Want rare Classic Rock? Here is Throwback Thursdays on BOMBEATS

I may be a beginner guitarist and pianist at the moment but I’ve got a well-groomed and conditioned set of ears for tunes that sound groovy. I don’t know what it is to be precise, but I just have this innate sense or gut feeling that separates and categorises music into degrees of how good they sound. Maybe it was my DJ experience that has given me this ability but nonetheless, I’m glad I have these two awesome ears to guide me through my musical journey or expedition rather.

These past two weeks I’ve been crate digging, well the online equivalent at least, for rare classic rock albums that didn’t hit the big time but sound great! I’m an old school classic rock n roll fan primarily, but I dig a number of different genres keeping an open mind to it of course(Except EDM: F**k that shit!)


I decided to start a Throwback Thursdays #tbt series on my music channel BOMBEATS to keep things interesting. I try to post the best content in music on my channel guided by my instinct and it’s going good so far. The series focuses mainly on classic records that never hit the big time or mainstream back then but sound top notch even today!

The three records I’ve picked today are on the proper psychedelic side. Check the video description for additional details. Here they are in chronological order of release:

1. The Sacred Mushroom – Sacred Mushroom(1969)
The only album they ever made Sacred Mushroom from Cincinnati, Ohio never hit the big time but Danny Goshorn and co did a pretty damn good job making a classic record! There is barely anything mentioned about them online though.

2. The Human Instinct – Stoned Guitar(1970)
Surprisingly The Human Instinct led by Maurice Greer hail from New Zealand. That itself made me extremely interested when I stumbled upon them. Most New Zealanders reckon that The Human Instinct are the greatest kiwi band ever formed. Stoned Guitar was their most well-received album. It’s a beaut!

3. Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom(1971)
Leaf Hound never hit the big time either but they have a bit of a following these days. They were heavily part of the stoner rock movement in the 60s/70s. This album was their debut album released under Decca Records. Peter French who would later join Atomic Rooster lead the band into their maiden slightly successful album.

Very psychedelic and a lot of mushrooms in there 😉
But top notch stuff nonetheless!

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Hope you dig the tunes! Cheers🍻


A Day In The Life

I was sick today but I recovered quickly. The rest did me some good. So now onward toward the work and the future!

I think I’ll just write a quick poem because I’m bored..

A Day In The Life

Age Ol’ lust for life we forever seek,
Enchanted love or so to speak,
Hearts filled with plans, forever dreaming,
Longing while awake, wide open scheming,

Further I beguile my dour desire,
All we must do is watch what does transpire,
Here and now is all that doth exist,
Yet hanging on to penchant past in the mist,

What lies over yonder hills of gold?
Past valleys of fauna and shimmering lakes of old,
Blood drenched sun in the pale grey sky,
Incoherent thoughts of times gone by,

Thoughts that pass me on and now,
When I did gently rest her on my brow,
O’er seas of deep blue and brimming tide,
Will I find a place of peace to reside?
Everyday a single prayer,
To return love lost forever,

Life is a funny proposition after all,
The more we seek, the more we fall
At her picture I glance then and now,
From lovers to dust, I ask how?
A glance does ache my heart in sorrow,
For I must live for another tomorrow.

–  Gaurav Krishnan

That was my attempt at writing a poem, I don’t know if it’s good.

Also I really want to visit Ireland, that’s where the picture is from..

Anyway, I made a playlist for today have a listen

Top 10 Classic Rock Albums from the 70’s

Ahh the 70’s man, what a decade! Probably rock n roll’s best decade for music.
I had to follow up my list of Top 10 Classic Rock Albums From The 60’s with a list of the greatest albums from the 70’s, I just had to. The 70’s were the follow up to the swinging 60’s and rock and roll had become part of mainstream society. It was everywhere, the music blaring out of speakers at every bar and club, the drugs, the sex and everything to go with rock n roll culture. There were concerts everywhere and bands from the 60’s had come out their shell and begun to find their feet or rather their rhythm guitars.

The 70’s were the blooming era of the seeds sown in the 60’s for rock n roll culture and especially for music with bands releasing some of their best work. Following up the 60’s music was certainly no easy task but bands managed to reach their peak and record their most appreciated work.

Anyway I have compiled this list strictly based on my musical knowledge and ear for good tunes so if I’ve missed out albums that you like, well then comment and let me know your top 10.  Seriously, there were so many good albums that it was hard to compile a top 10 but I did it anyway.

