Wednesday Vibes- Episode #001 – Stay Calm, Always

Hey people!

Presenting a new show on the blog ! Well since Sets For Sundays is only for weekends. The week gets boring too and needs some tunes to help spice it up. So a new show is born 😛 “Wednesday Vibes”. It’s midweek, it’s required, it’s the best time for new tunes and should carry you all through the week until the weekend.

I found a bit of time to blog today. It was a fun day, I got to go to my first ever studio set for the shoot of an Indian band’s music video which was really awesome. My friend Manasi is helping me get a job with a studio. She is so awesome for helping me out! I hope I can make it to film school next year or the year after!  I’m seeing where this passion of mine takes me.

I’m still going to continue writing, but I think I’ve given up on business after my 2 years owning one and failing. It doesn’t really move me the way art does. I appreciate art-forms the most, I think I’ve figured that much out about myself. Whether books,writing, music, film, actual art i.e paintings and those random artistic things they make with everyday stuff, or architecture, all those things. I think as a creative person I should be concentrating my efforts in a creative field and not some mundane stuff, just for the money, that doesn’t excite me or resound with my soul.

Let’s see where this path takes me. I’ve written two short film scripts which I want to shoot myself as well ( I can’t afford a proper camera as yet but I will be able to in a few months ). I’m looking for a job with a studio as of now, after my book releases and I’m relatively free. I’m still going to sell real estate on the side, only bigger deals though. But it just makes more sense to follow my passions and get experience with the camera before film school in the UK. I can’t wait!!! I’m so excited. I will probably just take a student loan or whatever, as I’ve found a school with a reasonable tuition fee. Hope it all works out ! 🙂

Also this !

Don’t believe me read this. Check about your job now before it’s too late 🙂

I should feel fucked up because I lost all my savings of 500,000 INR(Rupees) in my business. Which didn’t even break even so it’s kind of sad that it all went to waste, thankfully though I’m not crazy about money so I don’t mind losing it.

I write for a Indian sports website called sportskeeda. Which takes care of basic expenses, it’s not great but it’s all good. I enjoy writing about football -one of my passions.

Anyway I thought I’ll focus more on music and random stuff from the internet I like so here is this week’s episode. The first ever. Wednesday Vibes – Episode #001

My room is really cool right now and winter is coming on, I can feel it. I’ve never seen snow in my life. Can you guys believe that??? I’m waiting to see and feel snow, so I am planning a trip to places close to the Himalayas. Just after winter and after my book is published. But honestly, I’m really missing the rain, hence the gif title image. This year the rain was over-played in Mumbai, majorly. I rather enjoyed it, I would just play some music, sit with a book and stare at the falling rain. It’s was so calming.

Music – heals and moves. So here is some #BigCalm music for the week. To wind down after your work days.

But before that here is a random short story I wrote on Sunday morning. It’s just random and funny.

Hope you guys liked it 🙂
It’s to be continued it’s just random and for fun….

Here comes the music !

First up is a set I made a couple of days ago. It’s Chill Hop and Jazz Hop as usual. Which I love writing to by the way. It’s perfectly calm music for doing anything really. You can write, draw, paint, surf online, or just drift along with it. Soothing and much #BigCalm. Here is “We Used To Use Floppy Disks”

Speaking about drifting and going with the same flow. This album will surely take you drifting way out there into Hilbert Space. Click on the link to read about Hilbert Space 🙂

Here is DeeB with his new EP album which is so awesomely titled “Slowmocean”. It’s extremely slow-motion for those slow-mo echoing days and it really brings peace of mind. Here it is

Honestly, there is so much good music out there that I can keep posting and posting for eons to come. This week we feature a peaceful mix by Tor who I’m just obsessed about. How is this guy not as big as Simon Green aka Bonobo! He’s just too awesome. Anyway here is the refreshing “Bipolar Express”. Quite a beautiful mix I must say. #MixGoals Also I think Tor and these guys dig my channel BOMBEATS ever since I posted his album or maybe before that. They’ve remixed The Verve in this and in Tor’s earlier mix he put some tracks from some of my mixes, really there are some in this too, Burial, Fink included. I’ll never know for sure though. But I’m 90% sure man. Hey it’s all cool Tor and random guy ! #Respect

And for the final set. Is none other than the legendary Chris Cornell. He is the voice of Soundgarden and later Audioslave and before all of those Temple Of The Dog. He was the voice of my school years because Audioslave dropped a couple of albums back then which were pretty huge. So here is this lovely acoustic set.

I can only imagine what America must be like right now with two unworthy Presidential candidates who will surely f**k up the country more than it is now, I don’t really know because again I’ve never been to the states. But I guess life will go on. So you guys and all the rest of you followers of my blog need to be as calm as possible.

That’s what this first episode is all about.

Here is me at my first ever studio shoot.

And here is a piece I liked written in the book Moksha by Aldous Huxley

Stay calm peeps. Remember life is a learning curve, everyday should be a learning of new knowledge and most importantly learning more about yourself.

Anyway have a great week people. Keep it peaced out as always. See you guys on the weekend for Sets For Sundays!

#WednesdayVibes is over and out

And yeah #BeCool



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