Wednesday Vibes – Episode #002 – Keep Going

Hey !

Wednesday Vibes is back with Episode #002 – Keep Going.

Those two words have been a mantra of mine for a while now. They’re important because you just gotta #KeepGoing no matter what comes your way or what you’ve been through.

Everybody deals with the bullshit but you just gotta keep your chin up and continue on our way. I like to think of life as a football match, you know you get tackled down and it’s bad but the ref doesn’t care and you just have to get up and continue playing. Such is life as well.

This show is specifically for those mid week blues when you need some tunes to keep you going. This week’s episode contains an array of music which should keep your spirits up as the week progresses.

So I thought I wouldn’t make a long introductory write up for this weeks episode and just head straight to the music.

So yeah here are the 4 sets that should keep you buzzing till the weekend and Sets For Sundays.

The Black Keys have been a long standing constant of mine and I really enjoy listening to their tunes. Their albums are simply awesome and their crisp guitar riffs always hit that sweet spot in your ears. They’re the perfect amalgamation of new age rock n roll blues. I just stumbled upon this little fan made album or whatever it is – it’s quite epic.

Here is The Black Keys – Chulahoma (the songs of junior kimbrough) [2006] – It’s quite rare apparently.

The Keys man, they never disappoint 🙂 #OnRepeat

The next set gets a bit loud and it’s for when you’re a bit pissed off. I’m a big fan of Zach De La Rocha the ex-Rage Against The Machine front man destroys it on the mic with his in-your-face, straight up violent lyrics. Here is a project he did with some guys in 2008, called One Day As A Lion. It’s got that up beat, loud, all out attacking music perfect for a day that doesn’t go so well.

Mic Check

Up next is a playlist I made a few months ago. It’s got just 8 tracks but it’s got that musical goodness covering quite a few genres. And one of my favourite tracks of the year BBNG’s Chompy’s Paradise. Have a listen 🙂

And to end this week’s episode is the much calmer but very cinematic music of Goldfrapp.
Her sounds are straight out of some movie, seriously. The first song “Lovely Head” would go really well in a James Bond or Quentin Tarantino film, in fact most of the songs would go really well in films. The whole album is quite delightful and Alison Goldfrapp’s voice is quite haunting yet beautiful at the same time.  The album “Felt Mountain” takes influence from a variety of music styles such as 1960s pop, cabaret, folk and electronica. You feel very much like a secret agent while you’re writing on your laptop to this or maybe that’s just my imagination but it’s quite cool. This album – It’s a beauty and goes really well at night time 🙂  Check, check…

So that’s the vibe this Wednesday. It’s made to keep you going !

Cheers ! 🙂


Have a great week !


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