See the upside in the downside – Poetry and Quotes + Sets For Sundays – Episode #024

Life is a funny proposition, it throws you down suddenly every time you’re up and feeling great. Everyone must, in this life, experience downs but it’s what you make out of it and what you learn out of it that counts.

Be smart and see the good side of it. At least you’re not broke and needing to feed a family of children. Be grateful of your beginnings and family protecting and caring for you. Make peace with them if there are misunderstandings. It’s hard, believe me, I know but thank them everyday and live your life.

See the good side of everything, it’s a lessson and a path to something more, something better. Life is funny, it makes you strong and prepared for the future by making you go through struggles.

Parents, don’t raise your kids by spoiling them with whatever they want, it only makes them dependent on you. Chances are if they’re raised rich they will end up being horrible human beings. They’ll feel entitled and have egos and not think about the people who struggle. I’ve met a lot of such people but I don’t associate with them too much.

People who get drunk and abuse or fight with waiters and the little guys threatening them saying their dads will do harm to them and stuff if they don’t get their way. They’re just doing their jobs trying to feed their family.  So stop being entitled pricks. Nobody is entitled to anything. We just play with the hands that are dealt when we’re born. It could’ve been you in their position, so put yourself in people’s shoes. They are people too, who are doing their jobs and trying to make ends meat. Treat people equally and well.

Keep your kids broke and make them work hard to earn money and make a living for themselves. They’ll understand life better that way.

See the up in the downs. If you’re going through something talk to people about it. You’ll find a way out. Help people and don’t expect anything in return. The ones who will help you out when you need it might be the most unlikely ones. But yes – help people, as much as you can. Live a life of meaning.

I wrote this quote last week and I thought I’ll share it with you. Here are some quotes and poems for you to read.

And music has some great lyrics at times

Here are some poems I wrote last week. They just pop up in my head(I don’t know why) so I put them together and write them down.

Homecoming's Planet. A bit more classical. Meaning – the first line signifies in two words what Aldous Huxley wrote about the eliminative nature of our brain and nervous system giving us just a trickle of consciousness to perceive necessary for our survival as mammals on this planet. The next lines refer to the countless lives our soul has lived in the analogy 'games we have played' and dreams we have dreamt all leading to our battle with life and its good and bad moments and the elements of life itself. Theres is time for everything ups and downs. Using the analogy soldiers of/with mettle it must surely lead to finding ourselves and a home and love on this planet. Yet how insignificant are we in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It ends hinting at my firm belief that we are not alone in the universe. We don't even know if the universe is finite or infinite so surely there is life somewhere we just don't know. There's a meaning for each poem. Just thought ill share this with its meaning. Cheers! Gn #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetsofinsta #poet #poets #poemsoflife

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Requiem for the nightmare . . . Slightly dark but honestly sometimes I look at the world around me and think.. "Is this it? Is this all we're here for? Make money and die? Why? Its a fucking nightmare. " People kill. People change. People do things all for money. don't be like them. Be simple. You don't need 90% of the shit ads tell you. Do more. Find your soul. Grow spiritually. Spirituality is not god its connecting with your soul. Help people. Touch their lives. Do more than address selfish desires. Do more meaningful things. Peace #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poet #poets #poemsoflife #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #words #dailywords #wordporn #wordsofinstagram #writer #writersofig #writersofinstagram #spiritualwritings #spiritialpoem #requiem #requiemforthenightmare

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In metanoia Metanoia – *noun* A change in ones way of life resulting from repentance or spiritual conversion . . . . Also a #porcupinetree album name. This is about a monologue in the head of the struggle between letting go of past experiences and mistakes and working towards a changed present and brand new life. Something I think, a lot of people can relate to. #poem #poems #poetry #gauravkrishnan #endlessnight #book #outidunnowhen #poemsporn #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poem #poesy #poet #poets #poemsoflife #poetsofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poemstagram #poemsofinsta #poemsofinstagram #words #dailywords #wordporn #life #lifepoetry #poetryisnotdead #indianpoet #wordsforthemoments

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I hope you like them.

And onto the music for this weekend. Here is what music means to me in this little picture.

Here is a playlist I made on Thursday that’s super calm and a bit melancholic but it’s soothing nonetheless.

And here are a couple of the latest beat-tapes on #BOMBEATS

And Here is the morning playlist

Enjoy the music! Feel it ! 🙂

And enjoy the moments life! ups or downs.

Here are some tweets by the Dalai Lama

Here is how I look just to put a face to things hehe 😛


Take care


Ah ! Another Weekend – Take your pick for some tunes and rejoice, we have no choice

I’ve been meaning to blog a bit after a while, especially after my talented friend and gem of a person, who is now an unemployed lawyer, started to document his year off travelling.

