Weird Water From Space: What You Are Made Of And Why It’s So Strange

The water here on Earth, all around us, not just in our bodies but in the bodies of every living thing, plant or animal came from billions of years of universal evolution. It is perhaps the strangest chemical to have ever existed and it enabled the beginning of life here on Earth.

It is fascinating to think that the water inside us and all around us has come from billions of years of universal expansion and progression. All the water around us is technically alien. It has come down from asteroids and all the dust particles and energy that emanated from the big bang. At one point the very water inside us was inside dinosaurs and the early life forms on earth.

Water is an unusual chemical because it’s made of two light atoms, Hydrogen and Oxygen. According to the rules of chemistry, it should be a gas given the atmospheric conditions on our planet, but because of its special design, it is primarily a liquid.

Water defies chemistry and unlike any other chemical is a compound that expands after it freezes, unlike all liquids which contract when frozen. This ability enabled it to preserve complex life and made it possible for that life to survive and evolve on our planet.

We are so accustomed to water and don’t think about it that much, but water is the weirdest, most astounding chemical in the universe. We now know that water exists in on the moon and on other planets in our solar system and where there’s water there could be life. In this short video, BBC Ideas explain and reflect on water and its extraordinary design.


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