Sets For Sundays – Episode #21 – Jimi Hendrix Live At Royal Albert Hall 1969

Its been a good and productive week. Its Sunday 10.30 pm and I’m relaxing. Its been a smooth and silent Sunday even though there were some guests over for lunch. My guitar and piano classes have been going on as well and I’m slowly improving, although I do need to put more time into practicing, much more than what I’m doing now, to get to the level I want to be at. Its a long-drawn process I guess, so you can’t really expect results in a short space of time like a month.

Anyway, I dug up this video and posted it today. Its Jimi Hendrix performing live at Royal Albert Hall in 1969 and it has some of my favourite songs of his. Especially since there are so few of Jimi’s live performances(in videos) on the internet that aren’t compilations of various random shots of him playing the guitar. They’re not single videos of an entire concert basically. They’re just random clips.

The record company that owns Jimi’s song and video rights keep taking down the videos of his music that people put up. They themselves are doing quite a shabby job, only posting the audio files of his music and no videos of his concerts, so it’s really a pain.

I tried uploading the song ‘Hey Baby(new rising sun)’, because I couldn’t find a proper HQ audio version of it online, like the one I had, but the label blocked it worldwide. So when I stumbled on this video today, I decided to play it safe and upload it on Facebook instead of YouTube.

I usually make it a habit of saving the best videos, albums and live performances that I find, to add to my personal collection and to pass on in the future to my children and so on you know. To tell them, this is what I listened to in my teens and when I was  20-something-years-old etc. Also you never know when these videos might get deleted or removed from the internet for whatever reason so its better to save them.

So this set is about 40 minutes long and its bloody brilliant. Jimi Hendrix was undoubtedly a genius. The best thing about this one is that apart from a few clips of him travelling and speaking, most of it has him performing live at Royal Albert Hall back in ’69.

Wait till you hear ‘Hear My Train Coming’ – its mind blowing!

Its not the whole thing so I’ve split it up into two parts.

The first part is the first 40 minutes in video and the rest is a playlist of the remaining songs he performed that night in audio format only. That’s all I could find but I hope you like it.

Coincidentally, it happened on 24th February in 1969. So we’re just 4 days short of the same day this took place exactly 48 years ago! How sweet is that!

Here you go – Enjoy 🙂

Part – I

Part – II

Rock out this weekend!

Peace and Life


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