Sets For Sundays – Episode #009 – Outer Space Is Black But Filled With Stars

This weekend on Sets for Sundays we’re exploring space themes. It’s the theme of the week for various reasons. We could be on the brink of occupying another planet! Of course there is a lot of time for that but it’s exciting and fascinating. We’re actually going to extend human kind to the next, ultimate frontier – outer space and another planet!

Apart from this I’ve been doing a lot of reading about things happening in space, if you follow my blog you would know. There’s a new post going to come up about another fascinating thing, an anomaly rather, that I found but that’s for next week.

So on to the music! It’s been 9 weekends that I’ve been running this show – Sets For Sundays – and I hope you guys like the music I’ve been posting! I would love some feedback in the comments section. Are you guys enjoying the show? Do you have any suggestions or requests? Do let me know.

Outer space is the perfect thing to imagine in your head while listening to music. Apart from being fun, I’m going to go a step further and say that’s it’s amazingly relaxing and stimulating. You know, to just go somewhere where you can lie down and stare into the vast night sky and into space while listening to some ethereal music that will transport you on a little spaceship right out of the planet! That’s my kind of weekend 🙂

Well, that’s what this Sunday is all about!

I wish sometimes that a music label would approach me as an A&R scout, I would really love to work as one but unfortunately the western music scene in India is only in it’s infancy. Rock n roll existed even in the 60’s in my country but was way way underground and virtually non-existent. It’s only picking up now in 2016! With a number of great bands popping up and getting a lot of gigs all over the country and some all over the world. It’s exciting though but there are not that many labels that cater to rock n roll in my country. Hip Hop is also in a nascent stage as well, but it’s gaining a lot of following especially among the lesser fortunate masses of my country. It’s really awesome that hip hop culture is speaking to these people for whom the struggle is very real.

Watch this video called – Dharavi Hustle which is about the hip hop movement in one of the world’s largest slums, Dharavi in my city of Mumbai.

I’m sure all of you will love this one; the video and the upcoming music. I’m sure all those kids in Dharavi are all star gazing and dreaming of getting out of their slum and making it big! Best of luck to them.

We kick start this episode with the ultimate space rock band of all time. At least that’s what I call them. They’re THE space cadets of rock n roll and the 90s wouldn’t have been the same without them. Ladies and gentlemen, one of my favourite bands from the 90s era – The Verve. I’ve posted a lot of their music on my blog before but this mix is different. It’s got tracks you would’ve probably never heard and honestly, they’re so f**king good that these guys could have made 2 separate albums out of these. I’m your music scout people, well because I just have a good ear for tunes because I’ve been into music since I was about 8. It’s a well trained and groomed ear!

This mix is a The Verve essential with Richard Ashcroft’s enchanting vocals,
Nick McCabe’s super-sonic liquid guitar playing, Simon Jones’ magnetic bass lines and Peter Salisbury’s grand thumping beats.Enjoy this mix! The Verve are legends so be prepared for some sonic space rock !

Trust me on this this set will transport you right out of here. So yeah, hit play and blast off!

So after a long journey way up there, you need to cool down a bit and get back to earth. This one is for that descent. The mix is one I made at the beginning of the week, going back to some instrumental hip hop roots( the start genre of my youtube channel). This set has got some amazing beats and is super calm and chilled out to listen to, also it features Cole Macphearson aka Tidus who emailed me last weekend to add his track to our mix – His song Numb Myself is right in the middle! It’s already got over a 1000 plays in a week! That’s the fastest any of my mixes have got to 1k views, so I’m guessing a lot of people like it.

It goes along with the space theme and makes you feel relaxed!

#BigCalm people… hit play and wind down 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this weekend’s episode and I hope I made it a #BigCalm, #OuterSpace Sunday for you guys.

Here is me reminding you to keep calm and Rock n Roll!

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Thank you all for following, reading and sharing my stuff, really it means a lot…


Peace 🙂


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