Wednesday Vibes – Episode #005 -Merci, Ce n’est pas un rêve à Paris

Ok so I just used Google translate for the title. It translates to “Thanks, It’s Not A Dream In Paris”

SCROLL TO THE END FOR THE MUSIC if you don’t want to read. Yeah I know we all have short attention spans. Haha 😛

So the name is because I stumbled upon some Parisian Jazz mixes that took me back to my time in Europe(about 7 years ago now). Ah, 2009, the favourite year of my life, an endless summer, in Europe and a heavenly time in Paris.

That was perhaps ‘the’ most fond memory I have of life. There was something about that experience that stays with me, hauntingly at that, which I can’t quite put into words. It was perfect. I was 19, I was in love with a beautiful girl who I just got to know and we were in Paris with some money(600 Euros) which we got for free from Air France because they cancelled our flight, 600 Euros at the time was good enough for a day and night in Paris, life couldn’t get better.

We had visited Paris a few days before that was with the rest of the group( we met on an exchange program/holiday) and did all the usual tourist stuff so we couldn’t really explore the charming streets for ourselves. We had to head out back to Champagne because there were certain things to do there and of course that’s where our hosts lived.

We got our chance to do that a few days later, on the day we were supposed to leave for India, after our flight got overbooked. It was us, me and her, in love, a lot of bottles of wine and champagne, soaking in the French summer, resting our tired bones from a month of traveling in Europe on perhaps the most infamous street in the world, Champs-Elysees, just relaxing all day. It was straight out of the movie Casablanca, I f**king swear.

I think I deleted all the videos I had of that day and night because things didn’t work out between the two of us, I was such an idiot. But that day and night and those memories remain perhaps my most fond memories of life.

It was beautiful, as beautiful as life can get. If you’ve got a day and a night to spend somewhere in the world, choose Paris. Hence the title, “Merci, Ce n’est pas un rêve à Paris” because it’s not a dream in Paris, it’s real and there is a certain romanticism that floats in the air there. Whether it’s the muscians on the street corners or the dancers – it’s almost like everything is dancing in Paris, people, architecture, art, life, the works. I fell in love with that city.

There is something about it, it’s just not describable so I’m just going to leave it at- Paris is art come to life.

It’s been almost 7 years now but I can remember Paris like it was yesterday.

Things went on for me, until it took a slight deviation and now I’ve sort of come full circle.

I think this picture describes it best.

Haha there is only so much you can plan.

I told that girl that I want to settle in Paris at some point and take her there, you know like Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson. I told her we’ll live on the outskirts of town, just walk around the city, soaking and absorbing everything in and be inspired by the place and by each other and be together which is the most important thing. I don’t know what she thinks about that now, because I haven’t heard from her.

But yeah that’s what I wanted.

I want to go there though, so badly, to this day. But it looks like I’ll be on my own as I don’t have any woman I love significantly in my life as of now. There are just memories of forgotten loves and times with them gone by, suspended in time.

I’m waiting for the perfect time to go back to Paris actually but the more I think about it, I feel I should just pack my bags and go. So at this point it’s between writing, music and film for me as a career. I’ve got no formal education in any of those fields except what just comes naturally to me. I’m winging it. I’ve been winging whatever I’ve ever done in my life.

Note to my future love – Let’s just wing life, together.

Now if I can just find a woman who has been to Paris, loves it, is willing to ditch everything she’s doing and live there with me and who will inspire me everyday, you know, just by everything she does, says and when I look into her eyes and at her pretty face. All the bulls**t of my past and in my head has to just vanish when I look at her. I’m still looking for someone like that. She’s gotta inspire me in ways I don’t know yet. Creativity needs inspiration.

She’ll be my anchor in life, stabilizing my wayward ship, support me in my endeavors and stuff and hopefully who won’t leave – she’ll be the one. I’ll write about the most. Also it’s gotta be real for a change and we gotta fall in love, you know nothing forced, nothing put on, no mind games, no holding back to anything. And of course who doesn’t judge me based on what I’ve done in the past or what people say about me because I’ll spill out everything and it’s quite dark. Unfortunately, that’s just happened to me a lot from women who I thought loved me. Being judged by the women you thought loved you the most and who you got closest to and then them never leaving you for dead and never speaking to you again is probably as bad as it gets for relationships at least. I’ve been through worse shit than failed realtionships but I just take it in my stride, happened for whatever reason. The point is I’ve come out of it stronger than before.

