't do that fast yet, so I improvised. Also this is only the intro, the whole thing is kinda easy but maybe later. Cantrell is one of the guitarists I admire a lot, so it feels good to play AIC. #music #guitar #cover #AliceInChains #AIC #RIPLayneStaley #guitarist #beginner #Ashton #D20BK #strings #week4 #keepgoing #keepimproving #keepitconstructive

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Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost

Happy Tuesday! Ok so I have zero singing training but I have an okish voice, I guess. The earlier version of Give Up The Ghost I posted was too crude and I was just learning it. Anyway i decided to sing along while playing for a change. It's not at all great or anything but I think I might just start some proper singing training as well maybe 6-8 months down the line when im better with the instruments. The aim is to be a one man army so I don't have to depend on anybody else but yea let's see. I hope its not too bad. Lotsa lil mistakes everywhere but im just getting started so yea anyway, enjoy your week. Cheers! 😉 #week4 #music #radiohead #giveuptheghost #guitar #beginner #guitarplaying #withvocals #1minsample #keepgoing #cheers

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Blink 182 – Adam’s Song

Radiohead – All I Need

Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place

Radiohead – Daydreaming

A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras (This was after two weeks and sounds really bad lol :P)

Also I made my first original strumming composition after a week – it sounds Ok I guess.

That’s about it. My guitar teacher says I’ve surely come a long way from the beginning and that he likes my passion for music while my piano teacher says I’m a quick learner.

It’s going on and I’m enjoying myself, that’s probably the best thing.

Take care everybody!

Do what you love, give it your all and do the best you can.

Peace 🙂

Random Musings On The Creative Process

It’s 6 a.m. 12th February 2017, I’m awake. Wide awake.  I feel like writing. There is a Van Gough ‘The Starry Night’ like cool, thin and smooth blanket of air floating around my room, mixed with the smoke from my Marlboro Lights cigarette that is slowly drifting towards the window. It’s like the central cross-section of the painting, with the wave-shaped, cloud or whatever he meant it to be.

Here is what I’m talking about gn

It’s more or less an apt description for the inherent sporadic bursts of inspiration, banality and peace that fluctuate through my mind, which is very much like a cloud inside me when I’m writing, thinking, meditating, listening to music, staring at the ceiling or out of the window, or just being, you know, breathing and shit.

My acoustic guitar – The Ashton D-20 BK Dreadnaught (Magdalena) – that I bought last month, is next to me as I stare at this TV screen connected by an HDMI cable to my laptop typing these words out. In front of me is my Keyboard – The Yamaha PSR E353(Jenny) – like another world of creation, waiting and beckoning me to sit and play – I will.

My speakers are on, I’m listening to the tunes hit my ear drum and send positive auditory signals into my brain and my body, life is good at the moment. I’m rather excited to get this music journey going, finally. The classes are going great, my tutors are impressed that I’m picking up things quickly which is quite surprising (more for me than them very honestly).

Anyway I just wanted to get that introduction out of the way, it wasn’t the best- but that’s not what I’m good at! I wasn’t really taught to write, I studied engineering not creative writing, English literature or journalism.

Writing sort of comes slightly naturally to me, probably because I was good at it back in school( I topped my school in English in the grade X exams) before I went off to junior college and college and never made use of my writing skills, until recently. After some much needed introspection and self-discovery, that was the culmination of the events that led upto it.

** In case you’re wondering – how or what, I did to realise this, I just kept asking myself after all the failures in jobs, business, college etc. What is important to me? What do I really want to do in life? What am I naturally good at? and so on, and the answers came and things fell into place ** – The universe is strange that way.

Coming back, after all the books I’ve read throughout my life I’ve sort of realised that most writers are just ‘describing the f**k out’ of stuff in their books. So that introduction you just read was me, ‘describing the f**k out’ of my room and the moment. It wasn’t great, but hey I tried.

I guess that’s why I prefer poetry, it makes you think, it takes lesser effort to read, plus you don’t have to go through chapters of just descriptions of stuff, sceneries, people and whatever. While I admire that, it’s extremely cliche and time-consuming according to me. Poetry is those 3 chapters of J.R.R Tolkein’s books in two sentences. It hits you hard and point blank. And at least for me, given my inclinations to physics as a child, I find a lot of beauty in breaking things down and simplifying them, much like theoretical physicists do.

Again this is just my perspective, which I’m entitled to. What you think may differ and that’s okay, isn’t it? To each his own.

Why am I being so critical about brilliant writers, you may ask ? Because herein lies the problem -norms, rules, standards etc. That’s the problem, we’re conditioned to these rules and they’re everywhere, so to digest something new is an unknown.

“If there is a rule – break it” to quote Hans Zimmer(whose Masterclass I’m eagerly awaiting after signing up).

People need to break out of conventional ways of doing things – everything that they are taught, imbibe, learn etc.


– In order to hone into what their true identity or style is.

In any creative process – that’s perhaps paramount, because that’s you. That is your identity. Don’t try to ape and imitate, or follow methods of others. Be original and unique, people may like it or won’t – that’s besides the point, as long as you’re staying true to your own identity in your work, you will find satisfaction and the rest is open to interpretation for the world.

Everybody isn’t going to like you or what you do or say. Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, fancies, whims and minds basically. You can’t please everybody. The faster you realise and come to terms with this, the better it is for you.

Always remember rule number one:

What else do we truly have that is ours other than our own unique identity? The 3% of our genetic make-up that separates us from everybody else. And further, what else can we do other than make the most of our true unique self’s identity, through outlets of our choice?

There needs to be some destruction in order to create something.

When I say destruction – It could be anything, right from the very rules, norms and structures of what you are taught; right up to personal, emotional, life kicking the shit out of you and you learning the hard way, kind of destruction.

If its the latter, find constructive outlets. I repeat find constructive outlets for that. You probably need a release that is constructive and that doesn’t harm you. I’ve learnt this the hard way. Trust me, just find something you love and do it when you feel life’s kicking the shit out of you, or else you’ll take a heavy beating.

In the end – we’re all creative in some way or the other. We’re all creating something of our own, however significant or insignificant it may be to the world.

We’re all artists, we just don’t know what our art is yet.

To quote this writer I follow on Instagram, “There is art in the hurt and euphoria in the art” Follow her on instagram – nazaneenwrites

And Elon Musk recently tweeted this:

What he’s doing is creative too. Creating ground-breaking technology for the advancement of the human race – that’s his art.

If it’s writing…

If there is a cliche in your head, don’t use it. When it comes to the creative process you’ve got to – Un-learn, re-create, re-invent, expand, go beyond, find yourself, follow instincts and use a unique perspective – to make something that resounds with you and that you  love completely firstly,  and of course is unique and is your identity. The world appreciating it will follow, if you’ve done the best you can.

Of course you need the basics of everything, but after that its what you make of it, its your thing. Do your thing.

If it’s a business – innovate, think ahead using some foresight, don’t do the same shit. If it’s a job – pitch your ideas to your bosses. If it’s mowing the lawn – take a chair out and sip a beer while doing it. You know, make it different, worthwhile and exciting. That’s the point of life isn’t it.

There are enough people doing the same shit, the same way, everywhere anyway. To use the cliche that I despise, ‘think outside the box’, or maybe ‘define your own box’ 😉

If its music…

Why do something easy ? Why do something mainstream? Why be limited to a genre? Why not create your own?

It has to come from you, from within, your head and your soul – that’s where the real music or any ground-breaking idea or art is made.