Sets For Sundays – Episode #011 – Go Alone, Re-Discover And Find Peace & Calm

Hey folks!

Happy weekend! I hope you’ll are having a good one.

To start off let Pink Floyd set the tone. I loved this track on “Obscured by clouds” one of the Floyd’s albums but they’ve remixed it, aptly so, for 2016. Here it is. Childhood’s End

This week has been the usual, without much bulls**t. It’s always good when the bulls**t is minimum. It’s really important that everybody learns, in life, that you just got to enjoy spending time by yourself, because that’s how most of your life will be spent. It’s paramount really. I’ve kind of learned over the years that attaching myself to other people and wanting to spend time with people a lot just ends up in a messy experience, sure it’s fun for a bit, but then it gets to me. I guess I’m getting a bit old. I mean, I’m only 26 and trust me, I used to be the guy that would only spend all his time socializing with friends and colleagues at bars and pubs and spending time with the girls that I dated. The latter was a good experience, more or less, I mean it was great being in love and all that. But I guess things weren’t just meant to be and I sort of got used to it way too much, that was the major f**k up.  So when things didn’t work out, I couldn’t take it and got really messed up. I guess I got overly attached to them, although I never showed it. Huge mistake.

But it wasn’t until I  realised that I was looking at all this the wrong way, from the wrong angle. I had spent my whole life running after people without living for myself. And this is very important because most people never get out of that phase of life! I realised, after a lot of experiences, travels and contemplation, that I would much rather prefer spending time by myself. I learned to enjoy it and treasure it.

It’s got to the point that I am so addicted to being by myself that I can’t even stand a night out too much, I just have to head back home. Everything is better, it’s calmer, quieter, you can do as you wish, you have time to really get in touch with yourself. I read, write, I create, I meditate, I star or cloud gaze, I listen to music, I watch something, I keep learning something new and the whole time there is no noise around and no having to answer to anyone. It’s tranquil and beautiful. Really, if I just had a great view overlooking a some mountains or a beach, I would be set. Solitude is a blessing much more than a curse.


And I can’t! Dear God, dealing with people is such a fucking pain in the ass, you have no idea. I’m good with people and stuff but I just cannot deal with them constantly.

Now I prefer to do everything alone whenever I go out. I like working alone, eating alone, I like visiting places alone, I like travelling alone, literally almost everything. It’s just so much better!

And what’s sad is not a lot of people get this. Maybe because they are so used to and dependent on people that it has become a norm. Of course you do get tags like loner etc. But honestly who gives a fuck? I’ve also learnt to just not give a s**t about what people think about me. Live and let live. To each his own. Thinking about what society thinks of you is the biggest waste of fucking time on the planet.

It’s not like I don’t have friends or whatever and honestly I’ve made enough for a lifetime. I know the ones who have my back and ones I can rely on but I choose or prefer rather to live and do things alone.

But heres the catch, new people! Well that I love, I love meeting new people. There is something charming about new people because it’s filled with so many possibilities, so many more interesting conversations and it’s a eye opening in it’s own way. When you’re a kid you’re taught not to talk to strangers but when you get older, trust me talk to fucking strangers. It’s very rewarding.

I know it’s not at all usual, but trust me spend as much time in solitude as I have and you’ll see how beautiful and addictive it is. So yeah through the years I’ve learned that you must “Go Alone” to really re-connect with yourself. Sure you do get lonely, you’re human but once you accept it and learn to love it. You’re well on your way to peace and inner happiness.

I mean, sure I do want to get married and stuff, but not at all at this stage of my life. I’m more about finding peace and discovering myself, exploring the world, re-connecting with my soul and learning things in life. And I’m not at all going to compromise on these things to settle down and have kids, that’s for a later phase of life. Not too early into it and not too late. It’s gotta be at just the right time.

Anyway, I got a bit side-tracked here so let’s get straight to the music!

This weekend is all about that calm space when you’re by yourself and you’ve got all the time in the world to kick your feet up, relax and spend time enjoying the solitude.

First up is this album I uploaded on the Youtube Channel, by Berlin/Paris chill hop/jazz hop masters Bluestaeb. It’s a bloody brilliant album. Smooth and chilled beats. Have a listen.

Next up is a set by this guy rafi:ki I follow on Youtube. This guy makes some pretty good mixes, check them out. So here is his latest. Don’t mind the lack of a picture, just hit play.

Strictly for the chillers!

Of course, after some Chill Hop appetizers is time for some good old folk to please you and transport you to a nice little place. Here is one of my favourite artists Nick Drake who’s music is really moving and is just that perfect blend to hear. Read up on Nick Drake on wikipedia, dead at 26 but forever in our hearts.

Here is a poem I wrote about Going Alone. Check it out.

An album which typifies Being in Solitude, is Tame Impala’s Lonerism. I was addicted to this album last year. Have a listen. Bliss!

I’ve started watching this show called Band Of Brothers which aired in 2001, which based on the actual “Easy” Company, 506th parachute Infantry regiment, 101st airborne division United States Army during WWII. They fought key battles behind enemy lines and helped in a huge way to win the war, it’s infact startling that just a year or so after the US entered the war it was over. Watch this show if you can, on Netflix or whatever. I downloaded it on bit torrent, it’s only 10 episodes but it’s fucking top notch ! Watch it !

And to end this weekend’s episode is, like we started, Pink Floyd with a number made for solitude. “Grantchester Meadows” which should end the weekend in sheer calmness.

And here is me meditating. Peace out 😀

Morning meditation session 🙂 #meditation #peace #meditationtime

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Enjoy people!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Cheers! 😀


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