Morphonoise – And The Beat Goes Om -Slow Improvement(Hit Play!)

Hola Folks!

I’ve been working with the M-Audio Oxygen 25 MIDI Controller/Keyboard for 6 days in all and I will post a review soon-ish.

So for the past 24 hours I’ve been honing my skills aiming to get better and better slowly.
I’ve been digging for samples I like and can flip for the last two days and decided on a few to put into a 2 track debut thingy. I actually made a few more but they aren’t that great and the mastering is all over the place.

I’m just slightly happy with the result in a way, honestly I have miles to go before I become really good at this, but the little happiness is because it’s only been 6 days and I honestly did not expect to progress so fast. I’ve been addicted to the thing. My first few attempts weren’t that great and I didn’t like the final output but I’m slowly improving, baby steps as I mentioned earlier.

So here are a couple of tracks I made in the last 24 hours, I woke up at 6.30 am yesterday(Friday) morning and it’s 5.30 am now(Saturday).

Don’t ask me how I stay awake for 24 hours and stuff, my sleep cycles are just not normal, it’s extremely random, I sleep whenever I get sleep, ever since I shut down my business that is, but it’s fine I guess.

Thankfully I can do what I please with my time and continue to improve in music and writing and make a living as well.

Being a creative person who was asked to get a “real” job was always an problem for me. But I’m glad I’ve decided to ditch that and pursue what I really want to.

Here are my two latest tracks. Have a listen.

Ok so now I have to get some sleep. I hope you like the tracks.

Also I was trying to figure out if I could score a film and I ended up making some really and I mean really dark music. I have no clue how, I used no samples like the tracks above and I made everything with my keyboard and beat pads.

It’s perfect for a horror film and I’m sure a lot of people would shit themselves, if it played in a theater during some scary scene.

So I’m just going to leave that here.

Do not be alarmed, this is just random music that flowed out of me, I have no clue from where though, it’s funny, I do have a darkside, hence my tattoo depicts the duality of light(good) and dark(bad) but I’ve learned to embrace that side of me, I seek the good things and the light and of course peace. Also as mentioned in the tweet, I’m waiting for the beginning of Hans Zimmer’s film scoring masterclass which I have signed up for. It should be pretty awesome!


Two take-aways from the promo ads are a couple of awesome quotes

“Everybody tells you not to do it[music] but you should anyway, if there is a rule, break it!”

“Making music is like creating a story, your own story!”

Love it. Cannot wait for it.

I will post a review of my MIDI keyboard+controller and some awesome websites you have to check out if you’re interested in music production and as bonus I’ll be sharing some rare awesome drum kits that I use a lot.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tracks!

“The darkness is beneath”
“Keep it light and keep it moving”

Some Radiohead song quotes hehe 😛




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