Wednesday Vibes – Episode #008 – In Limbo

Wednesday Vibes is back and it’s making up for Sunday as well. Yea, I missed Sets For Sundays this past weekend but it’s alright.

This week has been pretty weird. I’ve got this weird feeling of being in limbo. I don’t know why exactly, it’s just this strange feeling like I’m stuck in a proper state of limbo. I guess it’s probably just this massive leap I’ve taken to pursue music and become a music producer. It’s scary to venture into such a field with zero background and training at my age. I’m 26 and I should be already settled by now, you know with my own house, a woman and a steady source of income etc, but I guess everyone’s journey is different.

I’m just going to go for it and pursue it seriously. I’m taking a couple of classes stating next month. I’m learning the Keyboard and Music theory plus the DAW Software – Ableton through a couple of private tutors who aren’t too expensive and I’m pretty kicked about it.

I guess I shouldn’t judge myself after 2 weeks. But yeah, my family isn’t too excited about this, they’ve all told me to get a “real” job and accept one of those many finance jobs that are coming my way….. Fuck that! Lol 😛

So I’m giving myself a year and a half to perfect the software and learn the keyboard, enough to make enough material to cut a proper album. A good enough one. I’m pretty excited to see what I can come up with.

I’m also planning to spend some time at a friend’s studio if he’s cool with it that is, in say February or March. I’ll ask him when I’m a bit better with the technicalities.

I suck right now, my music sucks, everything is all off and all over the place, I just know it but I have no clue how to correct it. I’m determined to get better though. #KeepGoing

And I want to do a masters in music as well but only after I have sufficient knowledge. So let’s see how it goes.

Thankfully though, I have a job at the moment that takes care of basic stuff and I have a book releasing in February as well and I’m applying for a couple of more writing gigs on other websites.

So I balance my day between writing and messing with the MIDI controller, but this month is just the messing around phase – I’ve realised that there is no point posting any tunes now because they aren’t upto my own standards firstly, so forget other peoples I HAVE TO GET BETTER. It starts in January and by April-May 2017, I better have made a lot of progress.

I’ve basically failed at many things in my life you name it – college, relationships, jobs, business, health, the whole fucking lot. But it’s taught me a lot of things. I’ve rectified them slowly, I graduated last year after a lot of lows but the main transformation started this year when I made a conscious effort to get clean, and the clarity in my head is just amazing. So I’m heading into the new year with a lot of wisdom and lot of determination.

Music and Writing have been two things I was good at since I was 10, so it’s a no-brainer here. Attempting anything in the arts, anything creativity based though is really daunting but that being said, I’m pretty excited about this. I’m doing this! Not for anybody else but for ME.

I just wish I had someone, a girlfriend or a friend to talk to about all my aspirations and someone who would support, believe in and encourage me because everybody tells you not to do it.

But yeah I’m happy on my own at the moment, it’s pretty sweet acutally. #Lonerism

Let’s see what unfolds. So here is a playlist for the week. Which I made a couple of days ago.

Take a little trip 😉

Ok so I gotta run and watch a game that I’m covering and it’s a Chelsea game so cheers peeps! Cmon Chelsea ! #COYB #CFCTilliDie

Kick off is in exactly 5 minutes !

Enjoy the holidays! 🙂

Take care


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