Notable absentees include – The Eagles – Hotel California, Pink Floyd – Meddle, Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here,  The Rolling Stones(all their 70’s albums), Jim Hendrix – Band of Gypsys etc

Anyway here goes

10. Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy (1973)

Who else to kick start this list other than the mighty Led Zeppelin. They had just begun to sink their teeth into the music scene in 1969 with their album – Led Zeppelin I – and what an album that was ! That was followed up by Led Zeppelin II and it hit number 1 on the charts. Anyway by the time the 70’s arrived they somehow managed to out do their previous two albums and produce their most coveted work. Houses Of The Holy is mild, artistic yet almost juvenile album with the playful exuberance of Robert Plant’s vocals and Jimmy Page delivering mesmerizing guitar riffs and face melting solos. Tracks like ‘The Song Remains The Same’ and ‘Dancing Days'(hear Jimmy Page on this one) aren’t their best work but definitely make good listening. Their slower songs on this albums, mainly ‘The Rain Song’ and ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ are melancholic yet inspiring. ‘D’yer Mak’er’ is definitely a teenager’s wet dream, I don’t know if they ripped this song off of some pop song but it’s still a decent track, I don’t like it at all but whatever it’s worth listen. The highlight of the album is ‘No Quarter’ which is a dour, dark and unbelievably good, classic Led Zeppelin song which is builds up progressively to deliver the most psychedelic rock n roll experience. To end the album is the power packed song ‘The Ocean’ which ends the album on a high note.

Rating – 7/10



9. The Kinks – Lola Versus Powerman And The Money Go Round(1971)

At number 9 comes the Kinks with one of their best albums, at least I seem to think so. The Kinks have a plethora of styles up their sleeves and can change from a fully charged up, high tempo song to a slow strumming rock n roll ballad. This album is testament to that although it’s one that not many would list in a top 10, but it certainly sounds great. To kick start is the ‘The Contender’ which is a song that effortlessly shifts from a slow number to a typical kick ass kinks track, the guitars and drums kick in at exactly the right time delighting your ears. Songs like ‘This Time Tomorrow’, and ‘Top Of The Pops’ are The Kinks artistically painting a perfect picture of life in the 70’s as a rock and roll band. ‘Rats’ and ‘Apeman’ are funny songs and ‘A Long Way From Home’ is another a great slow song. But the highlight of the album is the hit single ‘Lola’ which is one of my all time favourite songs by The Kinks and if I’m not mistaken it hit number 1 in the UK. It’s a brilliant track and the whole album is a classic. Hit play and enjoy this one !

Rating – 8/10


8. The Ramones – Ramones(1976)

The kings of the US in the 70’s, the founders of punk and one of the most revered bands from the United States, at number 8, comes ‘The Ramones’ with their self-titled album ‘Ramones’. This one is the holy grail of punk and although this is a classic rock list I had to include this album because of the sheer brilliance of the Ramones, plus nobody else really invented a musical genre on this list ! It’s got some amazing songs and the bass lines and drums go so well together. I really love all the songs on the album so I suggest you just hit play and listen to all of them.

Rating – 9/10



7. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1976)

Fleetwood Mac are your quintessential British-American rock band. To have a woman sing some of the vocal parts is a welcome change and Lindsey Buckingham certainly has the most beautiful voice. Rumours was a great album which really redefined Fleetwood Mac and their musical style from their earlier albums from the 60’s. This record is a soothing, methodic rock n roll classic with foot-tapping tunes. I really enjoy listening to this album, however I don’t know all the songs too well but anyway it’s surely worth a listen.

Rating – 7/10

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory(1970)

I love Creedence Clearwater Revival, I think their guitar work is perhaps one of the best out of all of the bands on this list. CCR is one of the most gifted bands out of the United States and on this album you can hear all those blues influences which make a compelling listen. They are so good sometimes, in parts, on their songs that you wonder why they aren’t regarded as one of the best bands out of America but course that title goes to The Doors, nonetheless CCR are right up there. CCR are very underrated and although they did sell a lot of albums they don’t come close to the heights reached by other American rival bands. All the songs on this album are amazing and it’s a classic rock n roll album that certainly remains one of their best. Be prepared to nod your head and tap your feet relentlessly.

Rating – 8/10

5. The Velvet Underground – Loaded(1970)

Lou Reed was one of the most talented musicians around and his work on this album makes it a highly coveted classic. After their initial success of typical drug – inspired music, ‘The Velvet Underground’ with Lou Reed and Doug Yule conjured up one of the most defining albums of the 70’s which was a stark contrast to their Andy Warhol days. The music is sheer quality, straight out of the top draw and will definitely inspire you. Lou Reed perhaps out did himself on this album and must’ve kicked himself for quitting the band before the release of ‘Loaded’. The album became a run away hit and firmly placed’The Velvet Underground’ as one of the greatest bands out of America. Again all the songs are brilliant so just hit play!

