Wednesday Vibes – Episode #007 – 2 New Tracks, Slight Progress Is Always Good Juice

Hey folks!

I’m a bit late with this one, so I’m going to keep this short because I haven’t slept all night. As I write this, it’s 8 AM  so I’m about to crash soon-ish, and I’ll just wake up in the afternoon and do my writing work.

So I’m not posting any sets today, but a couple of new tracks I made.

I spend all my free time on the MIDI controller at the moment, I’m just addicted, I’m slowly getting better though.

Just a bit, and a little progress is always good juice. My own two words for “awesome”, in case you’re trying to figure out what the hell I’m saying.

But there are a lot of things I need to improve on, working the DAW to it’s max and mastering it, synchronizing my beats with every exact bar, learning to play the keyboard properly through a proper teacher and yeah getting all round better.

But for someone who just started 5 days ago, I think it’s alright. Baby steps 😛

So here are the tracks…

First up is a remix a tune that I’ve liked this whole year ever since Bad Bad Not Good dropped their new album. It’s one of my favourites on the album, it needed a proper beat and I threw in a poem I like my Jim Morrison. So it’s quite a track, just hit play!

And to end is another one which I used a few samples I liked and gave it a beat I thought would flow with it. And the name though, don’t be alarmed haha, it’s just the first random word that popped in my head. Lol 😛

But here it is – Lurker.

Ignore the little nuances i.e the off parts in the tracks, I’m still figuring it out.

I hope you guys can hear the slight improvement in the tracks. It’s something to start off for the moment. I’ve got a long way to go. I’m just doing this to get some practice and become more natural with everything.

There’s a long, long way to go, but I love doing this so it’s good.

Gotta keep at it and practice and when I can join a proper class to teach me a software inside out and I learn it well then I can really kill.

I’m pretty kicked!






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