A Couple Of Playlists For Winter & Christmas 2017

I headed on a road trip with some old friends to a beach area close to Bombay recently and as always I was on DJ duties for most parts of the trip. It was a lot of unravelling excitement for sure but when I got back I just wanted to sit back pour a drink and enjoy the cold seclusion that comes with the winter season when you’re on your own and looking to build a career from scratch. Music has been it for me and after a long time struggling with what to make of life, I’m taking a leap into the unknown and it’s as scary as it is exciting. That being said I got back to making a couple of playlists for the winter season this year, as is the case with all the years since I started my YouTube channel BOMBEATS in 2015.

I hope the tunes make you enjoy your winter break and relax. The first one is a bit heavy but the second one is mellow.  At least music makes the soundtrack to those moments of life as it drifts by. I’ve got so much on my mind these days but the good old music helps me wind down. I hope it relaxes you too.



Sit by the fire, pour a drink and..



Songs To Wake Up In The Morning Two

Hello !

I woke up this morning needing to feel good. So I made another morning playlist that set the mood for the day 🙂

If you follow my blog you would’ve heard my earlier morning playlist that I made a few months ago.

Here is that post, in case you missed it
Top 10 Songs To Wake Up To In The Morning

If you’re not a music person or don’t listen to it that much. I suggest you read this


Start listening to more

So without wasting much time….
Here is the new one – It’s all folk music, perfect for the morning

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That’s all folk s

Enjoy 😀

A Day In The Life

I was sick today but I recovered quickly. The rest did me some good. So now onward toward the work and the future!

I think I’ll just write a quick poem because I’m bored..

A Day In The Life

Age Ol’ lust for life we forever seek,
Enchanted love or so to speak,
Hearts filled with plans, forever dreaming,
Longing while awake, wide open scheming,

Further I beguile my dour desire,
All we must do is watch what does transpire,
Here and now is all that doth exist,
Yet hanging on to penchant past in the mist,

What lies over yonder hills of gold?
Past valleys of fauna and shimmering lakes of old,
Blood drenched sun in the pale grey sky,
Incoherent thoughts of times gone by,

Thoughts that pass me on and now,
When I did gently rest her on my brow,
O’er seas of deep blue and brimming tide,
Will I find a place of peace to reside?
Everyday a single prayer,
To return love lost forever,

Life is a funny proposition after all,
The more we seek, the more we fall
At her picture I glance then and now,
From lovers to dust, I ask how?
A glance does ache my heart in sorrow,
For I must live for another tomorrow.

–  Gaurav Krishnan

That was my attempt at writing a poem, I don’t know if it’s good.

Also I really want to visit Ireland, that’s where the picture is from..

Anyway, I made a playlist for today have a listen

A Classic Rock Playlist of Rare Bands You Have To Listen To Now

Classic Rock is music for the ages, it’s timeless and deserves to be listened to often. Personally I like all kinds of music but classic rock has a special place in my heart because it’s the music I listened to when I was a teenager.

In case you missed my earlier blog post of my top 10 classic rock albums of the 60’s – Here is the link

Top 10 Classic Rock Albums From The 60’s That You Have To Listen To Now

I love finding rare music which sounds good. There’s something about finding rare music that gives me kicks, well you know nobody’s heard it so stumbling upon it is awesome!

Anyway, I made this playlist a long time ago, before I started my blog so I don’t think many people heard it.

It’s got some really rare bands and the tunes are absolutely fantastic !

So I won’t waste your time here it is !

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Sit back, pour yourself a drink and enjoy! 🙂

Have a great week !

Cheers !