Rating – 9/10

4. The Who – Who’s Next (1971)

The Who are one of my favourite bands and in 1971, they released one of their most interesting albums of all-  ‘Who’s Next’. The album was a runaway hit, it hit number 1 on the UK chart and number 4  on the US billboard chart. The first session of what would become ‘Who’s Next’, was recorded at Mick Jagger’s house! The album is fantastic with great tracks like ‘Bargain’, ‘Getting In Tune’ and ‘Love Ain’t For Keeping’. However, the highlight of the album and I think we all unanimously agree on this, is the number 1 hit ‘Baba O’Reily’ which is one of their most famous songs and it most certainly is their best song for me. ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ is another slow classic number which is a beautiful song, it’s the same song that was later covered by Limp Bizkit in the 90’s but the original by the Who is a much better version. So ‘Who’s Next’ to listen to this album?

Rating -9/10



3.  Led Zeppelin – IV (1971)

The Zeppelin return on the list with arguably their best work, or perhaps it was their first album, I’m not too sure but this one is surely up there with their best. This album is a rock n roll timeless classic. Robert Plant nails the vocals on this album like the others but this one was perfectly recorded and mixed. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham all produced their most memorable sounds on this album and it hit number 1 in the UK in a week and stayed there for 90 weeks! So you can imagine what a reception this album had in ’71. The album starts off with the awesome tracks ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Rock n Roll’ which are really top class with Plant singing resoundingly and of course Page’s astute guitar work. Songs like ‘The Battle For Evermore’ really pissed off critics with the unnecessary J.R.R Tolkien inspired middle earth references and even I feel the same, they could have written something better. Slow numbers like ‘Going To California’ really delight the senses and make a great listen. Perhaps the most famous song off the album is the classic ‘Stairway To Heaven’ which is a rock ballad for the ages. My favourite song on the album is ‘When The Levee Breaks’ which is easily my favourite Led Zeppelin song and one that I played a lot at the college pub Deetee back in Manipal. All in all the album is gold.

Rating – 9/10


2. The Doors – L.A Woman(1971)

At number 2 comes my favourite band of all time – The Doors. Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Kreiger and John Densmore struggled to repeat their breakaway hit and self titled album – The Doors releasing a number of records which were good but really didn’t hit the heights of their first studio album, until L.A Woman. This album was what many called the return of the Doors back to the top. This album was not recorded in a studio after Jim and the boys refused to record in a studio atmosphere and the band shifted to their garage/recording room where they used to practice and somehow made a classic album straight out of a L.A garage. What an album ! I don’t even need to mention the tracks because they are all so good! Ok I will anyway, Jim starts off the album with the super awesome track  ‘The Changeling’ which screamed out the change in Jim Morrison and the Doors it’s an amazing song which is full of energy. They had a tough time with Morrison’s antics on and off stage and had reached notoriety all accross the U.S but after getting their act together and recording, they produced one of their most unbelievable albums. The hit title track ‘ LA Woman’ hit number 1 as soon as it got out. Others like ‘Love Her Madly’, which was written by guitarist Robby Kreiger also hit number 1(it was released as the first single). Songs like the cover of the old blues number ‘Crawling King Snake’ and ‘Hyacinth House’ were the typical bluesy doors tracks. But the highlight is the hit ‘Riders On The Storm’ which is such a timeless piece of art that you can never get bored of it. Jim Morrison’s ghostly voice on the track served as a fitting goodbye before his untimely death in Paris. I wish he didn’t over do it i.e the booze and the drugs and went easy on it instead and perhaps ‘The Doors’ would have still recorded more songs with the iconic front man. What an album!

Rating – 10/10

1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon(1973)

Do I really need to write anything? This is only the greatest rock and roll album of all time. This album sold so many copies over the years that the amount of money that Floyd earned out of it is really mind boggling, it’s still selling to this day and that too in millions!
David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason finally produced a masterpiece after years of just about getting there. This album cemented the band in the rock n roll hall of fame and it is certainly a mighty album that has stood the test of time. ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Money’, ‘Us and Them’, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ are all number 1 hits even if they didn’t hit number 1 and I have literally heard this album on repeat for days through the years and it never gets old. Multi-platinum and the best album of cap off the list !

Rating -10/10

I’ll see you on the ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’.

Cheers !





A Classic Rock Playlist of Rare Bands You Have To Listen To Now

Classic Rock is music for the ages, it’s timeless and deserves to be listened to often. Personally I like all kinds of music but classic rock has a special place in my heart because it’s the music I listened to when I was a teenager.

