Wednesday Vibes – Episode #003 – Life Goes On

Okay, so in India the Government have banned Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in an effort to curb “black” money or unaccounted for money. And Donald “Drumph” Trump is President of the US. I had read a Michael Moore article that called it approximately 4 months ago.

Here it is in case you’re interested

I’m just not going to comment on it because I honestly don’t care. But hey check out my tweet. Lol 😛

Honestly, Trump or Hillary, No 500 Rs or 1000 Rs it really doesn’t affect you personally, seriously it doesn’t, unless you let it or think about it too much or if you don’t pay taxes for the Indians at least. All this stuff just ends up as stuff that people go on and on about for a while, then it dies down, they adjust and things keep moving.

On the personal level, when you think of what will happen to you or how life will turn out, when the walls are caving in and you’re going through s**t, whatever it may be

You know, life goes on.

On that note…

On to the music!

I just made this playlist which kinda captures the fact that despite all this chaos, life progresses forward and goes on.

This playlist has got all the elements of sweet delight and some calm coupled with slight dark elements and political statements with a Frank Sinatra remix by an artist I like called Proleter ending it with “That’s life” … Perfect for the current events.

So have a listen..

And in keeping with a smooth ending here are some Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats to end it

And another one which is sweet as well

I’m gonna write a small piece on “Time” the construct and if it really exists or not. That’ll be coming up this week. So stay tuned.

That’s all for Wednesday Vibes. Keep the good old tunes flowing…

And remember Life Goes On.

I need some good views in life, some beaches, mountains, sunsets and stuff. Waiting to get a bit free and travel.

So yeah, that’s that.

Cheers! 🙂

Have a great week.


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