Happy New Year 2018!!

I almost forgot about my blog this year because it’s gone by so fast and it, well, just slipped my mind. The dream has been unfolding slowly for me and I’m stoked to be finally leaving my country India to study music abroad. FINALLY, damn, it took a while getting to this moment. I am so excited and kicked for this year it’s not even funny.

BOMBEATS(My YouTube channel) has been my outlet as always and I’m excited to finally embark on the journey of following my true calling and passion and ending up in my role behind the glass on the console – producing great music.


So I’ll just leave this short and get straight to it then. Here are the cream of the crop of the playlists I’ve made so far this year which should keep you going till the next post.


2018 Be Brilliant x Be Smooth 


Mini playlist thingy

Drown The Noise 

Here is the best mix of 2018 so far

Boards Of Canada Tribute

As always the #BOMBEATS family and subscriber base is growing and increasing every day. So, be sure to check out the mixes, videos and the playlists and do subscribe and so I can share my journey with you!!

Until next time 🙂


A Couple Of Playlists For Winter & Christmas 2017

I headed on a road trip with some old friends to a beach area close to Bombay recently and as always I was on DJ duties for most parts of the trip. It was a lot of unravelling excitement for sure but when I got back I just wanted to sit back pour a drink and enjoy the cold seclusion that comes with the winter season when you’re on your own and looking to build a career from scratch. Music has been it for me and after a long time struggling with what to make of life, I’m taking a leap into the unknown and it’s as scary as it is exciting. That being said I got back to making a couple of playlists for the winter season this year, as is the case with all the years since I started my YouTube channel BOMBEATS in 2015.

I hope the tunes make you enjoy your winter break and relax. The first one is a bit heavy but the second one is mellow.  At least music makes the soundtrack to those moments of life as it drifts by. I’ve got so much on my mind these days but the good old music helps me wind down. I hope it relaxes you too.



Sit by the fire, pour a drink and..


Want rare Classic Rock? Here is Throwback Thursdays on BOMBEATS

I may be a beginner guitarist and pianist at the moment but I’ve got a well-groomed and conditioned set of ears for tunes that sound groovy. I don’t know what it is to be precise, but I just have this innate sense or gut feeling that separates and categorises music into degrees of how good they sound. Maybe it was my DJ experience that has given me this ability but nonetheless, I’m glad I have these two awesome ears to guide me through my musical journey or expedition rather.

These past two weeks I’ve been crate digging, well the online equivalent at least, for rare classic rock albums that didn’t hit the big time but sound great! I’m an old school classic rock n roll fan primarily, but I dig a number of different genres keeping an open mind to it of course(Except EDM: F**k that shit!)


I decided to start a Throwback Thursdays #tbt series on my music channel BOMBEATS to keep things interesting. I try to post the best content in music on my channel guided by my instinct and it’s going good so far. The series focuses mainly on classic records that never hit the big time or mainstream back then but sound top notch even today!

The three records I’ve picked today are on the proper psychedelic side. Check the video description for additional details. Here they are in chronological order of release:

1. The Sacred Mushroom – Sacred Mushroom(1969)
The only album they ever made Sacred Mushroom from Cincinnati, Ohio never hit the big time but Danny Goshorn and co did a pretty damn good job making a classic record! There is barely anything mentioned about them online though.

2. The Human Instinct – Stoned Guitar(1970)
Surprisingly The Human Instinct led by Maurice Greer hail from New Zealand. That itself made me extremely interested when I stumbled upon them. Most New Zealanders reckon that The Human Instinct are the greatest kiwi band ever formed. Stoned Guitar was their most well-received album. It’s a beaut!

3. Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom(1971)
Leaf Hound never hit the big time either but they have a bit of a following these days. They were heavily part of the stoner rock movement in the 60s/70s. This album was their debut album released under Decca Records. Peter French who would later join Atomic Rooster lead the band into their maiden slightly successful album.

Very psychedelic and a lot of mushrooms in there 😉
But top notch stuff nonetheless!

