A BAG OF GIFTS – An Essential Software All You People Need / Thom Yorke’s set for BBC Radio One + A small poem

So I thought I’ll do some community service today and give you guys an essential software which I use. This bad boy is a must for all you people who stream your music online, whether podcasts, internet radio streams, youtube mixes etc

How many times have you heard something online and thought, “Damn, I need this on my computer or on my phone”. Well your prayers have been answered.

This software records any sound playing thorough your speakers straight from your sound card! It’s a recorder which has multiple inputs – You can choose your sound card as the input or the microphone but of course choose the the sound card because mics usually are pretty shitty on laptops.

This is a sweet software with a great interface and why I like it the best, is that it saves the audio in such high quality that it sounds even better than the stream online. All you have to do is go to the settings menu and choose high quality audio output.

No more wishing. Save whatever you’re listening to! The only downside is that you’ll have to listen to the whole thing while recording it. But that’s okay.

And guess what, I’m giving you the registration key so it’s absolutely FREE.

Here is the link to the website where you can download it. It’s called Apowersoft streaming audio recorder


And here are the registration codes

License Key:
Email address: giveaway@sharewareonsale.com
Registration code: 50102981009755565053

When prompted for registration, just copy paste the above email address and code.

As I type this, I’m recording a set by Thom Yorke & Benji B for BBC Radio One which happened at 1am-4am GMT last night in the UK.
It was 630 am in the morning for me, so this set happened this morning!!  FRESH TUNES!
There’s nothing better than fresh tunes or wait probably scoring a 25 yard screamer right into the top corner. I can’t decide, but anyway, here is the link to the radio one broadcast. It’s a must listen!!! If you ever wondered what Thom Yorke listens to, here is a slight preview of it! Man he is legend and will remain one of my favourite musicians of all time.

Here is the BBC Radio One broadcast


And just to say good bye here is a small poem I wrote last night! Stay tuned for my book!


And last but not at all the least here is a picture I took of Eagles flying above my head yesterday. I really love eagles, you know flying highest in the sky!


Be like an eagle, keep your head high, aim for the sky  and be indifferent to all the bullshit!

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Have a good one




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