In case you missed my earlier blog post of my top 10 classic rock albums of the 60’s – Here is the link

Top 10 Classic Rock Albums From The 60’s That You Have To Listen To Now

I love finding rare music which sounds good. There’s something about finding rare music that gives me kicks, well you know nobody’s heard it so stumbling upon it is awesome!

Anyway, I made this playlist a long time ago, before I started my blog so I don’t think many people heard it.

It’s got some really rare bands and the tunes are absolutely fantastic !

So I won’t waste your time here it is !

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Sit back, pour yourself a drink and enjoy! 🙂

Have a great week !

Cheers !

Top 10 Classic Rock Albums From The 60’s That You Have To Listen To Now

The music is magical. The music thrills. The music unites.

What more can I say, the mystical journey of music through the ages has resulted in mankind’s most effervescent creations apart from technological advances and breakthroughs in science, which happen every 15-20 years or so – music is something that inspires and lasts forever.

I am a music addict and have been since I was about 8. All  my free time is practically spent discovering old music and finding new music, it’s what I did when I was younger and it’s what I do now despite the work. I guess I’m an old school purist, like a 60’s 70’s kid killing time with listening to music records apart from a bit of reading here and there.

Over the last few years though EDM or electronic dance music has taken over the world and I absolutely hate it. I mean come on, apart from the melodies it’s just monotonous bass lines and repetitive beats. I actually don’t mind deep house, techno and minimal music I listen to a bit but EDM is just something I cannot stand.

Not to press on the negatives but EDM is just music gone horribly wrong.
Anyway classic Rock is something that I love (seriously there is nothing that comes close to it) and as a teenager I was exposed to a vast array of bands from the 60s and 70s despite my hip hop influences.

Rock has gone through a lot of transformations with alternative, mainstream, metal, punk etc but good old classic psychedelic rock and roll is the best man.

So let me just say that I’m not the biggest fan of the beatles(so they aren’t on this list) because well honestly they are super tight and all but they’re music is just too happy and similar for me. Haha.

Also no Dylan and Neil Young here(but he does feature as CSNY)  because I wanted to stick to classic rock bands and not solo artists. Also I had to leave out a lot of killer albums from the likes of The Yard Birds, The Byrds, CCR, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and they are notable absentees but anyway

Remember this is strictly only 60’s music.

Here I have compiled a list of 10 albums that are my top 10 of all time.

So without delay, here they are –

10. Love – Forever Changes(1967)

Discovered this one recently, but it’s still one that I like quite a lot. Crisp classic rock with great drumming and bass that drives through the whole album. I’ve been listening to this one pretty often off late so I had to include it on this list. How did I not here this until recently!? Seriously it’s so fucking good. Every track is great but the first track “Alone again or” puts you in the mood for the rest of the album -killer one. Have a listen to this one it’ll certainly rock you.



9. The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society

I just love the Kinks, their hit singles “Lola” and “Sunny Afternoon” are my favourites but this album does it for me. Strange name though but top class brit rock and roll. Typical kinks tracks like the title track “The Village Green Preservation Society” (hell it’s more notoriety than anything haha), “Do You Remember Walter?” and “Big Sky” but honestly every track is amazing. If you don’t like The Kinks… wait, what Are You Retarded? you can’t they’re The Kinks man. Hit play you ignorant humans! Couldn’t find the album in one video so here is a playlist


8. The Zombies – Odyssey and Oracle(1968)

This one is known for The Zombies hit single “Time of The Season” but in all the complete album is a classic. All the tracks are great and make awesome hearing on the right kind of speakers, (damn I need a nice one soon). “Hung Up on A Dream”, ” This Will Be Our Year ” are awesome tracks that you need to check out, it starts off okay-ish but seriously listen to the whole album. The Zombies with their exquisite guitar riffs and piano melodies put together with nice harmonies and great drumming make an album that isn’t the best but is certainly up there in my top 10.


7. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young(CSNY) – Deja Vu

This classic from none other than the formidable foursome of Crosby, Stills Nash and Young is one hell of a record. The tunes on this one are damn fucking tight. The skills of the mighty David Crosby and Neil Young together with harmonies that thrill and evoke in you feelings of joy – This one is a masterpiece. Not to forget Nash and Stills providing the completeness of this deadly four piece band – who were all in their own right geniuses. The guitar riff’s and melodies are delightful and every song on the album is special. “Our House” and “Carry On” are two tracks that I like a lot but seriously every track is special.