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Hope you dig the tunes! Cheers🍻

Remnants Of Things Passed: Nick Drake tribute

Where do I begin with Nick Drake? It’s a herculean task to try to put words to just how much the man, his legend and his music has impacted a fellow ‘troubled mind’ looking for a ‘trouble cure’ like me, as he so aptly sings on “Time Has Told Me”. His music speaks volumes or sagas rather through his short career that spanned just four albums. It’s a mystery and as strange as it gets that he didn’t find much success in his lifetime despite his obvious genius!

Anyway, I decided at the start of the day to make a tribute video when this “Day Is Done” and I found some rare songs of his as well to add to the mix which make it a must-have Nick Drake collector’s item on YouTube.

Nick Drake’s music and rather poetic lyrics remind people of forgotten times of old and effortlessly transports listeners to a reflective sphere and state of being along with his evolving guitar sounds. There wasn’t much known about Nick Drake until the Internet made more people aware of him and his music and some 40 odd years on after his death he remains cemented firmly as a folk music legend. He has personally hugely influenced my guitar playing style and I’m working hard on trying to get anywhere near his level and produce the sounds he did on his guitar.


Nick Drake’s life is a body of work that has had a huge impact on a number of people these days – the ones who have taken a liking to his music over the years after his death – but there always remains so many more who are just discovering his music. I guess somewhere deep down when the melancholy and melody seeps in and touches your soul and you begin to reflect on all that’s transpired in your life and then begin to view life as a “remnant of something that’s passed” as he so eloquently put it.

It’s figuratively safe to say that a lot of us need the sufficient love, success and peace of mind we deserve in order to keep going and the void left by it causes things to go haywire. It’s something that I wish Nick Drake had as well so he could’ve still been here and made more music. So I hope you find that one person who “brightens your northern sky” and I hope you enjoy this mix!


Syd Barrett : The Lost Drawings and Poems

I’ve tried to decode and understand the life of the elusive enigma that was Syd Barrett, for a very long time. I was immediately drawn to his music from the moment I first heard it and watched documentary after documentary and read numerous articles on him in an attempt at trying to understand who he really was and what he went through. In my mind Pink Floyd’s best ever album was their first, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, Meddle and then Darkside in that order.

Although the band did oust Barrett shortly after deeming him an ‘acid casualty’, which must’ve been a bit hard on Syd. However, part of me thinks that what he inherently wanted exactly that. A genius on the guitar as mentioned by Waters and a bit reclusive as well, it’s hard to guage Barret for a third person. Syd had done too much of the stuff as per various accounts, although I do not know exactly how much acid he took and how frequently he tripped, the dosage back then was much stronger than it is nowadays. Back in the 60’s acid was everywhere and as a number of voyagers ignited their pineal glands in amazement, taking too much, too frequently could have repercussions, which in Barrett’s case could have been the reason he ‘lost the plot’ or whatever Roger Waters tries to put into words.

Yet there is an inner warmth about Syd, he didn’t like the limelight, he was supremely talented and for him, it was more about finding a bit of peace amidst all this chaos, or at least that’s what my intuition about the man tells me. But when you take a lot of the ‘heroic dose’ you need to be in the right frame of mind or else it could go wrong. Through my college years and my personal experiences with LSD, I can say for a fact that I could only do it back then because I had the brash bravery of my youth – I can’t do that anymore and quite frankly I’m a bit scared to.

Syd was a gallant soul, and while he may have ‘reached for the secret too soon’ and ‘cried for the moon’, he does live on and ‘shining on like a crazy diamond’ even after his death.

There is this alternative theory I found online describing Syd Barret as a synaesthete. It’s a very eye-opening article that delves into what Barret’s real mental state could have been like.

Read the article here: http://incorrectpleasures.blogspot.in/2009/11/interesting-case-of-syd-barrett-for.html

Without delving into too much of what went wrong with Syd, this post uncovers the lost drawings and poems Syd wrote back when he was young and Pink Floyd were recording Piper At The Gates of Dawn at Abbey Road. It reveals a bit about Syd, as a human being. And I want to humanise the man as much as possible because of all the outcast and crazy person tags. He was in the end, just like us, a slightly troubled – human being.