Here is the honorary mention Mr.Bootwala, follow his blog ->

He’s in Thailand right now upto hopefully good things. Follow his journey.

There are quite a few very un-lawyer like posts. *cue excitement* I’m glad you’re out of the office and on this journey buddy!

Anyway it’s been a while since my last post which was on the 5th of last month. Ah! time, the ever so elusive construct that eludes eternally to bring wisdom in the end, if not the feelings of transient emotions – being soaked entirely present within a single moment. I’ve been known to drift even in moments to landscapes of thought processes and random questions, existence and all. Anyway, that’s all that exists, you, your brain experiencing it – the now. Seriously, time is a little bitch. But for better or worse, it turns out alright in the end or you just have to believe that, I guess. *You are not to blame for… because we separate like ripples on a blank shore.. in rainbows… dedicated to all human beings* – Radiohead  “Reckoner”

First song. Hit play on this one 🙂

If ever there were two entirely optimistic Radiohead songs it would be “Optimistic” and “Reckoner” for the ‘It’s ok pat yourself on the back and go about your day’ feels

It’s been a good month and a half and a even more stellar quarter.Picking up musical instruments was perhaps the single best decision I’ve taken in the past decade. *lots of really disastrous ones*

That, along with getting clean have been transformational/inspirational/life changing although I must admit to a slight binge in late March but I’m back and sober now.

I’ve got loads of plans, but unfortunately business hasn’t been that kind, but hey it’s going on and I’m waiting to set up my home studio to make some beautifully devilish music that resounds with me and travel a bit.

I’m starting to get tunes floating about randomly in my head and I can feel this is just the start. Ableton classes are the next step, all in good time.

There’s plenty of music I’ve uploaded on to #BOMBEATS and you can check it all out here in this post.

That’s the thing you know, life is simple, just enjoy it, every moment – bitter or pleasurable. Just enjoy it. The journey, the destination, the self-discovery, go after what you deem important, there is no starting point, there are no set times to achieve or do this or that, take your time, go on your way, become your true self, devoid of external influences(people, things, success whatever) and stop to dance to the music. Enjoy it. Ah ! another weekend – Rejoice, we have no choice 🙂

Here are the sets!

#1 Here is a gentle reminder by Radiohead

#2 Here is Four Tet a producer I’ve been digging a lot off late

#3 Here is a nice little album by Blockhead that ebbs and flows

#4 Here is an EP i was sent by the artists on facebook, it’s a nice little 20 min chilled out EP

#5 Here is Portishead with an absolutely stunning performance

#6 For some darker soundscapes 

#7 Here is something from my Goa trance roots/youthful days

#8 And this is what I call Float music, for the come down

Take your pick! Or hear them all, either way you lot are set until next time!

Remember to breathe deeper, smile a bit more, worry a bit less and trust the process that is life.

A couple of quotes to end it? Ok here.



And here is a poem I wrote yesterday 😉

Take care you all!

Personally, I’m eagerly waiting for Roger Waters’ album “Is this the life we really want” which is out on 2nd June. So, see you until the next post!

Cheers 🙂

Sets For Sundays – Episode #20 -No BS, Just Enjoy This!

It’s been a good week.

I’ve been having classes, I’ve been practicing and writing as well. The book is going to take more time though.

Here is the set for this weekend – It’s a beaut.

It’s called ‘A Legend And His Guitar’

Read the description in the video.

Enjoy !

Have a great week!



Sets For Sundays – Episode #019 – Kick Back, Hit Play and Chill

Hey folks!

I haven’t resumed the weekly music shows on this blog after the start of the year. But it’s better late than never, as the saying goes.

So I’m keeping the writing minimal this weekend and I’m posting it a day early for you guys to enjoy the weekend with these awesome sets.

Two of them are live and the other is a rare old album I don’t think you’ve heard of(but should).

Set #001 – BAD BAD NOT GOOD(Live)

Okay so this popped up on Youtube this morning and I’m a huge fan of BBNG. It’s a 30 min mini concert of their new album -IV. You can check the review of that album I wrote last year here –

These guys are so young and so insanely talented it’s not even normal.

So here is the video!

Set #002 – TERRY REID -RIVER(1973)

This is a must listen. I don’t know how many people know about Terry Reid but I’m glad I discovered him this year.