6. Cream – Disraeli Gears(1967)

Eric Clapton(guitar and vocals) and Jack Bruce(guitar) absolutely kill this record, with Ginger Baker on drums and vocals this one is an album for the ages. The tracks like “Strange Brew” and “Sunshine Of Your Love” are sheer works of art. I fucking love this record. Classic rock and roll with Clapton’s blues influence make a magnificent album and one that is one of the best classic rock album’s of all time. Just hit play on this one and fucking rock! Straaaange Brewwwww! \m/

5.  The Who – Tommy (1969)

Man this one by The Who is a fucking beautiful album. It was a tough fight between Cream and The Who for this number five spot but I’ve heard Disraeli Gears way to many times so Tommy definitely edged it there (he’s a cheeky bugger this Tommy, haha). Anyway there are way too many tracks on this album all of about two and half minutes each but they’re great – Yeah, Every track is fucking top class. Damn this one really is a one for the ages.
Classic The Who with Pete Townsend sending the fuck out of it

4. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton 
This one is a favourite of mine Eric Clapton back with John Mayall and the bluesbreakers
making a bluesy rock and roll fucking classic. The first one, “All Your Love” is perhaps my favourite track on the album but again – It’s fucking Clapton man, so every song is fucking A. If you’re more of a blues person and I certainly am an old blues man but this one will appeal to you more if you followed the likes of Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson.
Fucking enjoy this one. “All your love pretty babay!” Kick ass fucking album man. Love it!

Here we go drum roll please…. 3,2,1

3. Led Zeppelin – I (1969)

Its Led Zep at number three Robert Plant, Jimmy Page nuff said. This one is the Zeppelin’s classic album numero uno of the lot that stands the test of time. I love all their work but the first is the best well actually i love their other work more, ok I’m confused but c’mon Kashmir, Immigrant Song, etc others are better…. good juice. I’m not sure whether this one got inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame but if it’s not well it should. EVERY and I mean EVERY track is a magnificent with Plant and Page nailing the vocals and riffs, those solos by Page are mind melting! Favourite Track – tough call between “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”and”Dazed And Confused” but anway what an album man!
It’s the Zeppelin man prepare to get your mind = blown!

2. Pink Floyd –  The Piper At The Gates of Dawn(1967)

At number two it’s the Floyd ladies and gentlemen. The band that has captured the imagination of the world – well Darkside of the moon and meddle are my favourites but since they left their better works for post 60’s I had to put out this one here because of one man – Syd fucking Barret. It’s a shame what happened to him – he developed schizophrenia and died but hell, all the greats have died young. You can hear shades of their later sounds in this one courtesy the usual suspects Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright but Barret just fucking kills this one.This was his album the original floyd before David Gilmour. The floyd’s break through album is one of my favourites man. Favourite track – “Interstellar Overdrive” by a fucking mile – That intro man! Only Syd Barret could come up with that, only him but “Astronomy Dominoe” and “See Emily Play” are great too. Shine on you crazy diamond, Syd, wherver you are up there I’m sure Jim Morrison, you, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix are having one great gig in the sky!

1. The Doors – The Doors


Okay this one might be slightly biased because I practically worship The Doors man – How the fuck can you not???. Fucking John Densmore(drums), Ray Manzarek (Keyboard), The man, the legend my favourite guitarist of all time Robby Krieger(guitar) and ofcourse the greatest front man of all time Jim(Mojo Risin)Morrison. I mean how can you not be captivated by the doors. Densmore’s thumping drums, Manzarek’s genius on the keys, Krieger with this spanish flamenco licks and Morrison’s deathly dreamy voice with his mind boggling poetry and they arent lyrics they are fucking poetry. I fucking love all their albums but this one man, this one is special. “Break on Through” man

Favourite track – ALL, ha.

“Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen”, “Break on through to the otherside” “Try to set the night on fire” Fuck Morrison kills this album and so do the rest of the crew. Best album of all time, easily for me. Fuck the beatles man, honestly.

But The End does it best for me. I ended every single night at Deetee (a pub in Manipal, India where I used to Dj) with The End. Wake up in the morning and listen to The End first thing.

This is one beast of an album. One for the ages. Let Jim and the band do the talking

It’s about the one thing that is inevitable  – Death.

” This is the end, beautiful friend,

Of all elaborate plans, The End
Of everything that stands, The End
No safety or surprise, The End.
I’ll never look in to your eyes again.

Can you picture what will be so limitless and free,
Desperately in need
Of some strangers hand
In a desperate Land”

The End,

The Doors

RIP Jim Morrison, Syd Barret and Richard Wright we all miss you.



Have a great week !