What’s The Joke?- Episode #001- Funny Stuff From The World This Week

Hello peeps!

I’ve been way to serious on my blog off late. So I’ve decided to start a little segment here with the primary aim of making people laugh. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. But in fact studies have shown that people who laugh a lot are more healthy. Personally I love a good laugh and chuckle about things, it keeps me going. I specialize in nonsensical conversations with my close friends, if you know me well, you’ll know that I love to “talk s**t” as I call it(and this gets really elaborate and imaginative) and it’s just so much better than regular boring conversation. I had some good times with all my ex-girlfriends where we would go to bars and just laugh at people, a lot! I also invented a drinking game with my bros. I’ll share that with you people some other times. I was just really bored after my work for the day… Hehe

I keep things interesting, in fact nowadays whenever I get a call from close friends I yell, “Wazzzzzaaaa” instead of saying hello, in the most abhorrent of voices. Haha it’s fun and instantly makes the person on the other end laugh. I love to f**k around and just laugh, most of the time, I mean I can get deep and very intellectual as well but “talking s**t” is by far the best pass time.

Here is a quote about laughter

“Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.”

~ Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D.

Let’s get to this! Here are handpicked things from the internet this week that made me laugh. And this episode is going to run every mid-week day from now on. So here is What’s the joke – Episode #001

We start off in England. The English just love a good drink and doing stupid s**t after. It’s what makes them one of the most humorous countries in the world , the Scottish and Irish are funnier but the English in their own right are really funny.

So this lad got really  piss drunk and got home..

This one is really unexpected..

Hahaha what a legend!
Ok for the next stop we move to my favourite football(soccer) team in the world. Chelsea FC. This one is sheer quality! These guys are some really talented players but they’re also absolute jokers.

Here is Eden Hazard(my favourite player) interviewing his team-mates

Haha Diego Costa !! He’s hilarious, seriously wtf was that??!

Next we move on to the U.S…. American humour is awesome. Well this one is just legendary. Apart from being a joke, how accurate is Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation??

Apart from sounding exactly like Jim Morrison which is freakishly close. Fallon made up some really funny poetic verses. I think Jimmy Fallon is really talented. The Doors should seriously consider making a record with him!

And theres more…

Here he is impersonating Bob Dylan singing Hotline Bling! Haha

And sticking to the theme of talk shows here is Ozzy Osbourne the legendary father of metal! He actually did this!!! Haha

“You can’t find the cat???…. ” Hilarious, pure gold from Ozzy!

Ok so now we move on to more hilarious stuff, I actually started “What’s the Joke” as a series of emails to my one of my ex-girlfriends to just make her laugh and tell her I was thinking about her. There’s some really funny stuff in those emails. Here is some of the stuff in them.

I love Family Guy! I used to watch a lot of it.. Haha Check these out! 😀

The mountains look like nipples…. Nipal !

Here is a bunch of women when they go out to eat together! Haha this one is hilarious!

This is why I love football.. These are Ireland and Sweden fans at Euro 2016 ! Lol 😀

On To The Memes

Shit got real for ’em

Silent prayer for every man!


This one is for all the engineers in India 😀


Stages of life…


Mona Lisa through the years…


Me every single time…


Haha this was me in my last relationship…


Here is the cat that broke the internet a month or two ago!

Ladies and gents presenting… Catinho!


Catinho with the 90+3 header
catinho 2.jpg


Angry Birds…


Stay in school kids…


Lol !! Caption of the month 😀

red bull nature.jpg



The internet is filled with bored people…

plant waters.jpg

And just a reminder..


And just to say goodbye here is a video some of the most badass animals on the planet… THUG LIFE ! 😀


Here is me and my buddy Vidur having a good laugh during the shoot session for our crowdfunding campaign.. Haha!… more on that to come


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It’ll be up every week, with Internet gold!

Haha! 😀

Peace out..


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