My Latest Work – Additions To My Book Endless Night and Some Good Feedback

What an awesome Sunday morning it’s been! I’ve just been relaxing all morning, sipping coffee, listening to good music and writing a bit.

The title of my book is based on a poem by none other than William Blake. And this is the first quote appearing in my book.


Well, my book Endless Night is taking some time to come about. Mainly because I cannot fund the publication and marketing costs myself at the moment, but I’m working on a few deals in Real Estate which should be done in some time. I’m planning on self publishing so I will have to spend my own money. I have also sent sample poems to Penguin Publishing who are not self-publishers but classic ones who offer contracts if they like your work but they haven’t responded as yet. So in the mean time I have added quite a few poems which will be included in my book.

If you follow me on instagram then you’ll get all the latest stuff on your feed. Anyway here are a few of them. Do check them out!










These are just a few. But I’m glad that my book has gone from 52 to 65+ poems.
I’m really enjoying writing. It’s just flowing out nicely and is coming naturally to me. I haven’t written so much since my school days, I didn’t write anything for years esp and neglected it completely during my engineering days and I guess I really needed to reconnect with writing. I can’t wait for my book to get published!

I’ll keep you guys posted. Do support it and buy it! #EndlessNight

Also I received this email in the morning from some unknown producer. And it was awesome. It’s really nice that I can share my music taste and selections with people through all the mediums online. It’s really awesome getting feedback about my mixes, especially from the music community and people who like it. It’s great connecting with people through music! By the way, his track was really awesome and I’m going to put it in a mix in the future!


And just to say goodbye here is the set I was listening to in the morning!
It’s major #bigcalm and just set the tone for the day!

Do not that this one is not by me but simply reposted on my soundcloud account. Hit play!



Feedback rocks πŸ™‚

Take care everybody!

Cheers! πŸ˜€




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