Wednesday Vibes – Episode #004 -Window Days

Hey folks!

Firstly, Wow who is this girl in this picture? She’s a beaut! Haha 🙂 It’s a nice click, this one.

Midweek tunes are back and here to keep you going. Wednesday vibes is on week #004 and this week is all about those days where you just need to block out all the chatter inside your head and look outside the window.

Windows are the doors to your soul, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s the way I look at things and my love for everything nature that keeps me forever satisfied if I’ve got a window next to me. I literally want a window everywhere I go when I’m travelling – you name the mode of transport and there is me next to the window just looking out and enjoying it.

You know observe and absorb everything around you. Just look out and look up and it’s a nice little peaceful place. People don’t do enough of that I feel.

All I need is some good music, some cigarettes and something to drink (non-alcoholic nowadays, since I gave up drinking) and a good view and I’m good to go, honestly, I don’t need much else.

Life is progressing pretty well, I’ve got some sweet plans for next year which I won’t reveal here just yet, but it’s going to be super awesome.

I hate when people say, “I don’t have time”. F**k that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. You just have time for yourself, say that. You’ll end up doing all the s**t you want to do to satisfy yourself, so f**cking take out time and when someone asks you to and stop being a prick. We all have time for what we think is important.

So yeah anyway, on to the music.

We start off this week with a nice little playlist I made. It’s chilled out and meditative and then takes a little diversion and comes back to the chill plateau 😉

Like I was telling a friend the other day, I’ve sort of reached this plateau of nothingness and try to feel like that constantly. It’s just a sweet spot I’ve found that just keeps me at this constant feeling of blank, nothingness almost like I’m floating in space, it’s just being you know, content and stuff, just at PEACE. It’s pretty sweet actually and very addictive, so you know I don’t want to get out of that state of mind into all this commotion I see around. But yeah, I have to unfortunately 😛

F**cking chaos everywhere.

Also I came across this quote and I was like FINALLY someone  gets it! Coz really this is all people work towards, well the majority at least.

On point #jimcarrey #quote

A post shared by Gaurav Krishnan (@poetarmedwithmusic) on

It really makes sense.

Window Days are meant to contemplate but it’s better if there is no chatter up there, at least I prefer it that way.

Honestly, I would really like a woman in my life now, but honestly, I just want it to be REAL. It was REAL for me once and a little bit another time with some amazing women(hope they’re doing alright) but that’s gone. That’s the paramount thing, I just want it to be as REAL as it gets. It should happen on it’s own you know, like naturally, instead of forcing it and trying to chase women and shit, it’s such a f**king pain. So I’m good by myself and don’t really care who or when or how. It’ll happen as it has to I guess. This was after I spoke to my buddy Sarda and we both kind of agreed on trusting the eventuality of the way the world works instead of chasing girls like a f**king dog you know. In Hindi we say, “Chutiye kutta hai kya?” which means “Are you a f**king dog or something?” Haha, it sort of applies here. So yeah. Just breathe, chill and let it flow as it does. F**k it.

Me and my buddy are both on a similar wavelength about a lot of things and it’s great that he’s in Bombay now. Chill scenes quite often now.

There have been many women who I’ve been with, you know dated and hooked up with in the past and it’s a good and different change to be by myself for quite a while now, thinking clearly, without someone else’s inputs and it’s relaxing you know, in it’s own way, it’s peaceful and I don’t wanna rush into anything and have to compromise on that peace.

But yeah there is this one cute girl who lives on my street, I had never seen her until a couple of times this month, I kinda like her,  I think I’ll go talk to her at some point. Let’s see.

So yeah as for women, solo as always for now 🙂

So it’s scientifically proven that good music makes your week suck 80% less, at least that’s what I like to believe. Haha 😛

Anyway here is the playlist. It’s quite a little journey and is for those Window Days. Also, I was in love with Winona Ryder as a teen, so I’m ending it with a little clip of her, where she looks super cute and finally, a guy who’s talks and speeches I listen to sometimes, Mooji – He’s this spiritual guide and he just makes a lot of sense.

So yeah, Hit play and Enjoy 🙂

And to end things is Auditive Release’s first ever mixtape. This guy makes some decent mixes. So this should carry you all through till Sunday.

I’m waiting patiently for the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for my poetry book, it should go live in a couple of days. Friday is the decided date. So yeah I will share that with you’ll. Do support me! And get a copy of my book and other goodies.

Hope you guys enjoy the music. Look more out of the window, hehe 😛

And yeah, keep it chilled as always.


Peace 🙂


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