Coronavirus: Spreading Music During the COVID19 Lockdown From Bombay Day 1 to Day 10

The world is plunged deep into #COVID19 lockdown. Never has a virus been this devastating, alarming and contagious in the world’s history and what we’re experiencing here are some unprecedented times.

With every country slowly going into lockdown, we’ve been left with a lot of time to ponder, read, strategise, grow, relax, enjoy music and cinema and spend time with family. Staying busy working on something or the other is a huge necessity, for me at least, in times such as these or for others it’s just all about relaxing and family.

It’s truly some unforeseen and unheard of circumstances. India just went on lockdown earlier this week with cases slowly accruing around the nation. Hopefully, we’ll be able to contain it well enough making sure it doesn’t spread and infect more people. This is the second largest nation by population we’re talking about here and we’re forced to stay indoors until it ends, which prompts the question, when is this going to end?

For me as a musician and a writer who usually works from home, my work writing about football for online websites and making music hasn’t stopped, so it’s business as usual for me. But most people have been forced to work form home, in what is the largest work-from-home experiment in human history or on the other hand not work at all, depending on their type of work. Such dire times need some initiatives to help enhance the experience of the forced hibernation in our homes.

Resident Advisor’s Save Our Scene Campaign

There are a number of great initiatives out there like Resident Advisor’s Save Our Scene (SOS) campaign which is determined to help artists and people who make a living from music during this government imposed social distancing and lockdown, which you can read about here:

I decided to do my bit and share some music with people around the world during the lockdown.

To get things rolling here is a Downtempo DJ Set I made last week that is sure to get you grooving and in the mood for relaxing and winding down. It’s called “From Indian Sands”

Here it is on Soundcloud:

A Beat Challenge on Twitter inspired me to deviate from my preferred genre of Electronica to try something different and new in the form of Jazz Hop, so I’m currently working on a short Jazz Hop EP, which is my first foray in the genre. Here’s the first track which is also the beat challenge video.

Here’s the Beat Challenge by artist Dr. Dundiff that inspired my Jazz Hop attempt.

I also decided to start a thread on Twitter where I’m sharing one album everyday of the lockdown. Here is the thread:

Here are the first 10 albums for the first 10 days.

Day 1: Howlin’ Wolf – The Howlin’ Wolf Album

Day 2: Four Tet – Rounds

Day 3: The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Take It From The Man!

Day 4: TM Juke – Maps from the Wilderness

Day 5: DJ Krush – Jaku

Day 6: A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms

Day 7: Kruder and Dorfmeister – DJ Kicks

Day 8: The Underground Youth – Mademoiselle

Day 9: DeeB – Slowmocean

Day 10: Puscifer – Conditions Of My Parole

I’ll be back in 10 days with the next instalment of 10 albums and whatever else is out on the personal front by then.

Stay safe and enjoy the lockdown.


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