Sets For Sundays – Episode #016 – The Magic Of Perception / Good Juice

Hola folks!

Weekend tunes are back. Episode #016, Boom!

Can you see that Om symbol on the hill? Kinda looks like one ! Haha. It’s all perception.

I’m kinda fried because of my long piece yesterday, on the absolutely fucked dating, club, gig and bar culture in Bombay and India. Honestly, Bombay is better compared to the shit hole Bangalore or the narrow minded Delhi(though I haven’t been to the capital in a very long time). But it’s just absolute shite. That’s why I only do dinners with friends now.

Anyway forget it. Today is a new day. I started my day with some “Good Juice” haha it’s a little phrase me and my buddy came up with in college, basically it means “awesome” but we decided to call it “good juice” because we were always hungover as fuck on Sunday mornings and I mean every Sunday and used to head out in the morning to drink a shit load of Juice and yeah it was pretty awesome. You know after the Wake and Bake session in the morning the mr just to cleanse and re-hydrate after the heavy drinking on Saturday nights. And we used to drink a ton of fucking Juice man, like about 5-6 glasses of various fresh juices each. Watermelon, Sweetlime, Lemon, Orange etc. It was fucking epic because we were like these very stoned and very hungover college dudes going crazy drinking a shitload juice in the mornings at the fresh juice stall in the center of the town. I’m sure the locals were scandalized by us laughing, smoking, cigarettes and discussing the stupid shit done the previous night.

Here is the juice.. Lol 😛

Which basically means Good juice is awesome. Haha 🙂

So this week we take a little trip down memory lane back to one of the most definitive experiences of my life. The weekend we went to Kodaikanal in South India, specifically Tamil Nadu and popped a lot of magic mushrooms. That was one epic experience and a half. I ate way way too many, around 70-80, and was properly tripping hard! Those visuals, shit. I have never in my life seen the world that way.

Anyway if I ever end up finishing my book about my life story all the deets of that experience will be in there. Fuck I have never seen the world in such ultra high definition, basically the heightened perception and awareness. Accessing the antipodes of the mind and the opening the valve that usually filters out our perception from that leve; as Aldous Huxley puts it.

So anyway we played this album to begin the trip because there were 5 girls with us and we didn’t want them to have bad trips with very dark psychedelic(DarkPsy) music but we still needed that bit of a dark edge and psychedelic soundscapes that would enhance the experience and I chose this beautiful album! Of course then we continued to other music like Pink Floyd, Unknown Chill-out ambient psychedelic music and then finished the morning set with Blockhead, which was a custom.

The 12-16 hour trip is really beautiful with great music. It takes you on journey. As always, I was in charge of the music being Mr.DJ. I kinda liked the fact that I was creating the experience in their heads, for my friends, through the music. The biggest thing I miss about psychedelics apart from the HD perception is perhaps the way music is heard and felt on those substances. It’s really another level of an experience.

I will surely delve into psychedelics again at some point in life. Very much like Aldous Huxley,  Albert Hoffmann and other such intellectuals and will use it much more intellectually, you know write about my trips more vividly as they occur, but that is for later. Not at the moment.

Love was real. This was unreal! Haha 🙂

Two days of back to back shroom trips! I barely slept for two days straight. Back in August of 2011.

So anyway this album by Younger Brother called “The Last Days Of Gravity” is a beaut and is taking me back right now as I play it, so just picture a yourself as a early twenty year old in a picturesque hill station in India with amazing cold weather. Here are the pictures I took on that trip to give you an idea. There are 20+ pics so check them out take your time. It was perfect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course here the glorious album! Man, this really takes me back. Enjoy it! 🙂

Enjoy the transitions and the beats, the bass lines, the surreal atmospheric sounds and the vocals that created that intense experience for me and my friends. I loved that weekend.

Have a psychedelic Sunday morning ! 😀

Buy the album if you guys like it! It’s worth having in your collection. I’m waiting for Simon Posford’s next work. He’s a pioneer in this genre of music.

I remember thinking to myself on that trip wishing that the women at the time who I was on and off with, were with me.

I’ve kinda fixed the show for 2 sets an episode only because I don’t know how much music you guys listen to in life and I don’t know if you guys play all of them. So anyway here is the ending set is a little playlist I made of some electronica instrumentals by Odesza.

Ok but I know you guys need a bonus so here you go!

Thievery!!! Sheer thievery!

So yeah good folks! Take care and enjoy Sunday.

Cheers! 🙂


Anyway I’m fucking off somewhere out of the country soon for a considerable amount of time. You’ll know when I get there. You see I can do my work from anywhere, it doesn’t tie me down in one fucking place and that’s why I chose it, I even rejected a job from Morgan Stanley.





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