Sets For Sundays – Episode #022 – Two Sets for Two Suns In The Sunset

Hello folks!

I haven’t blogged in two weeks but I’m a bit free right now after just finishing an article for the sports media company I represent –

I recently crossed a milestone in my career as a football journalist – I have accumulated 1.02 million reads in 5 months.

And a thank you to those of you who have read them…

If you want to check out any of my articles here is the link for that

Get in!

NOTE : If you just want the music scroll down to the middle. If you wanna laugh a bit, read on.

Also note this is not sunset music, I just named it after a Pink Floyd song in my mix.

Its been a good yet strange two weeks and things are looking up as the summer comes along. Its already starting to get a bit hot weather wise outside.. *where are the beers?*

Well, after not drinking a sip of alcohol since a few beers I had with my buddy who came back to Bombay from Canada in December, I drank twice in the last two weeks.

The first night was really strange. My buddy and I were supposed to go eat some sushi because believe it or not I have never eaten sushi in my life. Yes, I don’t know why, I have eaten Es-cargo in Paris and raw fucking fish in Bremen, Germany but for some reason I haven’t ever tried sushi.

We were supposed to meet my buddy’s friend from Belgium and go for a civilized dinner but when we got to the restaurant it was full. The three of us then found out that an acquaintance was playing a DJ set at a bar close to us so we decide to go check it out.

I don’t know why, but I saw the bar and decided, ‘Fuck it I’m drinking’. And when I drink, its safe to say that I don’t know how/when to stop. I slammed like 9 beers at the bar that night, the music was shit, like really piss poor, I had some intense conversations about life with the Belgian guy and I socialized with some random women whose names I just can’t fucking recall at all and I even got a facebook id from one because her phone wasn’t working.

I then picked up another couple of  beers on my way back home, you know just to make sure I was properly drunk, because well… *insert confused gibberish thoughts here*

I was clean for a good part of a year since May 2016 and thought ‘Fuck it, I need this’.

The ‘how/when’ to stop, was replaced by ‘where/who’ and I came back home smelling like a damn brewery, at 3 a.m. and finished those final two pints and passed the fuck out.

I had a hangover from hell the next day or I was still drunk in the morning, one of the two, and I couldn’t write a bloody word the entire day. Thankfully though, I didn’t have to go to an office and feel like shit there. I could feel like shit on my bed, rolling around and stuff.

Parallel from history – I got fired from my second ever job in 2013 a week after I puked my guts out in the office’s toilet after coming to work drunk from the previous night. *That day was bad bro*

Also thankfully, I could then play my instruments as the hangover wore off.

Cannot. Drink. Must. Not. Drink.

Alcohol is the devil man. Alcohol is the fucking devil. That’s all I’m going to say.

But all was not lost that day. I discovered a new pizza place that actually makes pretty decent pizza. *It was badly needed that day*

Heavenly Pizza. Would highly recommend this place #zeespizza #swiggyit #Mumbai

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Anyway post that its been a peaceful fortnight.

I was supposed to meet a Premier League legend named Alan Shearer for an interview yesterday(my first ever interview) after I pestered his PR guy in India for a 2 minute interview. But I got stuck in traffic despite leaving early from home and he had left for some ‘urgent meetings’ by the time I got there. Just in case you want to know Alan Shearer is the Premier League’s all time highest goalscorer, if I’m not mistaken. *Alan fucking Shearer man, it would’ve been epic!*

I was a bit disappointed so I headed to a bar at the St.Regis hotel which is in the same complex and I found some company. I didn’t get the ‘interview’, but I got the ‘view’.

Sun goes down on the Maximum City #Mumbai #photography

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The rest cannot be revealed 😉

So anyway I madeamix and posted a rare concert on the channel #BOMBEATS last week.

Here is the mix. Its called Duality(Find Balance). Have a listen here and find that balance.

And here is Mississippi Fred McDowell – A blues legend – live at the Gaslight in New York in 1971.

Enjoy the tunes this week.

Also here are the best bits of the tunes I learnt in the last 2-3 weeks. Playing the guitar and singing at the same time is really difficult at the moment but these are the best, in descending order.

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago

Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago. This song is almost a 100 years old. It was originally written by the Blues legend Robert Johnson in the 1920s and later covered by tons of rock bands, but most famously by Eric Clapton. Use headphones/speaks to hear the singing properly coz its a little low. This is a simplified version of the song without the intro and its the first ever blues song I've learnt. It feels great coz I didn't think I'd be able to play the Blues so quickly. I hope to be able to play more complex ones going ahead. Cheers peeps! Enjoy whats left of the weekend. Tc 🙂 #music #blues #robertjohnson #sweethomechicago #guitar #guitarist #beginner #week7 #Ashton #D20BK #strings #stringinstruments #1minsample #cheers #keepgoing #keepimproving

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Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky

The Doors – People Are Strange

Radiohead – True Love Waits

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Tool – Sober

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely. This song man. This song. It was on repeat for centuries before I was born also I think. Haha I heard this a lot in life off one of my all time fav albums Kid A. Listen with headphones or speakers. I hope I didn't murder it too badly. You need a capo for the original chords but I don't have one so I found an alternate way of playing it. Im still getting there and again mistakes as usual, especially the second bit trying to mute the A string and play it but anyway this is it for now. I love this track for life and I hope I can play it properly sometime down the line. "In a little while, I'll be gone. Im not here. Im not here…" #music #guitar #beginner #guitarist #radiohead #howtodisappearcompletely #kida #KIDA #guitarplaying #withvocals #1minsample #instruments #week5 #keepgoing #keepimproving #keepitlightandmoving

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Radiohead – Karma Police (Intro’s Outro) Clip

Staind – Everything Changes

I hope I wasn’t too bad. I’m actually surprised by how much I can do after 7 weeks!

It’s progressing, like any good progressive song 🙂

I reckon it’ll take me a couple of years to get to a decent level at both, so let’s see.

It’s a long term project 😉

Take care.




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