Album Review- Massive Attack – New EP- Ritual Spirit -& Download

Massive Attack are back this year, with an EP album called Ritual Spirit.

The Bristol collective are well known for their hit track – Teardrop. That track was a run away success and was used in the TV series House as the opening credits track.

I’ve been a fan of Massive Attack ever since I first heard their music. One of the pioneers of Trip-Hop music, arguably the founders, Massive Attack have always delivered quality music through the years.

This year though, their EP Ritual Spirit is a decent enough release. Some of the tracks aren’t that great but some are really good. The trip-hop legend Tricky is back collaborating with MA after a hiatus from the scene since the 90’s. Tricky, best known for the hit single Hell Is Around The Corner, is back with his trademark vocals on this little EP.

Times have changed and Trip-Hop is not quite what it used to be. Massive Attack’s latest effort further highlights this, honestly, there is nothing remarkable about the tracks on this album and from the pioneers, you would expect something better

Although the EP contains only 4 tracks, Massive Attack released two more tracks on their Youtube channel, so I have added them to the original EP.

Take It There, The Spoils and Come Near Me are the stand out 3 tracks. All 8/10s. The other 3 aren’t bad but they aren’t special.

Maybe MA will release more tracks this year, but as of now this is all they have released.

Massive Attack finally released an album after 2010’s Heligoland, which still holds out as a brilliant release. However, I’m sort of disappointed by Ritual Spirit, it’s hardly got any tracks, but then again they could put out more, it’s an OK album which doesn’t really reach out of your speakers and move you, which their earlier music did and it’s certainly not their best. But anyway the 3 tracks I mentioned above are good so they’re on repeat right now.

All in all – sort of alright I guess.

Overall Rating – 6.5/10

I have uploaded all the tracks to google drive for you guys to download.

Here is the link

Enjoy ! 😀


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