Sets For Sundays – Episode #015 – Bike Ride

Hey there!

Those tunes for the weekend are back!

Sets For Sundays is on Episode #015, isn’t that something. This week has been good, more or less. I’m not even going to get into India’s de-monetization situation. The financial sector has been so unprepared for this, it’s not even funny.

Anyway, it’s been a good week other than the inconvenience it has caused. Why let situations and circumstances affect your state of mind right? Just keep calm within.

The aim is to try to stay at an equilibrium of peace despite anything around you. That balance you know, no getting overcome by passing feelings and emotions. Just constant nothingness. I love that. It’s so serene.

So, to break the monotony and do something I hadn’t done in a while, I got on a bicycle after 8 years, since my first semester of college in 2008, and rode 8.3 km or 5.15 miles to Worli sea face this morning. It was so amazing! The wind blowing against my face, the coldness of the morning air, the blood pumping through my legs and me swerving on the bike around cars and people. I got to the sea side, just relaxed while hearing the calm ocean waves hit the shore and even meditated for about 15 minutes facing the sea. It was perfect!

Here are some pictures of me when I reached

Do excuse the face, I was quite tired 🙂

Slowmocean #Mumbai #photography

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The point is I broke my regular Sunday and did something different. I did something I hadn’t done in a while, it was great exercise and it was beautiful. I’m still buzzing after it. There are so many positive chemical reactions inside me I really can’t identify what they are and I feel real good.

On that note, on to the music…

I made this playlist yesterday and today. The name is just my sheer disbelief at the constant consumption of things everywhere, I mean no offense to the US or anybody at all, that was the only short video I could find on consumerism. It’s more about the music though and just my way of getting a small point across hehe 😉 Here is the link to the definition of “Consumerism”, this is something you ought to read.

Anyway the playlist, yeah it’s quite awesome. This ones called – “Spontaneous Human Consumption” – Hit play !

And I’m adding this one to Sets For Sundays again in case you guys missed it, it’s Deeb’s album Slowmocean which is just so inherently calming, it’s literally meditation music. Do listen to this and keep your mind at peace. This one gets a reapeat on the show because it’s so good!

Up next, Tor back with his Origins series of mixes this one is quite awesome. I didn’t like the end though but it’s good. Have a listen.

And to end this week’s episode is Auditive Release’s mixtape which is super cool. They’ve put in a lot of underground tunes I like and can recognise. It’s pretty cool.

Here is me dancing/singing in the morning yesterday, hehe *look away now* just kidding. Keep going !

Hope you guys have a great weekend! 😉

Relax and tune into your surroundings and get in touch with nature. It’s the best. Like I always say, I wish I have constant different amazing views to look at!

Go on a bike ride, it’s awesome!

Keep tuning in to the blog.
Keep it peaced.

Cheers! 🙂


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