REVISITOR – Merci Beaucoup Youtube(TAKE YOUR PICK) – For Lack Of A Better Name

It’s been a great week for me here in my city of Mumbai. It’s still raining! Which for October is a huge i-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-is-up-with-the-weather.type of scene.

So I’ve got two crowdfunding campaigns coming up which go live this month! It’s exciting. One is for my book and one is for a new business me and my friend are launching.

Yes after failing as an entrepreneur on one venture. I’m taking the leap again although much more cautiously this time.

So I’m hoping people around the world share my vision, which my business is going to underline. And I hope through my book of poetry I can get my perspective out there.

I hope all of you followers are doing great !

I try to keep things interesting here, as much as possible.

So this week youtube has been amaze as usual. It’s really awesome having Youtube around, it’s been my constant since college and I don’t think I would ever get tired of it.

I love having a youtube channel where I can showcase my music taste. It’s a really awesome release and something to do in my free time.

I mean I don’t really have fixed times, I just do stuff when I feel like depending on how things line up and when I feel like. You know just wing it… Business, Work, Leisure, Life.. Everything.. Wing it all ! Haha 🙂

Which is something I’ve always believed in and done since I was a kid.

Here is the best stuff on Youtube that I found this week. It’s all music… so if you’re not into music then what-kind-of-human-being-are-you?

Anyway here goes

Re-visiting my childhood through BLINK 182

Here is something that just reminded me a lot of  my childhood growing up. I used to skate and bike a lot as a kid. I sucked at skate-boarding but was half decent with the roller blades. I could do fancy tricks on them and on my bike. And it was all just such a brilliant time back in the day. I was heavily into punk rock and metal. It just kind of all meant something.

This video of Tom De Longe the man behind Blink 182, Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves just blew me away and took me back. De Longe was the voice of my childhood. I would blast some Blink or Sum-41 and just go nuts in my room, jumping around, playing with my football or taking the stereo downstairs in my building and do tricks on my roller blades or bike. We would always do stupid shit and get into trouble influenced by the music and the stupid movies like American Pie. It was hilarious.

Punk wasn’t that big in India at the time and I don’t think a lot of people got it at the time. Infact even listening to punk as a kid just got my parents all angry because it was so loud and I  would really blast it. I loved it and was completely into it. It just kind of resonated with me and these songs were the theme songs of my life. Later, I would meet my roommate in college who shared the exact same type of music taste with funny as hell stories about growing up as a punk rock kid in India. It all kinda just worked out

Punk rock was the anthem of my younger days and this video where De Longe talks about exploring yourself as a human being, growing up and being part of a movement of Punk Rock and transforming his music through the years.

Here is the documentary that you guys have to check out! Especially if you can relate to this kind of a childhood. Those were the golden days


We take a u-turn from the Punk Rock of the younger days and head to exploring the calm chilled stuff I got into in college. Trip Hop. Damn, I loved chilling to this stuff. It was so calm and chilled and just went with all the pot we smoked. Although while I was DJing at the local college pub, it was all proper rock and a bit of hip-hop I would throw in for the ladies.

Glory daze. Anyway after playing at the pub from 7.30 to 11.30 every night. I would love to get back home, spark a few with my flat mates and would play some trip hop.

Here are the pioneers of Trip Hop – Nightmares On Wax with their Boiler Room DJ set that I came across this week. They re-visit some classics and It’s super killer and laid back. Hit play!


So guess who came out with a new video. This year there has been so much Radiohead that it’s been a real treat. This one is the people’s song on A Moon Shaped Pool and it’s just so calm and relaxing seeing Thom and Jonny play in the open like this.

I read somewhere on reddit that The Basement won’t be happening for AMSP and I was really bummed out, but these videos have helped ease the pain…

Few questions though – Can we include the CR78 into the band now? When will Jonny ever age? and at this point the CR78 has played on more Radiohead songs than Ed haha! 🙂

Anyway watch the people’s theme song and chill to it…


To end. This is the end, beautiful friend…

It’s The Doors ! This one is a rare 1969 recording of them in the studio. It’s an essential rarity for all you Doors fans, called Rock Is Dead.

Here is the description on the video – It’s RARE af

Recorded on 8-track tape, the given date for this rehearsal session is February 25th, 1969 at Sunset Sound Recorders. The story goes that The Doors were out for Mexican food and a few drinks during ‘The Soft Parade’ sessions, and upon returning to the studio, began this improvised session. Bootleg copies of the tapes feature overlays, and tracks that are not native to the sessions. These are the only known recordings of ‘Rock Is Dead’, although Jim Morrison can be heard during the infamous Miami concert shouting similar verses. Also included is a take on Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender’, and a version of Robert Johnson’s ‘Me & The Devil Blues’, known to fans of The Doors as ‘Woman Is A Devil’.

Hit play


This is that feel good song… by Angels & Airwaves

This  song just started something inside me, I think I’m going to buy a bass guitar. The time has come.. like an epiphany!!! 😀 😀

This post has got a bit for everybody!

Thank Youtube and me 😀

Cheers all !

Have a great week ! 🙂



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