Sets For Sundays – Episode #010 – Cinematic Soundscapes(For And From Films)

Hello people and hello weekend! Here we are on the 8th of October 2016. Time just flies, I’m sure a lot of you feel that way. It seems like yesterday that I started this blog, it’s been almost 8 months that I’ve been blogging, which is something commendable because I never really thought about starting a blog until this year. I feel that it’s sort of important to get yourself out there online, interact with people from all over the world and share what you can offer. It’s really awesome that I have so many of you following my blog and sharing my stuff, so thank you!

It’s fascinating how different cultures live every day and what they do. Europe, the UK and the US have always intrigued me because of how structured and organized everything is. I’ve only been to Europe for a month back in 2009 , (I fell in love with the entire continent) and I’ve never been to the UK or the US, all I’ve seen of those countries is only in films, documentaries and the news. It’s fascinating that everything is so well-off and well planned from the architecture to the technology to the facilities available to people. It makes living there such a dream, really. In comparison, my country, India is a “colourful chaos” as I would put it. There is lesser material but more people, there is lesser money but more spirituality and of course the many festivals throughout the year which immerse the nation in song and dance.

Life is one grand, unfolding motion picture. It’s the cinema of our age, our life, our time, here and now – It’s such a miracle to just be alive and breathing, the odds of life occurring in the universe are very slim but here we are- the outliers. There are all the ingredients in each of our lives for a movie, the only downside is that there is no soundtrack… Hehe 😛

So this weekend the theme is – Cinematic Soundscapes. I’m very intrigued by film and cinema in general, I always have been since a child. And I love when movies have great soundtracks which complement the scenes.

Music is the very fabric that brings us closer as human beings because it is a universal language and ever since ancient times, humans have always celebrated in song and dance.

A great film always has amazing music to complement it and is a delight to experience.

The following 4 videos are the gorgeous instrumentals you need to feel how cinematic life can really be. I love making the soundtrack for your Sundays or weekends or whatever, for those of you that do play these sets.

So coming back, I made a mix this morning with this theme in mind. I put together the rarest cinematic sounding instrumental hip-hop tunes from the underground that I could find. The result is one beautiful set that are Boom Bap hip hop instrumentals with dreamy cinematic elements in the background.

Here it is, first up on Cinematic Soundscapes.

To follow it up is an artist who I respect a lot because they re-create those vivid dreamscapes through their music. The Cinematic Orchestra was an obvious choice for the follow up set apart from their name, all their albums are just brilliant. This one though is one of my favourties, the second part is not that great. But the first half is mind blowing!

Here is The Cinematic Orchestra with their album – Man With A Movie Camera

This one is my just awesome ! Alfred Hitchcock is my favourite director of all time, I love his movies and their soundtracks and this rare video I found of an album he cut is just marvelous. Hitchcock’s narrative is also really funny! I love old films, much more than newer ones. This album typifies Hitchcock and his movies. It takes you on a little journey from the master of the dark arts himself. But honestly listen to the whole thing with a cigarette and some whiskey and you’ll feel like a 50’s actor in a vintage movie. It’s jazzy it’s got that pizzazz its got so many elements that it’s just remarkable!  This one is a bit dark though so don’t get scared.. haha :D! Just kidding. Enjoy this one. Play at night for best effects… Happy Halloween in advance 🙂

And to end this post,  on this weekend’s episode is this little mix. It’s a mix of one of my newer favourite directors, Quentin Tarantino’s soundtracks. Tarantino apart from making kick ass films just has bloody brilliant music in them. They make you feel really good.  Also I like Christopher Nolan but thought that it would be a little too much, so anyway here are Cinema Soundscapes from Tarantino himself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weekend’s episode. Sets for Sundays is 10 weeks old ! That’s
a tiny milestone. Hope you guys have enjoyed the music !

Keep it peaced out as always!

Have a good one 🙂


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