My Weekly Column – “Spanish Watch” is live ! On Sportskeeda

Hey folks!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend just chilling out along with Sets for Sundays. Wednesday Vibes Episode #002 will be out in a few days.

So I was really in a bad spot in August after I had to shut down my business. But from every calamity and struggle comes something awesome, at least that is what I like to believe.

I got a lot of time to write and finished my poetry book. With my savings draining out, I needed something from somewhere to keep going or risk living off my parents at this age which is quite bad. Out of nowhere a product manager at Indian sports news website) called me and said that they wanted me to write for them. It was just at the right time. So I’m thankful to that guy. I wrote a bit as a free lancer for a month when they decided to offer me a contract which I signed in the middle of October.

I used to write for them for free last year, which I just did to get my take on football out there to people and now I’m here, it’s all a process of perseverance. As a result I built a decent portfolio of articles. About 34 of them till date.

So now, I’ve got my own column on the website, covering the Spanish league called “Spanish Watch” which I will duly write every week.

La Liga is quite a fascinating league in the football world. It’s got some of the best players like Messi and Ronaldo, although only 3 teams contend for the title mainly – Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona unlike the English game where 6 teams can win it. Leicester City last year though, proved that theory wrong by winning the league. So my column focuses only on these 3 teams from Spain. It’s fun watching and writing about the Spanish game although I’m a Chelsea fan who watches the premier leauge more. That is changing.

I like doing my own thing you know. That’s why I turned down loads of job offers in Finance as an analyst or business development and so on… whatever. This is football. The game I breathe. The game I’ve been playing since I was 8 and been following since 2002. It’s the beautiful game. Long story short, it’s one of my passions and I love writing about it. That’s what it’s about isn’t it – Do what you love doing without thinking about results too much and immersing yourself into it until it kills you.

They sort of bailed me out of my failure as an Entrepreneur and Business in general. There were so many days after 1.5 years where I thought, “Is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life?”, “Where is this going?” “Am I really happy doing this?”. I didn’t like it that much and also we did not break even.  I Failed. I Shut it down. Case closed. I had to put my hand up and say I fucked up 😛

Looking back now I could’ve traveled a lot using that money! But I decided to start a business. I guess for some people all of it just falls into place for me it didn’t.  Business just didn’t work out for me.

Anyway this is quite awesome because I barely had the time to think about my failure and feel low or whatever. Thankfully I didn’t hit the bottle again. I’m still clean. I’ve had Just 3 beers in total in 6 months! In fact I’m starting to dislike alcohol. I never thought this day would come. I was a fucking proper guzzler. Anyway, all is well now. I’m much healthier than before I don’t waste my money on booze and I’m happy.

It’s also awesome because I can do a bit of real estate and other stuff that comes up while writing a couple of articles a day from home. I’ve got an idea for a low capital intensive business but I’m approaching it with caution. Also I’m looking to join a film studio in Mumbai, to get camera skills, but it’s fucking Bollywood which I just hate. The movies they make here are an insult to my intelligence. Seriously, they are so s**t! Yes I’m an Indian and unlike s**tloads of Indians I absolutely hate Bollywood. Haha 🙂

Also I must mention that iconic directors like Chirstopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino are self taught with no film school. But yeah I still think I need it.

So at the moment it’s all good. I need to save for travelling to Europe next year which I’m planning to do. It should be fun. Also my cousin sister Varsha and her American boyfriend Kris have invited me to New York to stay with them for a bit which I really want to do. I have loads of friends there as well. I’ve got to figure out my masters plan as well. Where to get the loan from, which school to go to, how build a portfolio before I go etc. I need to buy a proper camera to shoot my first short film which I’ve written. So yeah things are going on as always.

Anyway coming back to my column – This is just the beginning. Who knows hopefully I’ll keep improving as a writer and I’ll be one of their highest paid writers as time progresses. All I have to do is write awesome articles. Which I can do 🙂 I would love to keep writing about football and gain a fan following of my own.

I want to follow in the footsteps of Sid Lowe, who is one of my favourite football journalists who covers The Spanish League and writes a weekly column for The Guardian(UK).

Let’s see what happens. So ….. *spanish drums* …please

Here is my column ! Do read it and share it if you can, I would really love that !


Also I just watched the first hour of this documentary “Before The Flood” by Leonardo Di Caprio and it’s just fucking scary. What we are doing to this planet is downright freaky not to mention atrocious. This is perhaps the most relevant movie we need to see at this moment in time.  Do watch it !

And to end on a feel good note – here is my theme song ! No jokes. This is properly my theme song by Kasabian. Check it out!

Have a great week people ! Remember #chinup and #keepgoing

I hope you liked my article 🙂

Enjoy !


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