Album Review: Greenday – Revolution Radio

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“In every song I write, whether it’s a love song or a political song or a song about family, the one thing that I find is feeling lost and trying to find your way.” – Billie Joe Armstrong

To be fair, that’s the feeling you get after the first listen of this album. Greenday are back with their 12th studio album, Revolution Radio. The follow up to the somewhat album 2012’s ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! and 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown.

The aging punk rock band is struggling to find that sweet spot that they hit with American Idiot and have churned out an album that’s just not quite up to the bar they raised with that legendary album.

Punk rock bands in their later years are abysmally exhausted and confused as to whether to stick to their roots or re-invent. Greenday are no different, they’ve made something just in between, don’t get me wrong, there are flickers of something decent but they fade into anonymity.

If you compare Revolution Radio to American Idiot it’s not at all close, sparking questions of whether Greenday peaked with AI and are now on a downward slope in their life cycle, of course I could be proven wrong in the future, but I expected much more.

Expectations lead to disappointments and all that bullshit, like the millions of
f**k-all quotes you see on your twitter and facebook feed, this album is almost as f**ked. We’re living in a world where everybody is a f**king preacher, where every person has acute attention deficiencies, posting everything except their bowel movements, craving exciting liquor guzzling escapades or living in the hope of them, a world where everybody is consumed by materialistic mongering, showcasing publicly their narrow-minded and narcissistic ways, coupled with technology driven seclusion and a dwindling sense of respect for each other, while everybody is on the verge of a 21st Century breakdown. (Note to self: Enough ranting), I thought maybe Greenday would help ease the pain or at least make me flirt with that good angry set of emotions but instead they bored the p*ss out of me.

To make things worse America might just put an American Idiot into office at the White House and Greenday having “killed suburbia” on this album and themselves, have tried in vain to fill the void and connect the dots but have just created a millennial sing-along album with little or no meaning without a trace of confluence of any proper Greenday style. There is certainly nothing noteworthy of mentioning. It’s the “semi-automatic” pistol that shoots out water instead of bullets, like the guns that the Acme corporation handed out to the coyote in Roadrunner.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent listen, but it doesn’t  make you jump out of your bed and go nuts like the “Basket Case”, “Dookie” or “Know Your Enemy” days or feel moved like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” or just marvel at “Give Me Novocaine” or get pumped like “Holiday”, basically not like Greenday of old. I mean, if the punk rock kids who never grew up i.e Blink 182 could sh*t out a f**king good listen in California without punk rock’s Jedi Tom De Longe, you would expect a full strength lineup of Billy Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt to at least produce something that would compare.

The music is just loud and it’s the typical tried and tested seemingly catchy-ish chorus lyrics except they aren’t catchy but for a few lines like  “We’re all bloody freaks/ And we’ll give you the creeps,”on Bouncing Off The Wall,  and “I dodge a bullet and walk over a land mine” on Still Breathing.

It’s a half-assed, piece of averageness screaming “Eat this and relate to it you millenial scum”. Except they will blindly love it and try to identify with each song without being able to appreciate a band that is capable of so much more.

With “Bang-Bang” which released in August or September or whatever, they’ve highlighted stuff like “Give me fame/Shoot me up entertain” and “Broadcasting from my room” which supposedly is a youtube jibe of sorts and is achingly, Greenday trying to live up to the current times and capture them into a song. Seriously, Billie Joe there is so much more stuff you could have put into a song!

Billy Joe singing in harmonies over the monotonous, slightly modulating sounds is such a stark reminder that they’ve played it safe and haven’t really innovated like every act must do towards their ending days. They’re like the Yahoo of the music world, been there, peaked but now just existing, senselessly . The simplistic riffs with spray painted slogans you would see on the streets is the very fabric ingrained into Greenday’s music but this time it just doesn’t cut it.  “Young blood” is a useless track, so is “Too Dumb To Die”. and a possible “Jesus Of Surburbia” contender “Forever Now” is a track that just makes you think wtf was that?

” We live in troubled times?” That’s a chorus? Honestly what the fuck happened to Greenday? And the confusing slower acoustic “Ordinay World” is a sudden oddity on an album that just doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be saying.

Trust me, just hear this once and tell me whether I’m wrong. It’s loud monotony compounded with bulls**t lyrics which fires blanks in the head.

Here is the link ->

Just download it and listen to it once. Twice if you really want to figure out wtf it was.

I think everybody expected better, far better. Hopefully, they’ll make a killer record in the future. For now they’re just being mediocre.

Bottom line – There is no Revolution  and it’ll be over-played on the Radio  but simply put  Revolution Radio is just an ordinary album… Disappointing.

Rating – 5/10
Peace 🙂


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