Sets For Sundays – Episode #018 – December’s Lights

December has begun! It’s the holiday season across the world. In India it’s not such a big deal though, we get a lot of holidays all through the year. India loves to celebrate.

Sets For Sundays is on Episode #018 – December’s lights. I’ve always loved December. It’s awesome because all of my friends come back home from wherever they are across the world and it’s always awesome to catch up with them. Plus there are the infamous New Years nights and sometimes Christmas nights. Haha. Proper scenes man, they’re just amaze. I’m looking forward to this month with a number of friends coming back to Bombay after 3 years or more. It’ll be sorted.

Last New Years was just awesome. This year though, I hope it’s mellower and peaceful, I don’t think I can do a proper party, they play shit music and mostly because I stopped drinking in May so I don’t want to start again, it’s a bit annoying though, I miss beer and whiskey. Lol  😛

I still can’t believe I’ve had only 5-6 beers in 8 months. I feel good. My body feels great. I can think clearly and I can concentrate on all the stuff I’m doing.

But yeah anyway, December is awesome. Bandra in Mumbai especially, it’s lit up with lights everywhere and the mood is chilled and jovial.

So let’s get straight to the music then.

I made this mix today as a tribute to one of my favourite producers from the underground scene – DJ Hellblazer.

Here is the mix so hit play and peace out. It goes well with the winter and December in general.

Then I thought I’ll add some old playlists I made last year around this time.

So here they are

And this was a goodbye playlist for 2015, I’m gonna make one for this year as well, in the last week of the year.

This should keep you set for a while.


Peace out

Have a great time these holidays !

I’m gonna chill the f**k out.

Tc 🙂


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