Why you should have more than 2 careers – Be Part Of The Journey Not The Destination + Sets for Sundays Episode #023

I recently have decided permanently to pursue a career in music full time. It was between music and journalism for a degree in Europe and after a lot of deliberation I have decided on music. It’s been a part of me since I was 10 and actually since I was old enough to talk and sing. My parents keep recollecting and telling me that I used to sing the songs of a 90’s Bollywood hit movie called “Baazigar” starring Sharukh Khan when I was little. The movie released in 1993, so that was when I was 3. It was mainly because it was all around me then but either way music has been an immense part of my life and integral to my very existence. I love to write as well, don’t get me wrong so the choice was a hard one.


On one hand I have a career in football journalism (I’m working as one with India’s best sports news website and I love football as well, I’ve been playing since I was 8) And got into writing much later in the 8th, 9th and 10th grade in school when I developed good writing skills. But music was there with me even before that. I thought about it and the joy of creating music from scratch thrills me more. It’s an unknown space for sure, but I can naturally see and feel myself thriving in that setting.


Which comes to my point. Am I going to stop writing? Hell no. I’ve got a book of poems ready to publish. I’m keeping writing going as well. And that’s why you should have at least two careers.

I stumbled upon this article in the harvard business review which hit the nail on the head for me. Have a read if you’re interested.

Here is the link

Why should you limit yourself to only your current career ? Why be stuck in a job wanting to do more but not take the leap just because safety is what is essential. It’s mundane. Why not use all the time you have to do both! – duh!

It gives you a chance to fulfil your soul, follow you passions and your dreams and I saw this guy and said “Wow, if he can do it so can I.” It should be the same with you as well!
Take the leap

For me, money isn’t even a goal, it’s a by-product of doing the two things I love the most, making music and writing! And honestly I don’t even care about the money, I’m doing this for the soul of it. So people remember me after I’m dead and gone. Maybe I’ll make it big or I won’t but at least I’ll have given it my best shot! “You can try the best you can, the best you can is good enough” – Radiohead.

Read the Harvard Business Review article for the bonuses of having two careers, he’s successful and I’m not at the moment. But it depends on what your idea of success is anyway, not the nowadays buzzword for money for me at least, as I’ve explained in detail in one of my blog posts earlier, an essay called “What is success?”

So I’m helping people out here in Mumbai and applying to colleges in the UK and Germany at the moment. I even got into a college in Germany but they haven’t worked out student visas for Indian students with the German visa officials as yet so I asked them if they could do so by 2018, so maybe I could re-apply next year. Or the other option is to try to get a job in Germany and do the course part time. Which I’ve yet to speak to my contacts in Germany about.

About the UK, I’ve just started the application process for a course in 2018. However, given the current political climate and scenario, I’m frankly worried about getting a job and a work permit/work visa. I’m keeping a worst case scenario of not getting one which will be a bummer having spent so much money and to spend two or three years living and learning there. But the past has taught me to keep a backup plan so I’m not stuck, confused and downhearted. In my case, I will apply to 100 studios and newspapers/magazines in the UK post my degree and stay at it until I get a job. I’m that fucking determined *cue Mudvayne* Hell I’ll even go to Stamford Bridge in London and beg them to hire me so I can work as anything(literally/ preferably writing though) for the club I love through and through. #Chelseatillidie

Oh yes the back up, so yeah worst case I come back to Mumbai, India and DJ and produce here but send my stuff to labels abroad, like just if they like it and stuff. I can hack it here for sure. It’s just that I don’t like Bollywood music at all and to make money in music in India it has to be Bollywood. And once I’m tired of that and repay my student loan I’ll then do a masters in a niche in the US and take it from there. I’ll do well somewhere. That’s the hope. Damn you visas! #CitizenOfTheWorld

Anyway that’s my plan at the moment. I’m just taking it one application and each class with the piano and guitar while practicing for an hour a day at least – one day at a time basically. I’m also involved with some interesting projects with friends that I’m helping them on.

It’s been unfortunate that I can’t share this journey with the women I love/loved/crossed paths with. They’ve all left me for various reasons, my fault and theirs equally at times. But I still care about all of them. I still think I’ll meet them at some stage of life somewhere down the line. And we’ll sit at a cafe when we’re older with some live music (in Europe), possiby dance and just have a conversation about life and the stuff we’ve missed just as two souls that crossed paths and connected once. But they decided there was no future with me at that time when I was a reckless teenager and because of my destructive bad side and I respect that. Maybe I didn’t have it in me then to convince them to commit to me but I needed to grow and expand and live my way at that point of time. I’ve changed. Life goes on. I’ve bounced back stronger and smarter as a result. I gave them 100% but it was lacking from their end a bit I feel though. Also alcohol, mistakes and drama did not help. Anyway, *cue heartbreak hotel by Elvis*

Hey you beautiful souls, if you’re reading this, be part of the journey not the destination. That’s the fun of it.

Thats the thing about life isn’t it. It’s funny. It’s never a straight path. It’s a upwards, downwards and sideways curve of a rollercoaster and I’ve learnt to understand that nothing ever will go according to plan but you have to bounce back and react well to it. It’s all in the reaction. You’ve got to pick yourself up and bounce back positively and not give in to downs.

Life throws it’s fast balls, in-swingers and bouncers at you (cricket analogy) but the bounce back and hitting it out of the park soon after taking a body(mind) hit is very important. Bounce back from life’s situations, always stronger and wiser.

On the filpside, imagine if everything went smoothly and well and nothing ever went wrong and you got everything you planned for and wanted. What a bore that would be. Hence, the downs are as important as the ups. Embrace them and #KeepGoing


On that note lets check out the music for the weekend. Sets for Sundays! Boom 🙂

Here is a playlist I made to get you in the mood!

It’s based on a show I ran on twitter called DJ in tweets. Here it is.

And for the come down here is Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground live at the Matrix from 1969

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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Take care and have a great weekend and week ahead.

Peace always.

Hey I might just be the next big producer.

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