The Rich Man and The Not So Rich Man – A Short Story

There were two friends who grew up together as children. They went to the same school and played the same games, they fought and laughed like every other pair of friends.

As they grew up, they both drifted apart, wanting, searching for and chasing different things.

The first wanted – monetary success, material wealth, fame, power, a luxurious life and all the things money could buy.

The second wanted – knowledge, excellence, love, peace, meaning, happiness, freedom and to enjoy the beauty of life to it’s fullest.

They both got what they wanted.

The first became rich, very rich, one of the richest out of all of friends and peers. The second became not so rich but found everything he was looking for.

The first, became wealthy after a lot of struggle, at the cost of a lot of his personal health, happiness and strained relationships with his family and the people he loved. He did not care, he was only focused on making money.

The second, did not have anywhere near as much money as the first but he was content. He had a loving family life and a lot of peace of mind.

They both got what they wanted.

The rich man in his pursuit of what he wanted, was always too busy. He gave up everything, but lost his most valuable resource – his time.

While the not so rich man had everything he wanted and did as he pleased with a lot of his most valuable resource – time.

So, who was the real rich man?

– By Gaurav Krishnan.


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