Album Review – Jack White Acoustic Recordings(1998-2016)

Note: Download at the end of this post.

Whether it’s making fun of Jimmy Fallon’s children’s guitar on his own show, or making one of the best tracks on The Great Gatsby Soundtrack(Love is blindness) or performing some old blues numbers, making it look effortless,  Mr.Jack White has got to be regarded as one of the best guitarists out there.

Check out Love is Blindness

The guy is as pale as that f**king  Albino dude in the Da Vinci Code or was it Angels And Demons I’m not sure which movie. But regardless, with that guitar in his hand and of course with his God given guitar playing skills, he is literally unstoppable . I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of his singing, or his voice in general but hey I guess you gotta run with what you got.

Whether you’re a proper blues fan or rock fan Jack White lies somewhere on the border of both, with some folk influences. With a ton of albums with The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs he has perfected his style.

The album released last month, but it took me a while to find it online for free, yeah we Indian’s are c**ts that way. Since torrent websites got banned a month ago, getting music for free has been really hard. But hey perseverance is the key.

He seems like a very complex individual who often includes odd, little nuances in his music whether the lyrics or the extremely intricate and difficult guitar chords.

I’m no guitar playing expert, but you can just tell that this stuff is difficult, somewhat at least, just by a listen. But damn, does it sound good or what? The guitar playing is remarkable honestly. It’s got mistakes as well but it doesn’t sound at all like there are any, and in some weird way adds to his art – only Jack White can do this s**t and make it sound good.

I read somewhere that these songs are similar to the ones on the White Stripes albums. I don’t know every single album of the White Stripes and s**t but hey this is not all bad. They might be the same old tracks but if you haven’t heard much of them then this album is for you, to get a feel of White’s talent.

This album is a smooth, melodic re-invention of sorts. It’s got 26 tracks and although most of them aren’t that great vocally that is, just hear the guitar playing.

It starts off great with the first few tracks like “Sugar Never Tasted So Good”, which really sets the tone for the album, those bluesy, guitar riffs stir up some good old school blues feelings inside you. “I’m About To Pack Up” is another tune of awesome proportions. “Hotel Yorba” is an upbeat song which makes you tap you feet along. ‘We’re going to be friends” makes you wanna find a nice woman for yourself.

It gets slightly monotonous through the next few songs, up until the ballad “White Moon” which is decent while the unreleased song “City Lights” is alright. The album has decent enough tracks like “Top Yourself” and “Love Interruption” which are trademark Jack White numbers. I have heard Love Interruption before and it does sound similar as with “Blunderbuss” the one from his solo similar titled album.

Anyway, without breaking down each song too much this is a nice enough album for a few listens.

If it’s a mellow night to sooth your soul or if you enjoy some good old rock and roll without too much noise, which is slightly folky, this is the album for you. You know those ones to end your night with some whiskey and a cigar.

Maybe it’s one of those albums that are thrown at people as an in-between filler of sorts to keep the public interested . But the guitar playing is brilliant, vocals are alright(not great) while the other background pianos and other instruments are good enough to make a compelling listen.

Rating – 6.5/10

But check it out and decide for yourself.

Here is the download link, as always I uploaded on to google drive –

Cheers everyone!

Have a great week 🙂


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