Sets For Sundays – Episode #008 – Some Old and Some New Tunes For Ye feat The 22 Push Up Challenge

This weekend, Sets For Sunday’s is back with some awesome tunes for you folks! This weekend, has been so calm and chilled out for me, really it’s been perfect. I’ve had the whole place to myself and I’ve been reading, writing and I got some friends over and we drank a bit. A little house party of sorts. It was nice. Keep scrolling!

So let’s get straight to it already! I’m starting off with the new stuff first. Firstly let me say that this year has been so amazing for music! I made this playlist yesterday. It’s super fresh and is the latest stuff being played everywhere. It’s actually quite good. It’s got Kings of Leon with their latest track Walls, Greenday with a few of their new tunes off their upcoming album, Of course Radiohead with Present Tense which I posted earlier here, Prophets of Rage with a couple and ex Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha returns from his hiatus from the scene  with an addictive single called Digging for windows, Metallica with their first single, the title track off their latest album Hardwired To Self Destruct and a ton of new artists all over the place. The Glass Animals track is an awesome party song and The Hunna with their addictive track You & Me make this playlist an amazing one!

Here it is. This is extremely NEW stuff, as of 25th September 2016. I’m sure you peeps will enjoy this one! Hit play and drink up ! 😀

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You know I love to mix it up so along with the latest stuff above here is some old school acoustic music to end the night. The best way to end a party is to listen to a calm, quiet little set after all the guests go home, when you’re by yourself. It’s really a de-stresser and keeps you relaxed. This mix I made a few hours back it’s perfect to end the night.

Here it is – It’s an odd little acoustic thingy 😀

So once again you’ll are set for Sunday!

Also just to spread some awareness here is my 22 day, 22 pushup challenge video to raise awareness for service men and women who suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Every day 22 ex-service men and women commit suicide due to PTSD. It’s something I feel strongly about and people should know about this and it’s so much better than pouring a bucket of ice water over your head. I’m nominating all the guys who read my blog for this challenge. You have to do 22 push ups for 22 days straight! So yeah ! Get to it !

This is the 22 day, 22 pushup challenge. To raise awareness for service men and women who suffer from PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder. 22 ex-service men and women all around the world kill themselves every day due to this. This also goes out to the Indian soldiers killed in recent attacks. Stay strong all their families. I know first hand what PTSD can feel like because of lots of events in my past but you either let it overcome you or you fight it. Of course this cannot be compared to trauma experienced in war but lets just say that it was quite messed up and I've overcome all the bullshit. According to me and I could be wrong, this is mainly because people refuse to strengthen their minds and only strengthen their bodies. The mind too must be excercised, strengthened and nourished not just the body. Strength comes from within and is all about your reaction to bad experiences and what life throws at you. Not how much you can lift. I don't usually do pushups im doing this after about 8-9 months. But anyway rest assured I'll be doing 22 a day for 22 days straight and I wont post all of them. I don't do gym exercises etc so this is after a while so forgive me if I slowed down towards the end and I smoke alot of cigarettes. But strength is what you have inside not outside. Your core is your mettle and resolve. You know I'm the fight to the death kinda guy. Keep fighting and persevere. Do this and Raise awareness for PTSD! I'm nominating some friends to do this on Facebook. Cheers all and may the souls who have taken their lives due to this rest in peace. #Day1 #22pushupchallenge #22 ##22days

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Have a good one. #BigCalm


Enjoy your Sunday!

Take care.



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