My Christmas & New Year Present To You

Hello folks!

I’ve been caught up in a lot of things and the last week has been quite hectic, but I did find the time to make one last video before the year ends on my YouTube channel BOMBEATS.

I know it’s a little late but I’ve just been a bit under the weather as well. But a gift is a gift whether it’s late or on time.

It’s my tribute to a musician who has inspired me considerably throughout my late teenage and adult life.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

I recently tweeted to all the band members wishing them a Merry Chirstmas and surprisingly their drummer Philip Selway(whom I also admire a lot) liked my tweet. It felt pretty awesome that an actual band member of my favourite band in the world acknowledged my little tweet on Christmas Day, it meant a lot 🙂

Here it is


It made my day and it was my ultimate moment as a Radiohead fan.

So I decided to do something in return and made this little video.

Here it is my gift to you for Christmas and New Years Eve 2016.

Just sit by a fire and hit play and admire the sheer brilliance! Enjoy 🙂

I hope this makes your week even more special.

It might not be available in the United States because that’s what a notification said but I’m sure you can find a work around using a proxy website based in Europe or whatever.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

This video, I think, is a fitting end to the year.

Here is a piece of art by Stanley Donwood as well.. just because I’m bored and I like his art.


After all the wars, terrorist attacks and deaths, the departing of musicians, actors, writers, academics etc along with all the fads and viral things that came and went and the people who came to power and those that faded away, the close people we lost, the new people we gained, the new opportunities, the little tragedies, the falling apart, the unbeatable feelings, the experiences, the adventures, the new places, all the things we learned this year that helped us re-invent ourselves and of course the thoughts, the emotions and the words that make us human – In a way all of that helped us grow from our old selves into this new self one year onward and please may it continue, because that’s the process of life and living it.

As Bob Marley put it many years ago – “My riches is, Life Forever.”

I think this tiny little video offers some solace after a frantic year, saying that our optimism is justified, after all, to believe in a better life and better days ahead is what keeps us going.

These are my last words for the last few days of 2016 and I wish you all the best for 2017.

Take Care




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