1. Letter To Jen
To start things off here is a letter Syd( or Roger which was his real name) Barrett wrote to his girlfriend at the time whom he called Jen.

syd letter to jen 1syd letter to jen 2
This little letter is so touching, especially how he starts out by calling her ‘a little dish’. He goes on to explain how the recording of the album went and how he didn’t quite enjoy it as much. He can’t draw himself and just leaves a haze of lines and scratches instead of a head and a body. “I am a bit fed up with everything today and I want to be in Cambridge or Greece but not in London where all I do is spend money and travel. The sun is shining though” he ends, “Love Roger(his real name).”

2. Early childhood drawing – Waiting for hot water to turn cold

Mark-Jones-material-361 Syd Barrett probably messed up the water heater at his childhood home and he writes, “Mum was very cross. She hit me. I cried” We’ve all been hit at some time by our parents and those memories stay with you. Syd was a kid just like all of us and one with hopes, dreams and ambitions.

3. Let Me Draw Some Pictures

sketchsydbarrett_3 (1)

I particularly like this small note and drawing by Syd, he writes, “A retch goez to school with his paints in a vase while all sleep and are not bothered”, probably hinting that he would much rather be sleeping and not bothered, highlighting his eternal struggle to find peace and not be troubled.

syd barret sketch 2

He continues the picture with probably Jen and scribbles “A retch thoghts” and “very rave walking ahead”.

He was quite a puzzling human being who perhaps wasn’t at peace with himself.

4. Syd Barrett painting of himself

syd barret painting

5. Poem and Art – “The Self Divided”

the self divided

I cannot understand what he means here but maybe it’s his demons and problematic mind yanking him between peace and suffering. The divided self, self divided. Very intriguing.

6. Tea

syd barrett tea

This is a beautiful charcoal sketch of tea by Syd Barrett.

Theres a lot more of his art which you can see here on his official website as I head on to the poetry he wrote.

I suggest you click the link and browse through it

Link to Syd’s notebook art: http://www.sydbarrett.com/art/notebooks


syd poem


The poem was written in 1965, and features an original drawing by Barrett.

The full text of the poem is:

Little Twig isn’t big

To you, but she is

To me.

But however I don’t like it

When she makes faces.

And she seldom talks

When we go to places

And meet people

And sit around.

But she prances at dances

Gets crushes, takes chances

With boys. Wears a hat

No shoes, and they flatter her

Madly. What of that?

Neat, maroon, blue and white

Lace and chord, velvet. Might

Even keep her coat on if its right.

Next week

All change

To purple

Or black


2. A Rooftop Song In a Thunderstorm Row Missing The Point

syd poem 2


Here are my two favourite Syd Barrett albums. Have a listen to the wizard of Cambridge!



His legacy will live on forever and despite all the various friends, links and articles suggesting that ‘drugs made his mind a carrot’ and so on. He will always be a gentle soul and a human being that couldn’t quite exorcise his demons enough to find some solace and peace before he died or maybe he did in spurts. He will live on. The man, the myth the legend that was Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett.

Read more about his life here
Link: http://www.sydbarrett.com/life/

RIP Syd Barrett.

Instant Crush – It’s a feeling I’ve got, oh don’t ask why

This post is about this girl I’ve liked a lot for a long time and felt that we had a brief connection in all the times we met. Which was far too short. It was something real for sure but I never really got to know her at all. All I’ve got are fragments. I always liked her. I could tell there was some kind of energy drawing me to her. Or maybe it was her eyes. Or how pretty her face looked when she smiled. It was this nascent electricity. But I was clouded by past mistakes. Finding momentary peace in hits from a bong shooter. I was going hard on the bong about 80-100 hits a day just to find peace and be numb. Just to not think. I think she probably thought of me as one hard-mess which I was at that point. I wish we spoke more though.

I wanted to go upto her and tell her that I thought she was cute and I wanted to get to know her. But I didn’t, I just numbed the feelings and the pain down and remained silent. It was simply the case of getting over something. I guess when you completely immerse yourself into loving someone other than yourself there are parts that get left behind.

