Remnants Of Things Passed: Nick Drake tribute

Where do I begin with Nick Drake? It’s a herculean task to try to put words to just how much the man, his legend and his music has impacted a fellow ‘troubled mind’ looking for a ‘trouble cure’ like me, as he so aptly sings on “Time Has Told Me”. His music speaks volumes or sagas rather through his short career that spanned just four albums. It’s a mystery and as strange as it gets that he didn’t find much success in his lifetime despite his obvious genius!

Anyway, I decided at the start of the day to make a tribute video when this “Day Is Done” and I found some rare songs of his as well to add to the mix which make it a must-have Nick Drake collector’s item on YouTube.

Nick Drake’s music and rather poetic lyrics remind people of forgotten times of old and effortlessly transports listeners to a reflective sphere and state of being along with his evolving guitar sounds. There wasn’t much known about Nick Drake until the Internet made more people aware of him and his music and some 40 odd years on after his death he remains cemented firmly as a folk music legend. He has personally hugely influenced my guitar playing style and I’m working hard on trying to get anywhere near his level and produce the sounds he did on his guitar.


Nick Drake’s life is a body of work that has had a huge impact on a number of people these days – the ones who have taken a liking to his music over the years after his death – but there always remains so many more who are just discovering his music. I guess somewhere deep down when the melancholy and melody seeps in and touches your soul and you begin to reflect on all that’s transpired in your life and then begin to view life as a “remnant of something that’s passed” as he so eloquently put it.

It’s figuratively safe to say that a lot of us need the sufficient love, success and peace of mind we deserve in order to keep going and the void left by it causes things to go haywire. It’s something that I wish Nick Drake had as well so he could’ve still been here and made more music. So I hope you find that one person who “brightens your northern sky” and I hope you enjoy this mix!