Album Review – Kings Of Leon – Walls

It’s October 14th 2016,

The winter is kicking in slowly and I mean really slowly. I don’t know about the rest of the world but October heat is a standard in my city of Mumbai. There was a new EP out by the rain, much extended play on that one 😛  It’s been raining for way too long,  and I guess this was inevitable, that’s the weather. But if I’ m not doing anything, just watching the weather, sipping some tea and smoking some cigarettes is one of my ways to wind down. A staple scene is some music playing in the background. What a year for music it’s been with a lot of bands returning to the scene with pretty good albums.

Southern rockers from Nashville, Tennessee, Kings Of Leon are back from their slumber with a 10 track album called “Walls”. I don’t know whether that’s a Southern state or whatever but I think their music is pretty southern rock-ish. Kings of Leon’s early days were quite fascinating actually, in fact I enjoy their early work. Packed with perfect guitar slinging and a great, an almost haunting voice in Caleb Followill; the Followill brothers really dominated world wide with 2008’s “Only by Night”. That album was quite a piece of work and tracks like “Notion”, “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire” went on to top charts worldwide. My favourite track on that album has to be “Closer” though, which I played A LOT back in college at the pub.

The band released a few not-quite-there albums following their success but with “Walls” they’ve come full circle. It’s got only 10 tracks but they’re full of ‘sing-along’ lyrics and catchy, contemplative guitars. It’s a typical Kings Of Leon sounding album. It’s no master-piece but it’s an easy-going ear delight. The Followills sound relaxed and drifting in and out of their trademark soundscapes. 2016 has been kind to us and most bands, with their albums not matching their previous work but they’ve been alright. This is one of those, not their best but a nice one nonetheless.

The tracks are quite addictive actually the more you listen to them. When the title track, a slower number, “Walls” released on Youtube I was hooked. The same with “Reverend” which is quite a catchy track. Those two tracks are were on repeat for quite a while. Very addictive tunes. KOL have found their comfort zone and have released something not too brave and ambitious but at the same time a well constructed and have recorded essential calmer sounds. The tides have turned and the brashness is gone, now is the time for quiet, somber contemplation. That being said, “Around The World” is a little annoying not at all worthy of a mention, but I guess every album has s**t tracks.

The drum breaks on “Find Me” and the nice woven guitars in it sound great, along with decent enough lyrics. “Over” has quite a sick bass line, much like “Closer” on “Only By Night” but much much faster. It’s got a cliche chorus that says, “Oh, Don’t say it’s over/ Don’t say it’s over/Anymore” very relate-able for all the heart-broken ones, catchy but yet moving. Say what you want, but It’s got that feel good feeling which makes you think about what could be.

“Muchacho” is an odd one. I don’t like it too much but I don’t hate it as well. Just an odd little number. And seemingly trying to remind people especially, gen X of the lost art of conversation comes “Coversation Piece” which starts off with a slightly different sound for a bit at least, again a nice bass line. “Wont you come around my way, for a conversation piece”. It’s a decent number. “Wild” is far from the name and it’s a nice little one with floating guitars and one you’ll want to hear again.

“Eyes On You” is the party song on the album. Hey we’ve all been there eyeing ‘that-one’ girl at a party. “Waste A Moment” is also a typical Kings Of Leon track. With a catchy guitar riff. “Take some time/ To waste a moment”. Another party song. Decent and worth a few listens.

Rating all the tracks
1. Waste a Moment – 6/10
2. Reverend – 9/10
3.  Around The World – 4/10
4. Find Me – 7/10
5. Over – 9/10
6. Muchacho – 5/10
7. Conversation Piece – 6/10
8. Eyes On You – 6.5/10
9. Wild 8/10
10. Walls 10/10

Kings of Leon have played it safe but they’re back with a well thought and well written perfect follow up after their last two failed albums, it’s got all the elements of an album you’ll hear again and again. Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore them, they’ve certainly put the critics in their place with this album. It’s their best in years and they haven’t really made the “the walls come down” to deliver it, it’s #BigCalm folks.

Album Rating – 8/10

Buy it! or alternatively here is my google drive link.

It’s in FLAC so yeah play it VLC player or whatever player supports FLAC.

So yeah, Enjoy.

Happy listening.

Cheers all !

Peace 🙂


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