Sets For Sundays – Episode #007 – Good Old Rock N Roll For The Soul

Hola !

Welcome to the weekend!

Sets for Sunday’s is back with some good old rock n roll for your soul!

Man, good old rock is so needed nowadays with all the annoying shit played in bars and pubs. I mean what happened to my city of old? You know the good old rock n roll bars are dying and are replaced by shitty electronic music playing guzzling holes. I got so fried that I actually emailed a few bars closest to home asking them if I could Dj for them, you know re-visit my Djing days in college and make people drink to good music. But unfortunately they didn’t want to replace their existing Djs. Anyway fuck them, I want to open my own bar with vintage interiors and fucking only proper rock playing. That is so required in my city of Mumbai right now, but anyway there’s a lot of time for that.

For one of the few times in the last few years, everything is going smoothly in life for me. I feel really good, not drinking at all, writing a lot, learning a lot,  playing football, my career change has been a needed shift and is slowly falling into place and things are fucking top really. I’m doing fine and really I love spending my time on my terms instead of being stuck in some dead end job and I’m glad – I’m doing so much, it’s fucking fantastic!

Anyway  let’s get straight down to the music! I just made this set to sit back and chill to this weekend. It’s got a good flow to it and I really like it. It’s progressive and super chilled.

So yeah just hit play !


You know you guys are awesome for following my blog, so this weekend is a double whammy.

As an encore here is a playlist as well.

So you guys are set for the weekend.

Take care.

Cheers all ! 🙂


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