Music – Daily Practice, Makes Perfect (48 Hours Of Owning a MIDI keyboard)

Hello! good folks,

There’s an old saying that goes, “Amateurs call it genius, but masters call it practice”. I love that quote, it’s inspired me in the past but even more right now.

It’s been 48 hours since I bought my MIDI keyboard/controller(The M-Audio Oxygen 25)and I’ve been messing around with it since then. If you follow my blog you would’ve checked out the first few stuff I came up with both beats and random keys.

So I decided today after I woke up that I would try and play some Radiohead songs that I’ve listened to for years but honestly I thought they would be too difficult for me.

Anyway I just looked up some videos and started to repeat what I saw, rather surprisingly I could replicate the notes within 5-10 minutes. I swear, I have no idea how. It’s just coming easily to me and I honestly thought I would suck at it initially and that it would take time.

But……wait for it, HOLY SHIT ! I CAN PLAY RADIOHEAD TRACKS!! I can’t describe how awesome this feels, it really feels awesome, so just have a look at me playing.

Here is one of my major favourites – Videotape by Radiohead.

Here is the original, in case you want to compare.

And here is another I just learnt – Last Flowers by Radiohead.

And here is A Perfect Circle – Imagine πŸ™‚

Sweet, right! It’s only been 48 hours! I’m more shocked than anyone else πŸ˜›

Ok, so I must say that my keyboard is really small, it’s got only 25 keys, so I can’t replicate them exactly but I had to improvise, just going by the sounds and the size of my keyboard.

I still have no clue about notes, scales, chords, progression etc.

I still haven’t started classes, they start in January and I’m buying a proper keyboard(YAMAHA) then just to learn classical piano and music theory from a good teacher. So yeah, I’m waiting for that.

I must say that I’m no genius or whatever obviously, but I’m really glad that I have taken to this so fast without any help from anyone and I’m really excited about the future when I actually get good at this.

I have to still learn a DAW or production software inside out and that’s my agenda for the month apart from messing around with the beat pads and keyboard.

At the moment though I’m just picking up things and practicing stuff I like.

But I hope you guys liked what I played.

I will continue to post my journey as it progresses.




And Cheers! πŸ™‚

And yeah a special thank you to M-Audio for this awesome MIDI keyboard/controller. They killed it!

I think I’ll review it on my blog soon.

Take care.



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