Coronavirus Lockdown: Spreading Music During the COVID-19 Lockdown From Bombay Day 22 to Day 32

Hello there. I’ve found some time to write this blog post and I’m back once again sharing music with tunes for the COVID-19 lockdown, wherever you are reading this. I’m sharing albums I dig, with a new artist each day when I find the time to post them on a thread on Twitter.

It’s nearing the end of May and yet, there’s no clear idea as to when the lockdown in India will end. It’s been extended upto May 31st as things stand.

The good news is that football is slowly resuming in Europe with the German Bundesliga becoming the first of the top five leagues in Europe to resume.

The English Premier League is scheduled to resume in June in line with the UK government’s protocols and English clubs have begun training again whilst adhering to social distancing norms.

Work is going on for me as a football journalist despite the lockdown and I’m lucky to have not been left jobless and without pay due to the coronavirus crisis. We’ve got a great team working at the UK website I write for and it’s brilliant working with them five days a week.

So, I’m paying a close eye on the developments in the world of football and after a short break, I’m back to working on my first full length Electronica album. While my first foray into Jazz Hop with my EP ‘Bombay Jazz’ is to be released via a label soon, with talks ongoing which has me buzzing.

I’ve also got legendary Rage Against The Machine(RATM) and Audioslave lead guitartist Tom Morello’s Masterclass which I’m learning from to help improve my guitar playing.

Morello’s playing style isn’t my preferred kind of playing style, I’m much more of a J.J.Cale influenced guitarist, but it’s useful to add to my guitar playing arsenal nonetheless.

It’s much more heavier than what I usually like to play, I’m aiming for more of a Mark Knopfler, J.J Cale, Clapton style of playing. Softer tones but still very Classic Rock and Blues Rock influenced, while staying very smooth and Rock n’ Roll.

Regardless though, the Masterclass is just brilliant and very useful and I’m learning a lot.

Speaking about heavier guitar sounds, Metallica released a live performance of kick ass song called ‘Blackened’ which I had to jam out to.

Here’s the song: It’s brilliant!

On a more sombre note, I hit the piano yesterday after a very long time, to play a Michael Kiwanuka song. Here is the result, a bit patchy with the singing, but it’ll do for now:

So as a warm up to listen to before the list of albums I’ll be sharing is a mix I made earlier last month, which I haven’t shared until now.

It’s perfect for Summer.

So on to the 10 albums for #Coronavirus lockdown.

The Twitter thread makes sure all albums are listed carefully on each date I share them and I really like Twitter’s thread feature.

This is a follow up to the other two blog posts I wrote which have the album shares running through Day 1 to Day 10

And my last post which runs through Day 11 to Day 21.

HERE is Day 22 to Day 32 of albums #OneDayOneAlbum for Coronavirus Lockdown

Day 22: Wooden Shjips – V
Really dig this one by a band I just got into. It’s got that smooth Psychedelic Rock vibe and keeps you grooving.

Day 23: Porcupine Tree – Stupid Dream
A classic by Porcupine Tree that I’ve heard numerous times, which happens to have some of my favourite PT songs.

Day 24: J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton – Road To Escondido
This one is a must listen and rightfully won a Grammy. A brilliant album from the masters EC and JJ.

Day 25: Boris Blenn – Berlin Future Lounge
Neat little album this one. Lounge beats that are smooth

Day 26: Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots
The mastermind behind Gorillaz. This one is the calmer mellow Damon Albarn.

Day 27: The Cancel – Jungle
Really cool album by The Cancel this one. A brief journey into Abstract Hip-Hop.

Day 28: St. Germain – Tourist
This album is a Nu Jazz classic and it’s sure to get those feet tapping.

Day 29: B.B. King & Eric Clapton – Riding With The King
What you get when the legend B.B.King meets another legend Eric Clapton. A Blues Rock classic.

Day 30: David Bowie – Blackstar
His last album before he came to pass and one of his best. Starman Bowie with his swan song ‘Blackstar’.

Day 31: The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With A Movie Camera
A brilliant album from start to finish and one of Cinematic Orchestra’s best releases to date.

Day 32: Mo’ Horizons – And The New Bohemian Freedom
Really chilled Bossa Nova and Downtempo on this record. Really smooth.

That’s the end of the list.

More tunes in the next post covering the next 10 days.

Stay safe and hydrated 😉


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