New Radiohead – Ill Wind, Updates From The World and Quotes

Firstly, I chose this title for this post to obviously share Radiohead’s new track – Ill Wind and get some hits so if you just want to hear that then scroll to the end because this post is more about the state of affairs in the world. But I suggest you read.

Well it’s been quite a week and past few days. In America, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s debate sparked outburst on social media everywhere. I saw a bit of it, very little in fact. But all I can say is Hillary better win the election and I hope sense prevails, for the sake of America.

In India, things got real messy in Kashmir. For those of you who don’t know Kashmir is the northernmost state in my country and is in absolute turmoil because of militants and terrorists from Pakistan seeking to occupy it. So a week ago some terrorists killed 16 or more Indian jawans or soldiers in an attack. Our response was a series of Surgical Strikes on the LOC (Line of Control) i.e The border in Kashmir separating India and Pakistan, the strike which was successful and destroyed some terrorist bases and killed quite a few Pakistani soldiers, the number, however, I cannot be exact of.

The sheer number of people from my country in support of this was frightening.

My nation is filled with Keyboard warriors and so is the rest of the world. But it shocked me to see how many people supported our military action! I mean it was just startling.

I usually don’t react to such things because well, a facebook or twitter post is worth nothing. It doesn’t do s**t.

But the fact that countless Indians were supporting this was just shocking!

I had to post something on social media so I got to facebook and twitter to remind people of the dangers of a war with Pakistan.

As my sensible friend Lasheen rightly commented – There is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.

From my upbringing and my understanding of the world. What the world requires right now is Peace. We are slipping, slowly but increasingly towards catastrophe by waging wars for territorial gain backed by ulterior motives..

I stand for Peace.

I was in the “White” colour house in my school of St.Mary’s  which was the house of Gandhi. He stood for peace, non-violence and love. We should all remember his virtues and how he won independence for us without a war.

If military action was necessary, which one could argue was, could they have not done it covertly? Rather than so publicly? Sparking less chances of a full blown war. This is mainly because a lot of times India has done nothing to thwart Pakistani terrorism and militant attacks.

I am afraid that a proper war might break out between India and Pakistan which would be disastrous for both countries. The bad blood is there and has been for years but thankfully no war has broken out.

I hope it dies down and peace prevails. Peace please. Stop at this. An Eye for an eye is not the answer

Elsewhere I saw a very interesting video by the Anonymous group who basically highlighted reasons for the war in Syria is an oil pipeline.

There were more facts and evidence to support this.

Well what do you know right? This makes so much more sense. Please watch that video. Go to the anonymous groups channel on youtube or follow their facebook page. Anonews. I’m not posting it here.

Anyway that was Politics. Which I hate to delve into.

Elsewhere,  Elon Musk’s company Space X is planning to start sending humans to Mars and colonizing it! Wow, who would have ever thought that. I mean something like this has been in the process of happening for a while but nobody ever went through with it. Is this the beginning of a “Brave New World”? Could travelling to Mars become as commonplace as travelling from one country to another? Would you want to be among the first 100 humans to go to Mars? Will it happen without any mishaps?

Only time will tell.

But here is the mesmerizing video and plan laid down by Space X. It’s just scarily phenomenal. Wow, Elon you have captivated imagination and I have massive respect for you. He’s the real life Tony Stark people minus the Iron man suit. But seriously how historic is this!!

In the world of business two massive deals are taking place. So we might just have one giant beer company that calls the shots after all. Anheuser-Busch InBev NV clinched its $103 billion takeover of SABMiller Plc. That’s right 103 billion !!!

And online music heavyweights Spotify are in advanced talks to buy Soundcloud

Otherwise, in my own little world of which there might be a few 😉

I have begun reading an amazing book by physicist Brian Greene called The Hidden Reality and it’s just mind blowing! I have only begun.

Here are a few excerpts


I can’t wait to finish this book but I’m going to take my time on it and understand in detail all the concepts.

It’s definitely eye opening and worth pondering about. I’m loving the start.

Finally, here is the latest from the music scene.

Radiohead have just captured the tone of things around the world with their haunting track – Ill Wind which is an amazing little bonus track off their “A Moon Shaped Pool” special edition album.

It’s on repeat right now!

I had uploaded the track on soundcloud but sadly it was removed due to copyright issues. However, I have uploaded the track on Google Drive. You can download it here

And here is a beautiful 37 minute set by Tor, who is one of the most underrated Electronica artists out there.

Here it is

Also here is a nice little piece I found online. This quote by Anais Nin highlights how struggle and internal conflict are necessary for all writers and artists, or anybody for that matter who creates anything. She says, “Something is always born of excess: great art was born of great terrors, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.”

Which is so true for any creative person. Here is the full little article. Have a read.

Why Emotional Excess is Essential to Writing and Creativity

And to end, I leave you with a brilliant quote off the internet.


I hope you have enjoyed this post of mine.

Take care.

Peace 😀


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