I missed her when she left the quaint little town I was studying in back in college but I thought it wasn’t quite right for me to tell her that I was attracted to her when I was struggling to let go of someone else. I couldn’t take another whirlwind romance investing everything and then failing again, so I waited to find myself again.

I went to hell and back in the following years and learned to survive. It was harrowing for sure. I was very much a people person and very popular in college because I was the pub DJ for three years. Everybody knew me and I was jovial with everyone. But that’s the thing isn’t it, I thought at that point that that’s how people were, friendly, fun and helpful. But when shit hit the fan for me there was nobody, not a soul.

Nobody cared or even wanted to know where I was or what happened to me or even asked about what I was going through. They began to talk shit and spread slanderous rumours about me which really dent my spirit. People closest to me became strangers and began to avoid and ignore me. I was deeply saddened by all this loss and all the stuff I went through. It was probably the worst few years of my life. I just wish people didn’t form judgements of others.

Especially judgements based on other people’s judgements and opinions. I wish people were more empathetic, understood other people’s perspectives more and thought deeply about things instead of just going by other people’s words. But you can’t change the world, you can only change yourself. The people who have stuck around despite everything are golden, so my faith in the world has been restored. This is for people in general and not her, I’m sure she’s smart enough to form her own informed opinions. She’s really smart and talented.

Anyway coming back, the bottle didn’t leave me, I was drinking heavily every single day for about two years. Just to deal with the pain, the loss, the regret. Every. Single. Day.

I messaged her a few times and I wanted to meet her. But I would get piss drunk and pass out and forget. I hated my thoughts. I would do anything to just not think. After a certain point alcohol did that.

Maybe if I just looked her in the eyes, those beautiful black eyes of hers and dissolve in them, I would find peace and that was the hope. That’s what I look for. It just has to disappear, all the bullshit when I look into a girl’s eyes.

I couldn’t be my true self all the time because of my thoughts. Some of my thoughts made me sick to the core. Until I finally learned and understood that thoughts weren’t me but just random chemical reactions in my brain. But at that stage, I just hadn’t found myself and peace within. I wasn’t at all my true self or at peace and happy. So how could I meet her? I didn’t want her to see me like that.

We connected a few times online and I found out she was in my city so I got her number and made plans to meet but I was in a bad place in the head back then so I didn’t want to go ahead and meet her and maybe that disappointed her. There was always something there but I didn’t realise it, I always had a huge crush on her. I loved her voice and the way she spoke to me, her eyes were magnetic and her hair was perfect. Her smile made me smile inside and her intelligence was something I was very drawn towards the little I met her. I wish I met her more but it didn’t happen. We always met at concerts for some reason. Without ever speaking to each other, it was probably the universe or at least I like to think so.

I remember thinking to myself about how pretty she looked as she moved to the music, She was different and I wanted to get to know her but I didn’t because I was lost in the past and in mistakes and suffering. It was a confusing time for me. She probably heard a lot of shit about me and I didn’t know what she thought about me so I let it slide.

However in the following years, I would still fail a bit more in my business and work but I persevered in the end, I saw the light, I pieced my life back together – by myself, I connected deep within myself, I found my soul. I got completely clean, I had time to think and contemplate and go within because I was out of work for about 3-4 months and that was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Since then I’m just focused on being the best version of myself and doing things that resound with my soul – music and writing. I don’t really need people that much. But it would be nice to find someone to love selflessly other than myself.

I found out from a friend that she was seeing someone and I just sighed and let go, like everything in my life. My thoughts, my experiences, people, the highs and lows, I just let everything go. I tried though and I’m still trying to get through to make her see that what people think of me isn’t true. But it just looks like another closed door and not a new beginning or I just don’t know, which is sad. Because I’ve always thought about this girl at the back of my head and subconsciously in dreams and stuff but never paid any attention to it because of the clouded state of my head. But now that I have much more clarity it’s eye-opening.