Check out his wikipedia page->

Here is a very very interesting quote on it. I don’t know how true this is, but it’s quite mind-blowing. So apparently.. “Jimmy Page wanted Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his proposed new group, the New Yardbirds, which was to become Led Zeppelin. Reid had already committed to go on the road for two tours with The Rolling Stones and another with Cream (as an opening act on the 1968 US Tour). Reid suggested to Page that if he compensated him for the gig fees he’d miss out on and call Keith Richards to explain why he would to pull out of the US tours for Reid to try something out with Page. It never happened and Reid told Jimmy to consider a young Birmingham based singer, Robert Plant, instead, having previously seen Plant’s Band of Joy as a support act at one of his concerts, Reid also suggested Page to check out their drummer John Bonham.”…. and the rest as they say is history

Check out his album River.

And to end the episode…


I love these guys. They’re so diverse and unique that it’s just not your mainstream stuff, I guess to make your own kind of unique sound, based on your influences. That’s the way to go in music according to me. I hope I can do something like that in the future, whenever that is 😛

So here is the set. Also I was surprised to find out that the their bass player is Indian – Ashish “Hash” Vyas. And he is properly feeling it in this set. Check it !

Also as a bonus for all you Pop fans. Here is London Grammar’s song  -Rooting For You. Hannah Reid’s voice is from another planet and I’m sure this must be very difficult to sing. *Women who can sing!!* 🙂

If I ever date a woman who can sing in life.. and I hope I do.. I’m producing her album. It’ll be unreal 😉

This should keep you going for a bit.

Take care.

Until next time.



End Of The Year Mix – Goodbye 2016(BOMBEATS HOTEL)

Hey folks!

I haven’t posted here for a bit because I’ve been meeting a lot of old friends who have come down to Bombay for the holiday season and it’s been quite hectic.

It’s been an awesome month so far and an good year, well most of it at least. There has been a lot of stuff that’s happened over the course of the year that has been eye-opening and surreal in it’s own way along with a few downsides, like every year. I’ve learned and grown a lot which is the most important thing. It’s safe to say that I’ve been at a rather consistent, calm, composed and peaceful state of mind for most of the year.

I’m planning on documenting a lot of things next year, based on some stuff I saw online, so yes I’m pretty excited for the new year.

I’ve got lots of plans for 2017! I hope they all work out.

It’s been great blogging for a full year as well, it’s a nice release, so thank you for following.

The key takeaway from 2016 in two words is – “Look within.”

For anything and everything in life, the more we seek around and outside ourselves, it mostly leads to disappointments, whatever you’re trying to achieve in life i.e whatever you’re searching for, is also searching for you! as put by Rumi, so start from within. Look inside your own heart, soul and mind for all the answers and all the happiness you seek.

Whatever you’re doing, make sure it doesn’t interfere with your well-being and state of mind. I think at the end of the day our state of mind matters the most and don’t let situations, people, events etc bring you down, disassociate with all that and focus on experiencing the moment, in its entirety, the NOW.

Take it easy and take it as it comes. Keep it light and moving, as that Radiohead song goes 🙂

I’m leaving you guys with a year end mix that I made a couple of days ago. It’s got a lot of tracks that I like and it’s a multi-genre mix. I prefer to not limit myself to a specific genre and try my best to listen to everything out there, most of it that I like that is.

It’s got all the right elements that I like and it’s a nice little trip and a half that lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Here it is. It’s my favourite mix that I’ve made this whole year. Hit play and enjoy ! 🙂

Like I said, it’s one of my best, mainly because I’ve seamlessly integrated a lot of genres into one mix.

Hit play and drift off.

Have a great last week of 2016 and an even better 2017!


Peace 🙂

Wednesday Vibes – Episode #008 – In Limbo

Wednesday Vibes is back and it’s making up for Sunday as well. Yea, I missed Sets For Sundays this past weekend but it’s alright.

This week has been pretty weird. I’ve got this weird feeling of being in limbo. I don’t know why exactly, it’s just this strange feeling like I’m stuck in a proper state of limbo. I guess it’s probably just this massive leap I’ve taken to pursue music and become a music producer. It’s scary to venture into such a field with zero background and training at my age. I’m 26 and I should be already settled by now, you know with my own house, a woman and a steady source of income etc, but I guess everyone’s journey is different.

I’m just going to go for it and pursue it seriously. I’m taking a couple of classes stating next month. I’m learning the Keyboard and Music theory plus the DAW Software – Ableton through a couple of private tutors who aren’t too expensive and I’m pretty kicked about it.

