Contrast – About ‘Nothing’

I like to think that I’m good with words(decent enough actually), but more often than not I can’t seem to describe moments and write about them as aptly and eloquently in words as I’d like to. But there’s time to improve, I guess.

I never thought I would write for a living, especially since I’ve never been trained to. I’m re-visiting what I did as a school kid, but it just sort of came out of ‘Nothing’ recently.

Which is my topic for today.. ‘Nothing’.

I made up this quote some time ago


Ok so I don’t know why I chose a picture of a guy riding a bicycle in the background at the time, haha 😛

But all jokes aside, according to me, it’s only when you’re in that state of nothingness – When your mind is still – While everything is calm within and there are no useless, pointless and worthless rumblings inside your head that you can actually THINK.

It’s only when you’re doing nothing that you truly get to introspect, contemplate, theorize, formulate, strategize, create etc, to your best ability. It’s just from my experience but that’s why I stress that ‘Nothing is something worth doing’, which coincidentally is also the name of a song I like.

I’ve written about a 100 quotes that will be published at the end of my poetry book. It’s still achingly on the way, but I will keep you guys posted about it. But the good news is that I’ve managed to add about 8 or 9 more poems. There’s no hurry really, but I really want to see it published… it’s coming soon and I will keep you all posted.

Here is what I posted about my little walk this morning. Have a read.


“I don’t know what it was about this morning. I stepped out for a walk with Tool playing on my headphones and I could properly feel every note and every beat of the music. But it was just different today, for some reason. I was practicing this meditation technique for quite a while all night until I decided to go for a walk. So I’m walking and there is literally nothing on my mind, absolutely nothing. Not even a hint of a thought. And I’m enjoying the music almost unadulteratedly. I was properly air drumming and air guitaring on the streets while I walked. I looked at the people’s faces as I passed them and they all looked so stressed, irritated, dejected, down etc, like they had a ton of bullshit on their minds. The majority of them, except the kids though. And by contrast I had nothing, except me observing everything around me. It was quite hilarious when they gave me looks almost as if to say ‘Wtf is making this guy so happy?’ It was nothing. That was it – Nothing was making me happy. I was just in a state of empty-completeness, if that makes sense to you. I was simply enjoying the music and my walk and the moment. No thoughts. No bullshit. Just me in the moment soaking it all in. It’s not the first time this has happened to me. I’ve written a lot of poems about feeling like this, some of which will be in my book. It’s happened quite a lot, but today was just different, I don’t know why. So I just smiled at them and went on my way. It’s such times that make me realise that more than half of the bullshit of everything you go through or feel is just caused by you and your head. In the words of Radiohead ‘You do it to yourself, you do, and that’s what really hurts, you do it to yourself, just you and no-one else’. Do as Buddha said ‘Meditate, lest you regret it later’. And the thing is you don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor and close your eyes, you can do it on the move or while you’re trying to sleep, wherever and in any situation. Just watch your breath. Thats all. It’s that simple. It’s really amazing how a sustained period of meditation can help you enjoy life or the moments of life, in a better way. Anyway it was really peaceful. Mornings like these 🙂 Empty-Completeness”

Which brings me back to a quote I wrote a while ago.

I don’t know if you agree, but again it’s from my experience. I think, in the end, the knowledge you get from your own experience is first-hand and not someone else’s perspective,  or second-hand knowledge basically. That’s what truly defines how you view life, what you learn out of living it. That is real knowledge according to me. So I encourage you to learn from yourself, by yourself, from your own experiences. Of course have the common sense to filter out the idiotic notions but yes, do think about and question everything, don’t be stupid.

And of course I’m not saying academic knowledge is useless, it’s important to learn academically too, so do read, getting perspective is great, but yeah just don’t agree with everything you read, question it. Find satisfying answers for yourself.


Which also brings me to this very interesting concept I read in Stephen Hawking’s book – The Grand Design – about interpreting and analysing things from our current disposition on earth. So in a nutshell it says, that for a goldfish in a fishbowl(a hypothetic intelligent one) – analysing and interpreting all it’s basic laws of physics from it’s position inside the fishbowl(inside curved glass and stale water). It has different values for everything because it is measuring it from it’s frame of reference, although it firmly believes those are absolute.

To quote his book it says, “The goldfish view is not the same as our own, but goldfish could still formulate scientific laws governing the motion of the objects they observe outside their bowl. For example, due to the distortion, a freely moving object would be observed by the goldfish to move along a curved path. Nevertheless, the goldfish could formulate laws from their distorted frame of reference that would always hold true. Their laws would be more complicated than the laws in our frame.”

Then he asks what if we are similarly like the goldfish in the fishbowl, just measuring everything from our frame of reference, inside our own fishbowl- the earth. So if you get it, you will realise that we cannot be sure of our laws of physics being absolutes because they are simply from our frame of reference here on earth.

Of course I’m no physics expert, but it’s just to highlight how things are different from a particular place, time etc and for different people and that you shouldn’t blindly believe something as the absolute truth just because you read it somewhere. It was their perspective, based on their experience, their time, their knowledge etc.

We as humans learn mostly from what we are taught and what we read, but how many learn from what we experience?

Just a thought, hehe 🙂

Anyway coming back…

Peace is a very satisfying state of mind and in turn a form of happiness. As I retweeted the Dalai Lama some time back, he reckons so too.

I hope this helps you 🙂

So for some visuals, here are some pictures from a few walks this past week.

Enjoy the small things, nature, everything around you, it’s pretty majestic honestly. Look up!

And to end is a tribute to Albert Hoffman, whom I’m always indebted to. His birthday was last week! The man who was the father and technically the facilitator of so many eye-opening experiences for people through the years. A legend.

Have a great week!

Peace 🙂


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