Love should be something real for a change, it has to be a real two-way connection on a spiritual level not just physical. I haven’t found that yet because every time I want to get to know someone I come on a bit too strong or something, but that’s just me “To be yourself is all that you can do” – Chris Cornell, RIP.

If I like someone I’m going to let them know assertively because that’s just how I am. I’m sick and tired of taking it slow, thinking about what to say and playing it like a game. I’m sick of mind games, I’m sick off all these social constructed ‘ways’ of doing things. If I feel something I’m going to say it and I’m going to do what I feel. If that’s not good enough or if that’s met with judgement and scorn then I guess she’s not for me. Because I just don’t want to be judged by someone I like a lot. It’s happened to me before so that’s not something I’d like to experience again.

I just wish I was this clear in the head about everything back then, especially when she was in my city. But I guess life is a learning curve and a slow gaining of wisdom by experience. Maybe I just shouldn’t try to love anyone and let it all come to me. You know just be myself, do my thing and let it unfold and happen the way it does.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot for the last eight or nine months for some reason, like every day and hey, this girl is a gem. I don’t know why but I always liken her to Audrey Hepburn for some reason. She’s a star and she can sing, but sadly I’ve never heard her sing. She loves music and Radiohead and that’s a huge connection. Maybe we can’t work things out and meet for whatever reason but at least I tried. I guess I’ll always want to get to know you. She’s a strong, smart, thoughtful, independent and really pretty lady and I wish her all the best.

Congratulations on your recent achievement, I’m sure you put a lot of hard work into it.

Instant Crush.

Take care.

Meet me some time 🙂
We can chill.

The stuff below is for you… dedications #lilbit

PS – I asked a friend for your address to buy flight tickets to Paris and send them to you along with a couple of dresses to wear but he told me you were dating and you blocked me so I guess it’s alright. I think you write really well and much much better than me.

This is another one I wrote in like Feb or Jan or something.

Keep the poems, at least that’s something that’ll make you think of me, for what it’s worth 😉

These are the songs I always thought of you while listening to for some reason:
1.A Perfect Circle – Brena (I always smile when this comes on)
2. The Doors – We could be so good together
3. The Black Keys – Midnight In Her Eyes
4. Richard Ashcroft – On A Beach
5. Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes
6. Richard Ashcroft – Weeping Willow
7. The Verve – You and Me
8. Tool – Jimmy( I like to think of 11 as 2011 when I first met you)

They’re all in the playlist I made for you to chill to.

This is a tiny dedication I made for you today and yesterday:

And this is the playlist:

Chill out.

Find peace. Try to not think.


Third Full Month With Instruments and a lot of improvement

Hey all, here are the recent 1 minute covers I’ve made on Instagram along with some originals. Here they are please do tell me what you think and how I can improve with each instrument. Any tips by pros would be welcome. I’m just a beginner. I still can’t chord change on the guitar as fast as I would like so tips on how to do that would be amazing. I’m applying to music school so I have a year to get good. Please help me if you know how to play either instrument.

Radiohead – Videotape

The Vaselines (covered by Nirvana) – Jesus don’t want me for sunbeam

"Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam", originally by a Scottish band called The Vaselines which was made popular by Nirvana when they performed it at their legendary MTV Unplugged performance in New York. Its got some mistakes and I could've put a better take but was too lazy being 1.30 am n all. The 2 n a half week break hasn't helped. Its been 3 months and I need to improve much much more. Hope I can improve significantly in the next 3 coz time isn't exactly on my side lol. Anyway happy easter Sunday to believers, non believers and everyone in between. Just for the record, Jesus surely doesn't want me for a sunbeam…. #nirvana #thevaselines #cover #jesusdoesntwantmeforasunbeam #jesus #easter #song #beginner #guitarist

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Oasis – Live Forever

Alice in Chains – Frogs (unplugged)

Original – Daughter of Nothing

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)

Porcupine Tree – Trains

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication (intro)

Eddie Vedder – Out Of Sand (backing vocals and rhythm practice)

Thanks a ton for watching!

Cheers !