Sets For Sundays – Episode #013 -Fireworks In The Sky(Happy Diwali)!

It’s Diwali in India, the festival of lights. It’s celebrated for various reasons, with fireworks and diyas(heart shaped candle lamps) and kids going crazy with crackers everywhere. Every kid in India has gone full pyro-maniac at some point in their lives.

It’s 5 day holiday and everybody is back home celebrating with their loved ones. I think it’s fair to say that I’m too old for buying and lighting firecrackers, although it does still seem like fun. I do enjoy looking up at the sky and watching the fireworks explode. It’s nice.

I always enjoy Diwali – It’s a time to rejoice for everybody. Things were really bad for me a couple of years ago, but I guess I was still chasing people and things, so I wasn’t happy.  I have my own meaning for Diwali – for me it’s about finding the light within you. Everything you need is right there inside you. Just re-connect with it from time to time and don’t get drowned out in the crowd.

Diwali is my time to re-connect with my inner self and evaluate and introspect, you know just reflect on how far I’ve come and think about what I want to do and of course spend time with family and friends.

I tweeted about this yesterday.

Always remember this – He who looks inside “Awakens”.

I met a college friend after a while, one of my flat-mates who I stayed with in Manipal. We went for dinner at a restaurant owned by another friend of mine, we didn’t touch any alcohol, very unlike our college days. We just ate good food and discussed life and future plans. It was great to meet somebody on the same wavelength as me after so long. A lot of our college mates are just confused and doing the same old shit again and again. Parties, Pot, Whiskey every other day – the same old bullshit you know. His aim is to grow as a human being and of course spiritually and he even spent some time in ashrams in south India, just meditating, doing yoga etc. He’s a great lad who chooses not to be too involved with his Dad’s multi-million dollar energy business even though it’s a publicly listed/traded company. He’s a simple guy at heart. He’s figuring things out and I wish him the best.

Here is the pork belly I ate – It was delicious

If you’re in Mumbai – Do check out “The Boston Butt” at Kala Ghoda, it’s my friend Nishant’s restaurant and it’s top notch!

So let’s get to the sets! Sets for Sundays is at Episode #013 ! That’s a milestone in itself, we’ve completed 3 months.  Since it’s the festive season here are 6 sets!

This weekend, it’s all about winding down and relaxing. Like always, it’s about enjoying the holidays with a calm mind.

So let’s get straight to the music.

First up is one of my favourite underground instrumental hip hop artists that I discovered a year ago, the ultra-chilled Flitz & Suppe. I checked out their soundcloud page after ages and made a hand-picked playlist of their best tunes. Based out of Cologne, Germany they make really smooth beats which are super relaxing. Here is the playlist I made. Hit play and sit back and chill out!

Next up, going with the same flow, is a playlist I reposted on my soundcloud page. It’s by another really talented artist I like called FloFilz, again from Germany. It seems like these German cats have got some talent. As always, my ears are open for tunes from all over the world, so here is his playlist called “Dopecats”. It’s decent and pretty smooth.  Again this is not my playlist so it’s not the best 😛 Haha, just kidding.

So I have to confess something, my favourite hashtag #BigCalm is actually the title of an album that I really like and one that I’ve been playing for years. I hadn’t played it in quite a while, until two days ago. Morcheeba have been around for quite a while and I love their lead singer’s voice. That female vocalist’s voice just soothes me. Released in 1998, Morcheeba’s Big Calm is a timeless classic. The first track is my favourite – The Sea.

Have a listen 🙂

Next up is a majestic mix by Emancipator made for KEXP. Emancipator is one of the best Electronica artists out there and this mix is a beaut.  It’s got all the right tunes that will surely switch your body’s cells to relaxation and rejuvenation mode. I really like this one and it goes well with the music I have posted above.

Next up is an album mainly for the ladies. I don’t usually listen to Indie, not much at all but my sister does. She would listen to these two for hours at one point of time. They are a brother sister duo from Australia called “Angus & Julia Stone” who are making some waves in the Indie/Folk music space. I’m sure a lot of people know them but maybe some of you don’t. This is their self titled album – Angus & Julia Stone. I don’t like them that much but I promised my sister that I would put some of her music here. My sister is back in town from here college in Pune but I could meet her for only a couple of days as she left for Chennai with my Mum on Thursday but yeah she’ll come back for a bit before heading back to college. She’s 20, so for all you teenage to 20 somethings with raging hormones, here is an album for you specifically.

And to end is another of my sister’s choices, a band close to home. They’re an Indian band called “Peter Cat Recording Co” or PCRC. They’re actually not bad. They’ve got their own unique sound called “Gypsy Jazz” which is pretty cool. They’ve got a lead singer with a great voice and their music is swing, jazz, waltz and a bit of rock all in one, it’s nice to listen to. My sister’s music taste is not that bad although mine is better 😛 But anyway here it is so check it out, skip the first track though ! 🙂

So I’m off to like the living room to watch the Chelsea Southampton game which just started and I’m glad to say that my favourite player Eden Hazard just scored in the first 5 minutes! He’s been so good this season!

Happy Diwali once again folks!


Have a good weekend !

Cheers ! 🙂


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