Transit EP – A Music To Motion Debut Album

My debut EP ‘Transit’ in the Electronica genre is out now on Bandcamp and YouTube with Spotify coming up soon. It’s been a long ride producing this EP and it’s my debut effort which I’ve been working hard on for the past few months. The inspiration of this album comes from being in constant motion, in a state of transit. Here is a detailed description of the album and the link to listen and purchase.

For the visceral experience to travel, comes Ghost Intent’s debut EP “Transit” which amalgamates vivid soundscapes and ambient textures to conjure and exemplify the feeling of being in a state of transit. To explore and grow by leaving familiar shores represents something innate in the human experience which we desire. Nurturing various sounds befitting the concept of motion in music comes an EP rich in collective and organic sounds made for a voyage into the unknown.

“I made this album with the main premise of creating a vivid soundtrack for being in the state of transit. To me, to add permeating sound to motion plays a significant role in making the journey even more personal and enriching. Ideally, you should listen to this EP while you’re in motion, that’s what it’s made for.”

“As human beings, we are perpetually in a state of motion, I grew up in the heart of Bombay city, India and I’ve been frequenting the local trains since I was 14-15 years old. To add to that, travelling to Goa from my college town of Manipal up that gloriously picturesque Konkan coastline on the Indian Railways is where I found myself in my late teenage years and early twenties’ expeditions.”

“All my travels have a story to them so I wanted to create a story in sound for anybody who finds themselves in transit. I guess that’s where the inspiration comes from. The track Underground explores exactly that. It’s for all those late journeys back home by the local train, underground tube or Euro Rail or whatever. The music in the EP is made especially for the ever-changing captivating scenery when you’re travelling, just staring out the window.”

“I love how ambient pads, lingering pianos and delectable beats can dictate the mood to the experience of being in motion and I’ve used layers of the same in different places of the tracks on the album.”

“Cohesion represents the coming together of pieces of music that explore speed while you’re in transit with a pervading driving beat. Textures and Standing By are just me staring into the void while I’m travelling. So it’s all based on your journey and the EP itself was a journey to put together.”

“I listen to everything. My music taste spans genres across the spectrum. Right from the old school Blues from the ’30s-’50s or some classic Rock and Roll on a Monday night to a radical shift of some groovy and smooth Electronica, Trip Hop and Downtempo to wind down to on weekends, my speakers keep blaring on while I’m burning the midnight oil in my bedroom studio, which gets me into trouble with the neighbours. I’m also an intermediate guitar player so that Fender static buzzes on through my amp whether I’m jamming out or not.”

“However, for this first debut EP, I didn’t let all my influences flow into the creative process at once, so there are neither electric guitars nor vocals. There’s a bit of acoustic guitar on there though. For this EP I worked with experimental and organic sounds that to me, add feeling to the constantly changing backdrop in your line of sight while you’re in motion. As an artist, I think if you can make the listener feel something while they’re listening to your music then your job as an artist is accomplished.”

“With more complex, intricate and live arrangements, in line with roots in my influences, which I have planned for my next few releases, I think for now this effort will suffice.”

“I’m happy with the final outcome of this EP but like it is with any creative process and it’s perfection, I have to keep improving and add more elements and levels to my music. This is just the beginning.”

“I’ve been through so many transitionary phases in my life so I had to pay some respect to my past and the formative process of coming full circle to releasing this debut EP. The EP echoes transitioning to triumph and a hint of melancholy all put together, just like the human experience of living should have.”

Transit explores everything from the journey to the antipodes of the sound-to-motion experience and transports listeners in a smooth, surreal, enveloping atmosphere rich in vibrant soundscapes, reverberating beats and ambient sound textures. This EP announces Ghost Intent to the world stage and will pave the way for more releases by him.

Play this on your next Transit.

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