Sets For Sundays – Episode #014 – History

Hey Folks!

The Weeknd is back – Not that shitty band, they suck haha. Sets for Sundays is back in full swing. I’ve barely got any sleep with all the football games, writing and scenes with family, friends and awesome solitude, away from the noise. Maybe it’s the shitloads Iced Tea i’ve consumed apart from the beers that is keeping me awake I just don’t know.

I drank today. After a really long time. Like 2 beers that’s all. Just enough to continue the buzz from my favourite club Chelsea’s frightening victory. We just spanked Everton (a club from Merseyside in Liverpool) 5-0, yeah 5 fucking 0 at Stamford Bridge, London. I just got back and finished my article about that game.

I’m really enjoying life at the moment. It’s honestly awesome. Anyway I’m quite tired so I won’t write too much. I should be flat on my bed by now but fuck knows why I’m still staring at the screen.

Here are a couple of playlists I’ve been listening to these past three days. One is for the morning and one is for the night.

Here they are. Just music for those Historic weekends!

You might have heard some of these tracks, I dunno just hit play and listen and figure πŸ˜›

MORNING SET – Morning Coffee, Cigarettes and Chill that drifts into the lull of the afternoon

NIGHT SET – Winter Solitude

I’m really tired but here is me, 4 hours ago leaving my place at 1.30 am

Endless Night !! πŸ˜€

And here is me getting back, in high spirits! But with minimal alcohol.

I really can’t sing! Lol πŸ˜›

But I’m just enjoying myself, so it’s all good.

Hope you guys like the sets!


Me needs sleep and a lot of it…

Have a chill Sunday.

Peace πŸ™‚


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