David Gilmour Live – A Christmas Gift For The End Of The Decade

A man who needs no introduction is the living legend, David Gilmour.

Gilmour is perhaps the most enigmatic lead singer and guitarist of his generation. The man’s influence is unsurpassed and his music speaks for itself.

The voice and sound at the heart of Pink Floyd for nearly 5 decades, his trademark panache, finesse and guitar playing style are the aspirations of many guitarists around the world, myself included. I put this mix together as a tribute to David Gilmour and the eclectic sounds of his guitar. It’s Christmas today and 3 years after my first compilation/tribute mix to Thom Yorke and so I decided to gift the subscribers and viewers/listeners of BOMBEATS another compilation. This is a Christmas 2019 end of a decade gift to the world just like David Gilmour’s music is meant to be.

Gilmour remains a huge inspiration to me and many worldwide and this compilation is made for fans of David and Pink Floyd around the world. The sounds that Gilmour is well known to create from his guitar wrap you in their unique atmosphere and envelop you with their incandescent, everlasting glow that trails on like the summer sun. The hope is that this mix resonates with you and keeps you warm beside that Christmas fire.

Also, RIP Richard Wright the best keyboard player in the history of Rock and Roll.

Here is David Gilmour for Christmas 2019 and the end of a decade on my YouTube channel BOMBEATS.

Merry Christmas!

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