I guess I shouldn’t judge myself after 2 weeks. But yeah, my family isn’t too excited about this, they’ve all told me to get a “real” job and accept one of those many finance jobs that are coming my way….. Fuck that! Lol 😛

So I’m giving myself a year and a half to perfect the software and learn the keyboard, enough to make enough material to cut a proper album. A good enough one. I’m pretty excited to see what I can come up with.

I’m also planning to spend some time at a friend’s studio if he’s cool with it that is, in say February or March. I’ll ask him when I’m a bit better with the technicalities.

I suck right now, my music sucks, everything is all off and all over the place, I just know it but I have no clue how to correct it. I’m determined to get better though. #KeepGoing

And I want to do a masters in music as well but only after I have sufficient knowledge. So let’s see how it goes.

Thankfully though, I have a job at the moment that takes care of basic stuff and I have a book releasing in February as well and I’m applying for a couple of more writing gigs on other websites.

So I balance my day between writing and messing with the MIDI controller, but this month is just the messing around phase – I’ve realised that there is no point posting any tunes now because they aren’t upto my own standards firstly, so forget other peoples I HAVE TO GET BETTER. It starts in January and by April-May 2017, I better have made a lot of progress.

I’ve basically failed at many things in my life you name it – college, relationships, jobs, business, health, the whole fucking lot. But it’s taught me a lot of things. I’ve rectified them slowly, I graduated last year after a lot of lows but the main transformation started this year when I made a conscious effort to get clean, and the clarity in my head is just amazing. So I’m heading into the new year with a lot of wisdom and lot of determination.

Music and Writing have been two things I was good at since I was 10, so it’s a no-brainer here. Attempting anything in the arts, anything creativity based though is really daunting but that being said, I’m pretty excited about this. I’m doing this! Not for anybody else but for ME.

I just wish I had someone, a girlfriend or a friend to talk to about all my aspirations and someone who would support, believe in and encourage me because everybody tells you not to do it.

But yeah I’m happy on my own at the moment, it’s pretty sweet acutally. #Lonerism

Let’s see what unfolds. So here is a playlist for the week. Which I made a couple of days ago.

Take a little trip 😉

Ok so I gotta run and watch a game that I’m covering and it’s a Chelsea game so cheers peeps! Cmon Chelsea ! #COYB #CFCTilliDie

Kick off is in exactly 5 minutes !

Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

Take care

My First Two Productions – Morphonoise

Hey folks!

So I’ve been at this for the entire day, since last night actually, I’ve barely slept for 4-5 hours and I’ve just been really kicked in general about messing around with my MIDI Keyboard.

The M-Audio Oxygen-25 is really smooth and dynamic so far. I’ve still not figured out how to use all the knobs effectively, although I have mapped them onto the DAW – Ableton that is – because unfortunately is wasn’t reading on Reaper.

I found some samples that I really liked and used them in these first two initial productions. YouTube is pretty amazing that way for rare samples.

So these are the first two productions of mine, which I’m sharing with you here.

Please listen to them and let me know what you think, because I’m really eager to know if you people like them.

They’re just about 5 minutes in total so I’m not taking up too much of your time.

The first one is called Sunshine where I’ve tried to stick to my moniker – Morphonoise and produce an atmospheric, ambient setting for a track that should make you feel something. That’s my main aim, to make music that touches people, but I’m just starting out so I really don’t know if this does. Also it’s winter now, although it’s sort of hot in Bombay surprisingly, I’m sure all of you miss the sunny summer days and this is specifically for that. The lyrics kick in a bit later and the vocalist sings, “Oh Sunshine, please stay”.

Here is “Sunshine”.

And the other one is named by one of my mantras in life – Keep Going – which basically reminds me to just keep doing my thing in life no matter what goes on around me. These two words get me through every day, one day at a time, no matter what I feel or happens. I’ve also put in one of my favourite Marlon Brando quotes right in the beginning. This one is sort of a feel good song with a really old rock/folk/blues mixed sample, I’m not sure which one.

Here is “Keep Going”

Please comment either on the track itself or below in this post, because feedback is awesome and I really want to know what you guys think.

I also feel I’m a bit off in some instances which is just because I’m kind of tired and I choose to record the whole beat of the entire track at one go instead of looping it, to make variations and stuff and it’s also good practice, but I get a bit tired constantly hitting those pads, I need to build up some anti-fatigue techniques when I’m making the beats.

Do follow me on soundcloud, I’m just setting up the YouTube channel and making the videos will take me a day or two because I have to continue my work of writing articles as well for the Indian sports news website I currently work for.

In case you want to just chill out and laugh a bit at some funny tweets about football(soccer) check out my article as well.

That’s about it!

Feedback please! 🙂

Thank you.

Cheers! 🙂