Just truth and love and a 100% for a change, C’mon life be better. No big deal right, basically, I’m hopeless… hahaha 😛 a hopeless romantic, old school, you could say.

There is so much I want to do in Paris and so much I want to see and I want a right person with me. I hope it happens.

But at the moment, I still have to figure out what I want to do properly. I’ve enrolled for this Masterclass by Oscar Winning film scorer Hans Zimmer to get some idea of film scoring. I’ve also enrolled for an online film making course. Both start in January. I’m also joining a DJing class soon, so yeah I’m buying some DJ equipment instead of a bass guitar because I figured I can do some DJing on my travels, you know I’ve got enough sets.

So I’m trying to get some direction.  I’m figuring it all out but the point is to do something creative, because I’m a creative person. Create and leave something behind, that’s the plan. I wish I had some woman to guide me along the way though. She used to be that for me and I’ve been sort of lost without her but then I guess I have too different a perspective on life and I ended up learning more out of my own experiences.

I want to learn something for ‘me’ you know because everything I ever learned in life until 3 years ago was what my parents wanted, or what I thought I wanted for money, for ambition, but life and contemplation happened and I realised it wasn’t from the heart and soul. But writing, music and film is. I’ve been doing them all my life, I used to watch so many films as a child and a college student , I used to write a lot in school and got back to it after years – it’s resulted in a book and job, and music has been a part of me since I was 9 plus the Djing in my college for 3 years- resulted in a YouTube channel.

I’ve been looking at film and music schools in Paris like La Femis and Conservatoire de Paris for a masters, so I don’t know, they apparently accept very few students, so it might or might not happen(I’ve got like zero experience in any of those fields) but I will do some stuff, once I decide what I want to do that is. I figured if I can get enough writing gigs, ideally 3 at least, then I can just leave and the book income will keep coming for life. I have one and another is at an advanced stage so things are looking up.

I think I’m good right now at this stage of my life, I’m doing something on my own time and I enjoy it so it’s good. It’s football and writing and I love the game. I watch as life progresses and I don’t worry much these days, I’m clean, zero intoxication, I don’t do anything stupid anymore, I’m calmer, I think and write more, I’m more collected, thoughtful, healthier and just all round better. I actually grew up a little. Who knew?

I’m not that reckless kid who got into trouble all the time anymore. I’m thankful for that.

It’s a nice little space. I’ve been waiting to get to traveling, because I’ve been stuck in my city for 3 years now as I was running a business before but now I’ve got the freedom of a work from my laptop, as long as there is an internet connection. So I can get out ! Finally. The time has come!

So I’m taking a slight trip to clear my head and figure it all out. I’ll share the place and details once I get there. I can’t wait though!

I’m just waiting for my book to be published. For which I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign, but I’m disappointed with the response. I guess I’m not one of those guys people like enough to part with their money. Haha. It’s alright, the point of life isn’t to be liked/loved by people.

I don’t know if that will work out, so I might just have to pay everything myself so I’m still here for another 2 months as of now. Need to launch this book ! 🙂

So let’s get to the music

Here is the mix. I love the picture as well with the cool cat with a pipe on it !

It’s got some legends on it. Have a listen.

I really wanted to put Beegie Adair on this, that is classic French cafe music although she is American. You can check out the album “Parisian Cafe”. Those tracks are the slow dance with the woman you love kind of music.

I have to put some Theivery Corporation in here, you surely would have heard the track “Decollage” which I put on my playlist “To Buddha Or Not To Buddha…” but this whole album is gorgeous.

And to end it is a hugely massive playlist of ultra chill hop. Skip “Slowmocean” if you’ve already heard it. I’ve posted it here before twice. These albums are peaceful and meditative and should keep you set for a while.

So that’s about it. That’s the vibe this Wednesday. It’s been a good year, though it could’ve been better, heading into the last month.

So Merci Paris for the brief time I spent there. I will see you someday. I will live there someday.

Till then. A minute, an hour a day and night it goes…

Cheers! 🙂


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